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Wednesday edition - July 12, 2006





Putin Rejects Criticism On Democratic Development
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty, Czech Republic - 7-12-06
...Putin said Cheney's comments were a "hunting shot that missed the mark" and a "vestige of Cold War thinking."...In a statement issued on July 12, representatives of opposition and civil-society groups at a conference in Moscow said systematic political repression had become a "prelude" to the G8 summit.
They also said a number of activists had been beaten and forcibly prevented from attending the two-day Other Russia conference, which ends today.

Halliburton to lose exclusive Army deal
Seattle Times - 7-12-06
By Griff Witte. WASHINGTON — The Army is discontinuing a controversial multibillion-dollar deal with oil services giant Halliburton ...

McCain-Bush ticket a possibility
 Bradenton Herald,  United States - Jul 11, 2006
 TALLAHASSEE - Jeb Bush has frequently said he won't run for president in 2008, but he's never ruled out being on the ticket as someone's running mate. ...


So when does the Bush team start their newly found diplomatic skills?



"The CIA special unit that was searching for Osama bin Laden has been disbanded. So I guess, mission accomplished." --David Letterman


Putin and Bush




Interesting Billboard in Downtown Baghdad - Yahoo! Photos



Fighting Fire With Fire Not Working - Suggest Using Water


Israel calls Hezbollah capture of soldiers act of war
Hezbollah guerrillas have captured two Israeli soldiers and killed up to seven Israelis, in what Israel described as an act of war by Lebanon that would draw a "very painful" response.

Israel mobilized a reserve infantry division and Hezbollah declared an all-out military alert.

Two Lebanese civilians were killed in an Israeli air strike on a coastal bridge at Qasmiyeh.

Four other bridges in the south were hit and five Lebanese were wounded, security sources said.



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

"We finally found some weapons of mass destruction. The bad news? They're in North Korea. Boy, that Saddam is sneaky." --Jay Leno






The President Is Always Right? Yeah, If the President Is A Dictator


As Congress opened hearings yesterday on the treatment of terrorism detainees, the Bush administration's view was neatly summarized by Steven Bradbury, the Justice Department lawyer serving as lead witness. "The president," Bradbury said, "is always right."...And in a veiled warning, Bradbury told Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) that Bush still didn't need Congress. "The court did leave open the theoretical possibility that the president could come back on his own," he said.



Disturbing News


John McCain - Closeted Isolationist?


This, however, was a summit that many believe should never have taken place at all because of Putin's authoritarian actions and his aggressive use of Russia's oil and gas resources as a club to hold over Europe.

Sen. John McCain called for cancellation of the summit and, after a long silence by the Bush administration, Vice President Cheney finally criticized Putin in a May speech for backsliding on democracy.





FBI Doesn't Press Right Wing Press Man



I was interrogated at the Swidler Berlin offices on Oct. 7, 2003, by an FBI inspector and two agents. I had not identified my sources to my attorneys, and I told them I would not reveal them to the FBI. I did disclose how Valerie Wilson's role was reported to me, but the FBI did not press me to disclose my sources.


The FBI sure pressed Susan McDougal during the Clinton days



I hereby christen thee "Bob Rovak."-- Grant Gerver



Republican Shenanigans



Homophobes Unite in Jerusalem


Christian leaders condemned it. Jewish radicals put a bounty on participants. Muslim clerics threatened to flood the streets with protesters. Jerusalem's conflicting religions have found rare common ground: opposition to an international gay pride parade next month.




Rock-The-Voter News




What about pre-911 Veterans?


Veterans honorably discharged after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks started getting a hiring preference Tuesday for jobs in the federal government.


"We've been on vacation for a week. Since we left, North Korea fired a missile at Hawaii and I believe al Qaeda was thinking about blowing up the Holland Tunnel." --Jon Stewart



Biz-Tech News





"Mexico is enjoying a bit of American style democracy. The recent election between conservative Felipe Calderon and leftist Andres Obrador was too close to call, went to a contested recount and is now facing protest and legal action. Gee, I hope Mexico doesn't descend into chaos, with many of its residents fleeing its borders." --Jon Stewart




Shooting the Message and the Messenger


The Bush administration is preparing a crackdown on intelligence leaks to the media and will try to pursue prosecutions in some recent cases, the chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.



If it weren't for LIBERALS, we'd all be wearing the same uniform. -- Grant Gerver





Bush-Prison-Torture News


If Dick Cheney weren't so dangerous, he'd be comical. In speaking at Selfridge the veep tells us that troops will withdraw from Iraq but "not by artificial time lines set by politicians in Washington, D.C." Well why not? We invaded Iraq based on artificial intelligence set up by politicians in Washington, D.C., so why can't we leave the same way?-- Bernie R. Klein/Letter to the Editor/Detroit Free Press


Go-F*ck-Yourself News





"I want to wish a belated birthday to our president. George W. Bush celebrated the big 6-0 on Thursday. When you realize President Bush and Jessica Simpson were born in the same week, maybe there is something to this astrology stuff." --Jimmy Kimmel



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Spacewalkers Piers Sellers (L) and Mike Fossum work in the payload bay of the Shuttle Discovery as they prepare to test thermal protection system repair techniques and materials in this view from NASA TV July 12, 2006. (Photo/NASA TV)