July 11  2003  TGIF

Rice says CIA okayed Bush's uranium claims
The Globe and Mail, Canada - 7-11-03

... 24, 2002, citing intelligence sources, that said Iraq "sought significant quantities
of uranium ... Thursday that CIA officials who saw a draft of Mr. Bush's ...

       Democrats pounce on Bush uranium statement - CNN
       ENTEBBE, Uganda: was false.'' - Boston Globe
       Powell says no apology necessary - Arizona Republic
       Washington Post - Baltimore Sun - 

CIA urged British to drop claims on uranium buys
Charlotte Observer, NC - 7-11-03

... part of his effort to convince Congress and the American people that Iraq ... The White House on Monday acknowledged for the first time that Bush's uranium ...
       Another Australian intelligence agency admits to Africa uranium ...  - ABC Online
       Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False - CBS Evening NEws
       Digging for dirt - Asia Times Online

More GIs die; Iraqi police tell them to scram
Arkansas Democrat Gazette, AR - 7-11-03

... Bushís uranium claim rested largely on documents that purported
to show contacts between officials in Iraq and Niger. They were ...

         Whitehouse: Bush's uranium claims untrue - Ireland Online
       Democrats rip Bush on handling of Iraq - Boston Globe
       Dems: Iraq Analogous To Vietnam - Newsday







First Annual AHNC

Scrawl Brawl

"I heard our soldiers are committing suicide in Iraq. I would imagine carrying a steel rifle around in 110 degree temperatures would make one cranky. But being a bait or lure for professional assassins, being a sitting duck might drive one to the brink of insanity." Anita Beer writing to the media and her elected officials.

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Hey guys (gals),

Congrats on the deal. I feel like you're allies/big sisters, since my site is much more minor, AND especially since I'm a Pensacolian.
I'm also a full+ time worker, but in a few years that may change. If it does then I hope to be as productive as you guys.

Dear Phil,
Thanx for the link. What a crazy, whacked out site! I loved it. I could tell you had fun!
Create Peace!

dear zelda,

thanks for thanking me for thanking you for ahnc. (!) what do you and lisa do besides running the site? bet reading hate mail from freepers and others keeps you really busy. and maybe taking a lot of showers.

but what a great job! i mean, i find myself saying bad stuff about bush all the time. it's reflexive, like breathing. congratulations on having a job doing what
you'd (probably) be doing even if you didn't have the job. plus it serves the country, even if 60+% of the people in it haven't figured that out yet--how can this be, anyway?

does ahnc accept unsolicited contributions?



Dear Jeff,

Lisa and I work a variety of jobs to keep our heads above the Bushwater.  And yes we do shower quite often but enjoy soaking in the AHNC hot tub a lot more.

Soon we will have PAYPAL set up and a Strip Mall selling all kinds of fun stuff--as soon as Lisa gets off her fat bum and stops eating all those bonbons!

Create Peace.


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"Our last hope may be a liberal Democrat with a gun." - Bartcop commenting on Bob Witkowski

Are you noticing that the blowhards of bluster and swagger are now appearing to be defensive and irritable when it comes to getting caught lying to the American People about Iraq's attempt to get uranium...and indeed Iraq's imminent NOOKULAR threat to America?

I love it. A Humbled Rummy scrambling before Senator Bob Byrd. Colin Powell covering his ass and telling us that the Moron really really honestly didn't intend to mislead Congress and the American People. Frank Gafney, the arrogant chicken hawk before the war, now backpedaling...

click here for a commentator  with credentials, Bob Witkowski, unlike Tucker Carlson whose only credential is a bowtie

Bob, I apologize for using your name in the same sentence with bowtie boy.

Visit www.atwitsend.org   Bob is a fabulous professional photographer among his other long list of accomplishments.  I often escape to his photography to remember there is more to this world than ugliness.

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"The Bush administration has mastered the art of producing speeches and press releases that bear little resemblance to the legislative programs they purport to describe." 7/11

Jobless Benefit Rolls Hit 20 - Year High 7/11

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This Administrationís deviously personally-enriching strategy gets clearer every day.


A message from our troops overseas

One weekend a month my ass (posted in windshield)

A message from Bush to our troops overseas

This shot is for you, my beloved troops!

When Bush lied, more troops died, but his golfing was never denied. -Lisa



Hey Guys,
I live in the Florida panhandle. One of the things left out of the coroner's report on Congressman Joe Scarborough's intern Lori Klausuatis was that she was pregnant. She had recently moved back to Pensacola as ol Joe had filed for a divorce in Walton County. I guess she made too many demands on ol Joe so she wound up dead in Joe's office. Then in front of the cameras in a Pensacola town square ol Joe announced with supposed tears that he was resigning. Resigning to be with his family because he missed them so much. I guess when he was sneaking out of Lori's apartment in the Watergate he didn't miss them that much. Nor did he mention his divorce. Luckily the coroner was a good Republican who will be replaced by another good Republican so ol Joe is safe.
Any way after the boo hoo's in the town square ol Joe resigns and takes a job with a good Republican law firm. Well, that isn't Republican enough and besides he has to put up with "that" family including his diabetic son who is having health problems. Ooh, yuck right Joe. So off to New York to be a star in tv and is guess he doesn't miss his family that much any more. Hey, the bitch Lori is out of the way and screw the family, right Joe.
Oh yes, the Northwest Daily news here in Ft. Walton Bch fired one of its columnist Bill Campbell for, now get this, not being Republican enough. Any bad news about Republicans are condensed and put on a back page. Letters to the Editor are screened and only one critical of Republicans is allowed per issue. Sieg Heil!!
Richard P

Dear Richard,

Thanks for writing.  We will never know the cause of Lori Klausutis's death, unless another autopsy is done.  I have no idea whether the healthy 28 yr. old was pregnant when she was found dead.  Lori was an aide, not an intern by the way.

The Levin firm has a variety of attorneys with political views, from the left and right.  Did you know that Fred Levin is the one who gave Roy Jones the boxer his start? 

The firing of Dr. Michael Berkland (who did Lori's autopsy) and the replacement by Dr. Gary Cumberland was not mentioned in the Northwest Florida Daily News or the Pensacola News Journal as of this writing.  Only the local Pensacola TV station WEAR reported on it. 

Since we live in the RRR (Republican Redneck Riviera) our news is spoon fed to us it seems or maybe they just don't have enough paper and ink to report all the news.





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Thanks Peabody






This National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite image shows Tropical Storm Claudette. Claudette strengthened faster than forecasters expected, drawing nearer to hurricane strength as it took aim at the Yucatan Peninsula.