June 19  2003 Thursday

Dear Readers,
I lost my entire page yesterday--it became pixel dust.
Thank goodness that doesn't happen too often or I would become a sobbing blob on the floor. I will try and remember all those pithy comments I made and all the dirt on Zelda and Anita! Zelda is in Boston looking for anything Kennedy.
I appreciate your patience through my travels looking for the weapons of mass destruction here in Central America. The daily editions have been few for a variety of reasons--but when I get back to the states, things will be back to our normal daily edition.

But today I have a new edition!  Enjoy. - Lisa

Soldiers kill 2 Iraqis in Baghdad protest
Charlotte Observer, NC - 6-19-03
... 1000 demonstrators shouted: "By our souls, by our blood, we will fight for Iraq ... the demonstrators, who had lingered beneath a tree a dozen feet from the protest ...
       American soldier killed in attack on ambulance in Iraq - Independent
       Iraq Ambulance Attack Kills US Soldier - Austin American Statesman
       Iraq Ambulance Attack Kills US Soldier - Atlanta Journal Constitution
House Panel Explores Iraq WMD Intelligence
Reuters, UK - 6-19-03
... Intelligence Committee on Wednesday questioned analysts about their assessments of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction amid a controversy over whether the Bush ...
       House Intel Panel to Hold Hearing on Iraq WMD - Reuters
       House Panel to Explore Iraq WMD Intelligence - Reuters
       Attention turns to prewar Iraq intel - CNN
Iraq: WMD In Dispute, 'Teflon Tony' Takes The Heat While Bush ...
Radio Free Europe, Czech Republic - 
... even before the Bush administration raised the issue of [weapons of mass destruction] that when CBS asked the question in February 2002 whether Iraq had WMD, ...
       A favor done - Clay Center Dispatch
       Bush Confident Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Will be Found - Washington File (press release

Today's cartoon was inspired by how we claimed victory in Iraq with President Sock Puppet showboating on the aircraft carrier and things are still a mess in Iraq.  No wonder, cowboy politics.

Mission Accomplished, my foot.

Oil Accomplished is more accurate.

Thanks Doc.


And the Friendliest City on Earth Is...

LONDON (Reuters) - It's crowded and dangerous but Rio de Janeiro is the friendliest city in the world, followed by San Jose in Costa Rica and Madrid, according to a new study.

Residents in Kuala Lumpur, New York, Singapore and Amsterdam are the least likely to help strangers in need, which made theirs the least friendly cities in a survey of 23 countries.


I always run into this guy at the flea market.

"You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war." Napoleon Bonaparte

Gulf War II

Thanks Tom.

Miami DJs Claim Phone Prank on Castro
Thu Jun 19

By RACHEL LA CORTE, Associated Press Writer

MIAMI - Two radio show hosts who duped Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez into believing he was speaking by phone with Cuban President Fidel Castro (news - web sites) now claim to have similarly tricked Castro.

A recording provided by the Cuban-American radio announcers has a man they say is Castro responding for about four minutes Tuesday to snippets of a tape recording of Chavez, a Castro friend.


US wages war from within Iran
Asia Times Online, Hong Kong - 6-19-03
... of its young service personnel in largely fruitless campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, Washington is now clearly preparing the ground for an attack on Iran. ...
       Western Press Review: Protests Continue In Iran, Putin's Troubled ...  - Radio Free Europe
       EU intensifies pressure on Iran - Guardian
       Iran and the US: The Feud Is Getting Scary - BusinessWeek


Where're Osama, Saddam and the unused weapons of mass destruction? - Lisa



Iraq Body Count







This is the face on Mars that caused such an uproar in the

tabloids.  This close-up version provided by NASA shows

what looks like a mountain formation. (NASA photo)