June 9,  2004  Wednesday

President's analyst? Doctor puts 'Bush on the Couch'
New York Daily News, NY - Jun 8, 2004

Bush shows an inability to grieve - dating back to age 7, when his sister died. "The family's reaction - no funeral and no mourning - set in motion his life-long pattern of turning away from pain [and hiding] behind antic behavior," says Frank, who contends Bush may suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder….


Army Admits Discharged Soldier Injured

AP  6-8-04

…Baker, 37, a former member of the 438th Military Police Company, said he played the role of an uncooperative prisoner and was beaten so badly by four U.S. soldiers in another company that he suffered a traumatic brain injury and seizures….


Reagan played decisive role in Saddam Hussein's survival in Iran-Iraq war

AFP 6-9-04

Reagan, determined to check arch-foe Iran, opened a back door to Iraq through which flowed US intelligence and hundreds of millions of dollars in loan guarantees even as Washington professed neutrality in Baghdad's war with Tehran….

I don't know which is more disturbing--that Bush is a megalomaniac or  the obsequious,  distorted media coverage of Ronald Reagan's career. Decisions, decisions...

``The Washington Post revealed that in 2002, the Justice Department sent a memo to the White House justifying the use of torture. Torture - that's our Department of 'Justice' - they say `It's OK to torture people.' What's the Department of Education doing? Burning books?''  Jay Leno

Tampa International Airport  now verifies flight of Saudis

The government has long denied that two days after the 9/11 attacks, the three were allowed to fly.

By JEAN HELLER, Times Staff Writer
Published June 9, 2004

TAMPA - Two days after the Sept. 11 attacks, with most of the nation's air traffic still grounded, a small jet landed at Tampa International Airport, picked up three young Saudi men and left...

...Perez, the former FBI agent on the flight, could not be located this week, and Grossi declined to talk about the experience.

"I'm over it," he said in a telephone interview. "The White House, the FAA and the FBI all said the flight didn't happen. Those are three agencies that are way over my head, and that's why I'm done talking about it."

Grossi did say that Unger's account of his participation in the flight is accurate...

Well, well, well...I guess BushInc couldn't keep this story under the covers forever.


Nancy Reagan noted for style, understated influence


Chicago Tribune

…Nancy Reagan had correct but very cool relations with Barbara Bush and, according to some Republicans, wanted George H.W. Bush, the vice president, removed from the ticket in 1984. One of her frequent luncheon companions was columnist George Will, who began attacking Bush as a "lap dog."…

Oscar Awarded Posthumously to Reagan

The Gipper's Dignified Request

No congressional Democrats were invited to address a ceremony at the Capitol on Wednesday upon Reagan's arrival in Washington. The funeral was planned in detail by Reagan and his family dating back to 1989 when he left office.

Thanks for the memories Ronnie


Reagan versus Clinton

Dow Jones Industrial Averages


Reagan Policies Gave Green Light to Red Ink Washington Post 6-9-04

"Saturday is the senior President Bush's 80th birthday and he's going ahead with plans to skydive into his Texas presidential library. George W. Bush may attend and, of course, he's nervous. As he always is when he goes near a library.''  Jay Leno

Republican Shenanigans

Disturbing News

Nursery Crimes

Old Colin Powell picks up his trowel,
to cover up his lies.
First sticks to his guns,
then he cuts and runs;
and says surprise! surprise! surprise!


John Grant - Japan

A George Bush Fan

A teacher in a small Texas town asks her class how many of them are George Bush fans. Not really knowing what a George Bush fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raise their hands except one boy.

The teacher asks Johnny why he has decided to be different. Johnny says, "I'm not a George Bush fan."

The teacher says, "Why aren't you a George Bush fan?" Johnny says, "I'm a John Kerry fan."

The teacher asks why he's a John Kerry fan. The boy says, "Well, my mom's a John Kerry fan and my dad's a John Kerry fan, so I'm a John
Kerry fan!"

The teacher is kind of angry, because this is Texas, so she asks, "What if your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot, what would
that make you?"

Johnny says, "That would make me a George Bush fan."

"Barbara Bush looks more and more like George Washington everyday." Seen here

I miss the good old days when Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush would engage in public catfights.  Ahh, those were the days of true honor and dignity.

GOP = Greed, Oil and Plunder

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Mount Semeru spews smoke a day after the nearby Mount Bromo volcano erupted, killing two people, some 75 km (46 miles) south of Surabaya, the capital of East Java and Indonesia's second largest city June 9, 2004.(HO)