June 8 2003  Sunday

Spies threaten Blair with 'smoking gun' over Iraq Senior intelligence officers kept secret records of meetings after pressure from No 10

Independent - UK -08 June 2003

Intelligence officers are holding a "smoking gun" which proves that they were subjected to a series of demands by Tony Blair's staff in the run-up to the Iraq war.

The officers are furious about the accusation levelled by the Leader of the Commons, John Reid, that "rogue elements" are at work in the security services. They fear they are being lined up to take the blame for faulty intelligence used to justify the Iraq war.


The arms hunt: were they weapons of self-delusion?
Guardian, UK - 6-8-03
... produce chemical or biological weapons, he still had no doubt that Iraq had WMD. ... a
G8 summit in France dominated by charges that he was lying, Tony Blair ...

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A Plot to Deceive?
Washington Post - 6-8-03
... have -- repeat, may have -- exaggerated the extent of knowledge about what Hussein
had in his WMD ... Because if Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair ...

       Blair and Bush Aren't that Stupid - The Weekly Standard
       Blix Says US Conclusion on Iraqi Arms May Be False (Update1) - Bloomberg
       Blix Says US May Have Reached False Conclusion On Iraqi Arms - Bloomberg

Tony Blair was crazy about Bill Clinton and modeled his campaign after Bill.  So why did he jump on the Bush war wagon about the existence of WMD?  Bush had to have something on him.  The Bushes are like that you know.







Grand Theft Nation

"The middle of the road is no private cul-de-sac. I can't get to the curb to the cab without some little jerk on my back.
Don't harass me, can't you tell, I'm going home I'm tired as hell.
I'm not the cat I used to be. I gotta getta thirty-three, baby.
Get in the road. C'mon now, in the middle of the road, yeah!"
- Anita Beer singing Karaoke in Washington, DC, Chrisy Hynde and the Pretenders, Middle of the Road.

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"As you know, earlier this week, President Bush met with French President Jacques Chirac for the first time since France came out against the war in Iraq. It was kind of hard for them to communicate, 'cause, you know, Chirac's English is not very good, and, of course, Bush's English is even worse." - Jay Leno




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Remnants from a star that exploded thousands of years ago created a celestial abstract portrait, as captured in this NASA  Hubble Space Telescope (news - web sites) image of the Pencil Nebula.