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Democrats Obama, Clinton meet privately
The Associated Press - 6-6-08
WASHINGTON (AP) - Barack Obama met privately with Hillary Rodham Clinton, a likely vice presidential candidate, as the Democratic nominee-in-waiting sought to unite his fractured party against Republican John McCain in November.


Gates ousts Air Force leaders in historic shake-up
The Associated Press - 6-6-08
WASHINGTON (AP) Defense Secretary Robert Gates ousted the Air Force's top military and civilian leaders Thursday, holding them to account in a historic

No secret deal on pact with Iraq, US says
Reuters - 6-6-08
.WASHINGTON, June 5 (Reuters) - US Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker said on Thursday there would be no secret deals in a long-term pact under


"But, you know, people are now talking about the ticket, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Would that be a good ticket? Would you folks like that ticket? And I think this would be the first, if you think about it, first combination of an African American man and a white woman since, well, Michael Jackson." --David Letterman




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Iran and Turkey Attack Iraq


Turkey and Iran have been carrying out coordinated strikes on Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq, a top Turkish general said Thursday in the first military confirmation of Iranian-Turkish cooperation in the fight against separatists there.



"And now that Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee, Americans are going to have to choose between the 46-year-old Obama and the 71-year-old John McCain. That's the choice. In other words, it's a choice between the Hillary-defeater or the Wal-Mart greeter." --Conan O'Brien




Disturbing News

Blackwater Update


 A new counterterrorism training facility operated by military security contractor Blackwater Worldwide echoed with the grunts of Navy sailors, a day after a federal judge ordered the city to let classes begin.









Republican-Shenanigans News


"Now that Barack Obama's going to be the nominee, it shows you how far we've come in this country. Think about this. When a black man named Barack Obama has just as good a chance to blow a sure thing election for the Democrats as white guys like John Kerry and Al Gore, that is progress." --Jay Leno





McCain's Fresh Air? More Like Hot Air


Rock-The-Voter News



A key adviser to Sen. John McCain says the Arizona Republican thinks warrantless wiretapping of international communications has constitutional approval.




Biz-Tech News



Bush-Prison-Torture News


"Hey, are you folks like me? Do you like drama in outer space? Well, maybe you know about this - the International Space Station, and there's Russian cosmonauts up there right now, and for the last month, the toilet has been busted. Yeah, you're laughing now, and just about now, people down in Houston are on the horn, talking to the Space Station saying, 'Did you jiggle the handle? Try jiggling the handle.' But don't worry about this: Halliburton is sending up a $2 billion plunger." --David Letterman




Go-F**k-Yourself News



Subject: All Hat No Cattle





Here's $50. Hillary supporters are mad at the media for beating her up. I agree with you , it is amazing she made it this far with all negative coverage and "journalists" psychoanalyzing her every word. I've never seen anything like it and I'm am drawn to it like a moth to a flame.


I backed Hillary but will gladly back Barack Obama.


I won't throw AHNC under the bus.

Big thanks for all you do and good luck!

Love and kisses, Henry


Thanks Henry!! I find it ironic that the same "psychojournalists" that attacked the Clintons in the 90s are the same ones attacking them today, ex: Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, Tim Russert, the entire FoxNews Network and Rush, to name a few. Geez, the Clintons essentially created their jobs and this is how they show their gratitude! lol




Hi Lisa,
Just wanted to say to Kathy from TN who said, "If you voted for Hillary because she's a woman, you voted for the wrong reason." I voted for Hillary because I consider her to be the most qualified. More experienced and she has a history of fighting for American health care for all citizens. Plus, I know when her vote is needed, she will vote yes or no. I am still fighting to understand Obama's habit of voting "present". The Republicans are going to eat him alive in the general campaign - election. It takes more than being able to give a good speech to run America.
I am sorry that you are having difficulties with your fundraisers. Know that I will be there for you as often as I can and with as much as I can. I depend on you.


I voted for Hillary because of her experience.


Now I'm voting for Obama and hopes he picks her for VP.


I hope to weather this financial storm. Fingers crossed.

I always thought it would be the GOP who would do me in (ex: Joe Scarborough's cease and desist letter to this website) I never thought I would be done in by the Democrats. :( But life is filled with ironies.

I'm similar to Hillary -- I'm a fighter. You'll have to rip my cold dead hands from my laptop to get rid of me completely!

Thanks so much for writing.






 I don't always agree with you--I supported Edwards and then Obama over Clinton--but your site is worth keeping open. So I sent you another small donation--it's more, by the way, than I gave pbs, but then you don't insult my intelligence by repeating that Wayne Dwyer junk every month.

Keep the faith,


Deep curtsy, loyal viewer.



Lisa, Sorry to hear your last fundraiser didn't go well. I'll talk to my banker and see if I can't kick a few bucks your way. Thanks for all the humor. One observation: you should have a space for Democratic Shenanigans to balance the Republican Shenanigans. The good guys aren't entirely faultless.



Thanks Dave!


Good suggestion about Democratic Shenanigans!






I need you five days a week. I can't believe you didn't make your goal so I'm sending you some cold hard cash.


Your site is one of the fairest. You don't bash Obama or Hillary. It's good clean fun (well most of the time) !


I know your viewers will step up to the plate. Keep fighting the good fight five days a week!


Thank you!


Donations are beginning to trickle in, which is a good sign as the first of the month is nearing and so are the bills. I feel Hillary's debt pain.


To my loyal viewers


AHNC is about to change, significantly, unless you can help.


Due to the low response to my last fundraiser, I may soon be forced to reduce the number of AHNC editions to two or three times a week instead of five. I will continue as long as your financial support continues.


Obamanomics hit AHNC hard. Once I announced my tepid preference for Sen. Hillary Clinton, the hate mail greatly increased and donations greatly decreased. Oddly, my amount of visitors has also greatly increased during this same time, which disproves the claim, "the more hits your website receives the more money you make."


Like most Democrats, I have to work hard for a living so I can continue to put food on my family.



Thank you so much and fingers crossed.


Love and peace,



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Odd News


Biologist Jane Fink Cantwell, holds Beauty, a bald eagle, after a surgery to give her an artificial beak more than three years after a poacher shot off her upper beak, Monday, May 19, 2008, in St. Maries, Idaho. A final beak made of tougher material will be created and attached later.
Photo/Young Kwak