June 4  2003  Wednesday

Reported rifts plague US-Arab summit
Africa South African News, South Africa - 6-4-03

US President George W. Bush and Arab ... and backing Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts in Egypt on Tuesday, but reports of deep rifts dogged their summit ...

ANALYSIS - Blair in hotter water than Bush over WMD
Reuters AlertNet, UK - 6-4-03
... The latest survey found 43 percent of Britons believe he distorted information. ... US officials have rowed back on WMD in recent days, but the public mood appears ...
Blix says no proof of WMD found in Iraq
Deutsche Welle, Germany - Jun 2, 2003
... says his inspectors found no proof that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, prior to the US-led invasion of the country. Chief UN inspector Hans Blix's final ...
       Blix Report: No WMD Found in Iraq - Voice of America
       Report says no evidence of WMD found in Iraq - WOOD-

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words  -- but I only used ten words in today's toon.







Do Touch That Dial

"I give the Presidiot Bush two months before he gets himself tangled up in the White Palace fence, trying to get out." - Anita Beer at a Mississippi backwoods roadhouse. While driving by a rural bar, Anita noticed the sign that read "Your Liver is Evil, It Must Be Destroyed." She cannot remember the name of the place or where it was.

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Take Back the Media.Com Gets the Savage Treatment: Wife of Website Co-Founder Slapped with Lawsuit


In an exclusive first interview with BuzzFlash.Com and BartCop.Com, Mike Stinson, co-founder of the watchdog website, Take Back the Media.Com, reveals why his wife and other websites are being sued by Michael Savage.

This fight makes the Franken/O'Reilly imbroglio look like a bean bag toss....




Some American Christians handle rattlesnakes

and speak in tongues while rolling on the ground.




The photo below shows a man in Baghdad, Iraq

practicing an old Islamic custom.





Separation of Church and State should be stronger than ever.  Don't you think?




"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism,
 because it is a merger of State and corporate power."
Benito Mussolini


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Where're Osama, Saddam and the unused weapons of mass destruction? - Lisa



Iraq Body Count








The Space Station over Miami, Florida.