June 3  2003  Tuesday

Warning, very slanted story:


New York Post, NY - Jun 2, 2003

June 2, 2003 -- TEMPERS flared over the weekend in a face- to-face, TV showdown between Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly and political humorist Al Franken. ...  



Hire Al Franken to speak at your event

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While I was doing research on the Al Franken v. Bill O'Reilly verbal bout, I found only a handful of stories.  The top cable TV talk host from the "fair and balanced" FoxNews  screams SHUT UP at a book forum to an author discussing his book and there are only a few stories?

Well, I compiled some of the verbal exchange between the two.  I couldn't find a complete transcript.  But click here for video clip from BookTv.org . It's about an hour and 1/2 show -- the Franken-O'Reilly verbal fisticuffs is about midway through the clip.

Franken explained his accusations in his new book, Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them ó A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right of Bill O'Reilly, who was also on the panel to discuss his upcoming release, Who's Looking Out for You Now? (September 2003) about his statements in the past that his previous employer Inside Edition, a TV news magazine, had won the prestigious Peabody Award.

Franken said he looked into the claims that the show had won such an award and found no record of it. O'Reilly later told him he had misspoke and it was a Polk Award that was given to the show, not a Peabody.

Franken: "Donít you think itís odd you got it wrong about a journalism award?Ē

O'Reilly: "This guy accuses me of being a liar, ladies and gentlemen, on national television," O'Reilly said. "He's vicious, and that's with a capital V, a person who's blinded by ideology.

"All he's got in six and a half years is that I misspoke, that I labeled a Polk Award a Peabody."

Franken tried to interrupt but was immediately stopped.

O'Reilly: "Shut up! You had your 35 minutes. Shut up,"  "We're supposed to be on here for 15 minutes and this idiot goes 35."

Franken : "This isn't your show Bill,"

Moderator Pat Schroeder:  "I think I need a whistle and a striped shirt here," she said, laughing. "Iím not meant to be a referee."

Later on O'Reilly bolted from the stage before the event concluded.




Bill O'Reilly is from the school of I can dish it out but I can't take it.


Below are a few news links to lives O'Reilly has attempted to ruin through his thug journalism. I wonder if the professor has grounds to sue O'Reilly?


 KU Sexuality Class Professor Speaks Out
KMBC, MO - 6-3-03

...Especially hurtful, Dailey said, was O'Reilly's suggestion that he was a pedophile.
"That was particularly disturbing," Dailey said. "Not only was that a gross distortion of the content covered in that particular class -- it was a conscious manipulation of the language for mean-spirited purposes. There's no way anyone can defend themselves against something like that."

Ludacris To Get Revenge On Bill O'Reilly With Upcoming LP
MTV - May 28, 2003

... The Atlanta MC promised to return some of the fire and ire at controversial and conservative political pundit Bill O'Reilly on his fourth album, Chicken & Beer ...

I want Al Franken to be President in 2004.  If we elected Reagan president, a second rate actor , then top flight comedian/actor/writer, Al Franken should WOW the world.  Plus he uses bigger socks than Dubya.

Click here for another cartoon I did about Franken and O'Reilly in March 2001







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"I give the Presidiot Bush two months before he gets himself tangled up in the White Palace fence, trying to get out." - Anita Beer at a Mississippi backwoods roadhouse. While driving by a rural bar, Anita noticed the sign that read "Your Liver is Evil, It Must Be Destroyed." She cannot remember the name of the place or where it was.

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Reuters -6-3-03
A Mexican national may sue the U.S. government for selling him a car with a hidden load of marijuana, and then arresting him when he tried to cross the U.S.-Mexico border in it, a federal appeals court has ruled.
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