June 29,  2004 Tuesday

Army plans involuntary call-up of thousands of reserves
Boston Globe, MA - 6-29-04
By Mark Mazzetti, Los Angeles Times | June 29, 2004. WASHINGTON -- For the first time since Operation Desert Storm, the Army plans ...

Court Sends Bush War Power Setback
CBS News - 6-28-04
The Supreme Court today finally and substantially interjected itself into the war on terrorism with a series of rulings that limit the power of the President ...
Legal challenges expected at Guantanamo
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA - 6-29-04
By IAN JAMES. SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- A US Supreme Court ruling ...

Yep, with leadership like Bush, no wonder few are volunteering.

"The Commerce Department now touting positive job numbers. Over a million jobs have been created in the last three months. But most of those jobs are for lower-paid workers, or, as Wal-Mart calls them, women."  Jay Leno


To drive home our displeasure for Dick Cheney's use of the F word. I think it would be appropriate for you to put out a call and request that all of your readers sends bars of soap to the White House. Lets flood their mail system, with real soap, pictures of soap and or coupons for bar soap. If they want to clean up the airways let them start cleaning their mouths, for using the F word and for all their lies!

What a great idea! I'll even design a poster. And I'll request AHNC viewers to send out the link to other websites. What fun! Of course, the office of Homeland Security may pay me a little visit. Oh well.
Thank you so much.

In a business size envelope (with no return address, of course) enclose one of those tiny bars of wrapped soap you get at motels (used or unused) or a soap discount coupon from the Sunday paper.

Dick Cheney

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20050

or email this link to your friends



Bring honor and dignity back to the White House with a bar of soap

"Yesterday in the Senate -- you probably heard about this -- Vice President Dick Cheney got angry, really angry, at a senator and used the 'F' word. Yeah, yeah. Not surprisingly, the 'F' word for Cheney is 'fibrillate.'" Conan O'Brien



Cost of the War in Iraq
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You might be a right wing republican if...Tony Blair confuses you and Bush makes sense.

"Years ago, I would have used this for something totally different. Cocaine is a hell of a drug." -- "Super Freak" singer RICK JAMES considering the smooth glass surface of the lifetime achievement award he was given at the Rhythm & Soul Awards.

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I come to you with a true and valid concern.  This will be my second time to vote for a president.  The first time I voted for Bush because, well, basically because I was 18, raised in a republican family and live in Texas.  This time I want to make the vote for myself, so I am asking these questions to give myself the information that is important to me.  I have been watching televised news coverage and listening to talk radio; I'll tell you they are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum.  On television, it seems it's always something wrong with what Bush has done; on radio, it's always something great with what Bush has done.  Nothing, really, on either vise regarding what Kerry is doing or has done (nothing relevant anyhow).  What does John Kerry stand for?  I have been paying attention to most of the political circus, but I just can not get a clear picture on him.  I am trying to make an informed decision.  You guys seem passionate about Kerry, so I thought you would have some answers.  If someone at your site could sum up a few points for me, I would really be grateful.

1. What does Kerry propose to do with the war if elected?

2. How does he plan to improve the public education system?

3. Is he planning on retaining the tax cuts set by Pres. Bush?

4. What is his primary issue? 

I sincerely hope to get a response.

Thank you for your time,

Brandy Lee  Dallas, TX

Dear  Brandy,

Thanks for writing. 

  1. What Bush is now doing in Iraq is what John Kerry proposed all along.  Get other countries involved and use diplomacy.  Bush is now asking for help from NATO.  But he has burned many bridges.  Click on the link to read John Kerry's own words on Iraq. http://www.johnkerry.com/issues/iraq/
  2. On public education--Which state has the better schools, Texas or Mass? The proof is in the pudding. John Kerry sure wouldn't appoint a secretary of Education, like Rod Paige, from a hardly impressive Houston school district, as Bush did.  Again click on the link and read John Kerry's own words http://www.johnkerry.com/issues/100days/education.html
  3. Kerry plans to keep the middle class tax cuts, in fact add to it--click this link http://www.johnkerry.com/pressroom/releases/archive/pr_2003_0912.html I also read that he plans to return (increase) the tax rate of the top 5% .
  4. To get Bush out of office before he destroys the world? At least I hope that is Kerry's primary issue.

Money, Jeb and the Supreme Court put Bush in the office of the presidency.

We have a president who went after Saddam instead of Osama.

We have a vice president telling a US Senator to "go f*** yourself" and offers no apologies.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is validating our worst fears about Bush & Co..

America deserves better leaders than this.

John Kerry is the only alternative.

Take care, Brandy.


“Patriotism, like religion and whiskey, is a good thing, taken in moderation.”

-- Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)



Can you make a Bush bumpersticker that says "Follow me to the Apocalypse"? I lost the url to the site that let you do that.

Thanks, Girl! Keep hammering!



Not only have you entertained me, but you deserve a public service
award. Great site! If I had some funds - Bush put me out of work - I'd
send them. I was in Iraq just before the invasion and I'm lucky they
didn't grab me and toss my arse in Guantanamo, otherwise I'd not be
writing you this. I feel grateful I'm not hanging upside down with a 
bag over MY head, with Rummy pouring water into my nostrils to simulate
drowning. What the *&*%* are we coming to? No one notices this regime 
in DC mirrors the Nazis??? 
These maniacs need to be held accountable. It isn't enough to vote them
out of office. They've been around in the shadows since before Saint
Reagan, so we'd do best to lock them away.
I sniff hope on the wind - check out this from a neo-conservative who
once voted for the current shrubbery:
Thanks for the great site. Illegitimi non carborundum!


AHNC is gladly at your service. And we're glad you are back safely.

Most of my lifelong conservative friends are not voting for Bush this time, just like Charley Reese.

Thanks for writing and spread the word about AHNC---that is very valuable.

"Oh, and the country of Saudi Arabia, they're our good friends. Our allies. They're now offering terrorists amnesty, amnesty, if they turn themselves in. Well, that's cracking down.  So, basically, Saudi Arabia is offering terrorists the same program we offer here to people with overdue library books."  Jay Leno

Supreme Court justices to decide medical marijuana dispute
San Diego Union Tribune, CA - 6-29-04
By Jeff McDonald. Seven months ago, a federal appeals court ruled that patients could smoke marijuana with their doctor's recommendation ...

"The conservatives defending Cheney are largely the same crowd that went off the deep end because of a glimpse of breast on the Super Bowl, demanding everything from fines to new regulations to protect red states from blue language.

Cheney's foul outburst was not as bad as his foul reasoning. On Fox, he again belabored his obsession with "links" between Iraq and al Qaeda. Exhibiting WASP chutzpah, this time he used the Times to bolster his faux case…" Maureen Dowd

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"Bill Clinton told Oprah Winfrey the other day that Hillary was more angry with Ken Starr than she was with him. See, only in politics would the wife be more angry at Ken Starr. See, in real life the wife would have cooperated with Ken Starr, and then tried to run over her husband with a Mercedes." Jay Leno

Mean, foulmouthed Cheney is serving Bush, all right -- on a platter

Maureen Dowd

    WASHINGTON -- One thing you've got to say for Dick Cheney: No one will ever again dismiss the vice presidency as a pitcher of warm spit. Mr. Major League Potty Mouth has shown that, with obsequiousness to the president and obtuseness to the facts, a vice president can run the world. Right into the ground…

Go F*** Yourself News

What wonderful object lessons for our children and students, with whom we work daily to achieve a level of decency and civility. For Vice President Cheney to justify his remarks and actions as part of the rough and tumble of partisan politics is craven at best. He deserves a timeout.  JAY ROUDEBUSH Headmaster National Presbyterian School Washington


Charged with heading the committee to choose Bush's running mate, Cheney quietly shifted his voter registration from Texas (the presidential nominee's state, and thus ineligible) to Wyoming and appointed himself to the job. Boston Globe-Peter S. Canellos


"A Cheney spokesman said on the news today, 'Yes the Vice President did have a talk with Senator Leahy and they had a frank exchange of views.' Telling someone to F themselves is a frank exchange of views, so apparently telling someone 'up yours' is medical advice." —Jay Leno

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Mad Kane's Helpful Letter to President Bush

Dear President Bush: Last week, the New York Times reported that you were renaming the Food Stamps Program and soliciting name suggestions from the general public.

I didn't believe the story at first, figuring it was yet another example of media rumormongering. But when I found out it was true, I felt duty-bound to help.

After all, I know how busy you must be, what with PlameGate, TortureGate, HalliburtonGate, and the rotten economy you inherited from Bill Clinton.

So I sponsored a contest which yielded nearly 200 creative suggestions from

well over 100 people, submitted via comments, message board, and email.

Here's the Winners' List, which you are free to use as you see fit, provided you comply with Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Contract Law, and any other law

those pesky trial lawyers may come up with:

The rest is here:


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 A blind woman runs her hands over a copy of the 'Venus de Milo' at the Athens Touch Museum. (HO)