June 28,  2004  Happy Monday!

Bremer leaves Iraq as transfer completed
Ireland Online, Ireland 6-28-04

…Bremer left Iraq on a US Air Force C-130 military plane about 12:30pm…

There was little initial public reaction to the near-secret transfer ceremony, which was broadcast on Iraqi and Arabic satellite television stations. ..There was no celebratory gunfire – which rattles through Baghdad when Iraq’s national soccer team defeats foreign team.

Five more face beheading
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 
By Paul McGeough in Baghdad and Mike Seccombe. A US marine corporal captured by insurgents in Iraq has become the fifth foreign hostage ...

Insurgents Kill 7 Policemen in Afghanistan
Voice of America, DC - 
Islamic militants linked to Afghanistan's ousted Taleban rulers have reportedly killed seven Afghan policemen in the west of the country. ...

What a f***n' mess! (Cursing permitted by order of Dick Cheney)

"Yesterday, the new US Ambassador to Iraq was sworn in. He was sworn in with his hand on a stack of his dental records. Makes it easier." Jay Leno


Q: What's the major thing that separates Bush sr. from Bush jr.?

A: 8 years of economic prosperity.

Go F*** yourself News

And the winners are:
Top Ten Ways Dick Cheney uses the F-Word
·         10. "Go FOX yourself!"
·         9.  “We know there are f-ing wmd's in Iraq, 
                 we just don't know f-ing where.”
·         8.  “Join the ARMY: So I don't F@#$ing have to...”
·         7.  “To follow "cluster" when talking about the result of 
                 his Iraq strategy." -Joe W
·         6.  "We will, in fact, be greeted as f**ken' liberators."
·         5.  "Lady Liberty? Yeah I F----d her" - Andrew Dice Cheney
·         4.  “Who let that f-ing camera in that prison?”
·         3.  "Yes ... I want some F***'in fries with that!" gjwalsh
·         2.  "F-ck Howard Stern."
And the Number one way Dick Cheney uses the F-Word

1.  On 11/02/04: "We’re fu**ed!

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The Pulp Art of Bruce Yurgil

Political Velocity

Lay Insists Other People Destroyed Enron

Former Chairman Puts Blame On Fastow, Others

UPDATED: 8:08 am EDT June 27, 2004

Former Enron chairman Kenneth Lay takes responsibility for the company's spectacular demise, but blames any criminal acts on underlings….

"I've gotta make a long distance call...get me the orange!"




Republican Shenanigans

War Hawks Evasion Quiz
Match the following staunch proponents of the American war in Iraq 
(in 2003) with their reasons for avoiding military service in Vietnam:
A. Dick Cheney
B. Tom DeLay
C. Trent Lott
D. Rush Limbaugh
1. "Had other priorities"
2. Had anal cysts
3. Claimed there was no room for patriotic folks like himself because 
minorities had taken up all the slots
4. Had already served instead as a college cheerleader
[Answers: Cheney-1 (other priorities),
DeLay-3 (minorities),
Lott-4 (cheerleader),
Limbaugh-2 (cysts)]
Source: www.anecdotage.com 

Sent in by David B.

“I'm a fan of America. It's like hey, look there's the moon up there, let's take a walk on it, bring back a piece of it. That's the kind of America that I'm a fan of.”

Bono delivering the University of Pennsylvania Commencement Address

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Bush wins with vested interests

The Herald Sun - 28jun04

THE Irish media has felt the wrath of President Bush after he was caught on TV in an underwear vest....

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 "The Justice Department announced today they are rewriting the guidelines on torturing prisoners. You know what was wrong with the first memo on torture? People found out about it." Jay Leno

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A sculpture of a hamburger filled with pigs in Kiev, June 26, 2004. A sand sculpture festival opened on Saturday in the Ukrainian capital with more than 20 sculptors participating in the event.(HO)