June 27  2003 TGIF

Today's Top Five Headlines on BuzzFlash.com:

Bush Administration Discovers Missiles in Iraq! But, Mum's the Word. The Missiles are Made in America. Now, Don't Tell Anyone. Shhh!

Holy Farce! WMD Castor Beans Seized by Defense Department Office of Propaganda!

Jerry Falwell Appears Very, Very Threatened by Homosexuality, As Does His GOOD Buddy Antonin Scalia

Two missing soldiers apparently abudcted in Iraq: defense official 6/27

Our Soldiers Targeted in a Flurry of Attacks in Iraq 6/27


UN Panel Reports No al-Qaida-Iraq Ties
Infoshop News - 6-27-03
... NATIONS - The UN terrorism committee has found no evidence linking Iraq to al-Qaida and did not investigate Bush ... One of the places it is looking into is Iran. ...
Blair has impaled himself on the horns of an American dilemma
Daily Star, Lebanon - 6-27-03
... Bush’s ringing declaration on June 18 that “we will not tolerate construction (by Iran) of a nuclear weapon” is widely read as saying that Israel alone ...
       Patrick Seale: Blair is in no-win situation as US plan for Iraq ...  - Gulf News







Promise Creepers Saga


"Carl Sagan smoked billions and billions of joints." - Anita Beer at the First Annual Promise Keepers Wives Pot Party and Laundry Field Trip.


Zelda's Archives

Bob and Ron relaxing at Iguanazul.
Ron is the local real estate guy who also helicoptered Ollie North

around these parts while Ollie was acquiring weapons for Iran and
the Contras.
Ron is well known in Junquillal. A wonderful man.
Ron has helped All Hat No Cattle find it's
Central American Office location.
I found Bob wandering around in Tamarindo looking quite lost
the day I arrived. I told him about Iguanazul and Junquillal.
He arrived here the next day and hasn't left since. I think
he has caught the fever. Ron has shown him several pieces of
property for sale. Bob is available, ladies.


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Dear Lisa,

Just wanted to let you know, I think you're doing a wonderful job keeping the web site up to date during your vacation -- search for WMD's in Costa Rica....That's dedication and commitment.

Have a couple of points to share....

A) Ordered a couple of packs of the "Hidden Agenda" playing cards...Sent you the article on Tuesday...I'll let you know if they are as good as I think they are. Heck, the woman who came up w/the concept is a San Jose / Santa Cruz girl....Way to go Homey.

B) Your article on the Democrat candidate posing nude....Don't those detractors realize, us Democrats always run hot....

Take care,


Dear Tom,

You are fabulous saying such kind words about me.  I am not on a vacation though, I am here on business setting up the Central American office for AHNC.

It has been quite an ordeal getting this website published.  I have driven through torrential rains, swam across reptile infested waters to get to the Guacamaya Internet Cafe.

A) Kewl. Costa's are savvy.

B) Of course Democrats are hot.  Just look at Zelda!

Take care,



NASA's solar-wing crashes in Pacific
New Scientist, UK - 6-27-03
A record breaking uncrewed solar aeroplane developed by NASA crashed
into the Pacific during a test flight on Thursday. The Helios ...

       Helios prototype solar aircraft lost in mishap - Spaceflight Now
       Nasa prototype solar plane crashes off Hawaii - Independent Online
       Flying wing bites the dust - The Globe and Mail

Whale Swims Up River in U.S., Heads Back to Sea
Fri Jun 27, 7:15 AM ET

SEATTLE (Reuters) - An adventurous gray whale that had found its way several miles up a river north of Seattle appears to have turned round and found its way back to the ocean, wildlife officials said on Thursday.







The frozen layers of Mars' high northern latitudes are shown in this image, released Thursday, June 26, 2003, taken by the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, an orbiting spacecraft designed, in part, to detect water and shallow buried ice on Mars. The blue colors show the presence of water ice, the Martian equivalent of permafrost, that is revealed during the Martian summer. (NASA photo)