June 25,  2004 TGIF!

VP has no f***n' patience for senator
Chicago Sun Times, IL - 6-25-04
WASHINGTON -- Vice President Dick Cheney cursed at Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) during a confrontation on the Senate floor while members ...

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Europe supports U.S. on Iraq, Bush tells Irish TV in tense interview
By Associated Press Friday, June 25, 2004

  …On several occasions during the 15-minute interview, Bush asked RTE correspondent Carol Coleman not to interrupt him.

      When Coleman said most Irish people thought the world was more dangerous today than before the Iraq invasion, Bush disagreed and responded, ``What was it like Sept. 11th, 2001?''…

Ryan drops out of Senate race
Boston Herald, MA - 6-25-04
By Associated Press. GOP sources say Republican Jack Ryan of Illinois intends to abandon his Senate candidacy amid sex club allegations.
Jack Ryan, the party's candidate to replace retiring Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, R-Ill., had been politically battered since the release late Monday of divorce records alleging he took his ex-wife, actress Jeri Lynn Ryan, to sex clubs and tried to pressure her to perform sex acts while others watched...

Cheney curses an Irish-American Senator and Bush is burned in an Irish interview.  Is this what they mean by  steady leadership?

"Michael Moore's new anti-Bush documentary 'Fahrenheit 9/11' opens in theaters across America after winning the Grand Prize at Cannes. Can you imagine how betrayed Dick Cheney must feel? Done in by an even fatter rich white guy!" Craig Kilborn




VA Warns Doctors About Lariam
United Press International
June 25, 2004

WASHINGTON - The Department of Veterans Affairs is warning doctors to watch for long-term mental problems and other health effects from an anti-malaria drug…


Subject: The Dick

Reminds me of Nixon running for a second term:

"Don't change Dicks in the middle of a screw.

Vote for Nixon in '72!" 

With W's military record maybe we could say:

"Don't change pussies in the middle of a war.

Vote for Bush in 2004."

Dan in Austin


"OK, uncle. You win, Mr. President. If I buy a copy of your book, will you just shut up once and for all, go away, and never come back? It will cost me $35, but, judging strictly by weight, that isn't a bad price for so much cow manure." Ann Coulter’s Anorexic Ramblings



Republican Shenanigans

"The film ('Fahrenheit 9/11') paints President Bush as a dim, inattentive, and even corrupt leader. But on the other hand, he looks like a hell of a golfer!" Craig Kilborn

Victims upset at Bush's praise of ex-con
Cincinnati Enquirer, OH - Jun 24, 2004
By Gregory Korte. Touting his program to rehabilitate ex-offenders in Cincinnati on Monday, President Bush put his arm on Tami Jordan's shoulder and called the convicted embezzler a "good soul" and an "inspirational person."

But the victims of Jordan's crime - a small, family-owned business in Fairfield that lost $308,170 to Jordan's deception - say she isn't rehabilitated and hasn't paid the court-ordered restitution...

Here Comes The Judge
The Smoking Gun - 6-24-04
JUNE 24--While seated on the bench, an Oklahoma judge used a male enhancement pump, shaved and oiled his nether region, and pleasured himself, state officials ...



Subject: All vine...no taters


I was watching Imus this morning and he was talking with the "well-informed" Zell Miller.  Miller was defending Bush's war in Iraq.  He was saying things like "Clinton invaded Serbia and Kosovo, yet they had not attacked us."  "Truman invaded Korea, but they had not attacked us."  And then it gets good.  "Kennedy sent troops to Vietnam, but they had not attacked us."  Zell evidently doesn't realize that Eisenhower had stated the Domino theory in '54, sent "advisors" in '55, and 15 Americans were either killed or wounded between '57 and '59. 

But to top things off he outdoes even himself!!  He said that FDR went to war with Germany and they never attacked us!!  If he has ever picked up a history book, he would realize that Germany and Italy declared war on us on December 11, 1941 so FDR promptly reciprocated. I guess he has also never heard of the USS Reuben James which was sunk on October 31, 1941 by a German U-Boat, killing 76 American sailors.

It's comforting to know that Zell is such an intellectual and helping to shape US policy. 

Zell Miller:  "Senator, Revisionist, Idiot."

Have a great weekend, Lisa.....

I'm Matt Mahoney and I Approved this Email !!

I am convinced that the republicans have pix of Zell in some sexcapade...maybe with that judge that uses his penile pump while court is in session.

Thanks for writing.

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Subject: Sir Dick and his true confessions!

Fornication Under the Consent of the King, administration policy towards the American People as stated quite clearly by the King of Halliburton, Sir (Missing His) Dick Cheney!

James Majors

I wonder if Dick uses viagra or a pump?

"No human being of any political stripe can watch this film and be unmoved. It's a brilliant film and it disturbed me very deeply." -- singer DAVID CROSBY, after seeing MICHAEL MOORE's controversial documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

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Backdropped by a blue and white Earth, the international space station is seen in this June 15, 2002, file photo. Two astronauts who stepped out of the international space station for an unusually risky spacewalk were quickly ordered back in Thursday, June 24, 2004, when Mission Control spotted a pressure drop in one of the men's oxygen tanks. (NASA /HO)