June 24, 2004  Thursday

Supreme Court: Cheney can keeps papers secret
USA Today - 6-24-04
Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and David Souter said in a dissent that Sullivan should be allowed to consider what records should be released. They said it was not enough for the Bush administration to request blanket protection from having to make records public…

Bush Interviewed in Gov't CIA Leak Probe
ABC News - 
WASHINGTON June 24, 2004 — President Bush was interviewed by government prosecutors Thursday in connection with the federal investigation of who leaked the ...
Dim Terror Outlook From CIA Author
CBS News - 
(CBS) A new book by a ranking CIA officer is criticizing US strategy in the war on terror and making some dire predictions. The ...

Well, thank goodness, Ken Lay is safe for now.

"[Ken] Starr believed it violated a natural
order for me to be elected president."
--Bill Clinton


A Missing Link 

The September 11th Commission
Has just about ended its mission
And, just as we think,
They say there's no link
Between Dubbaya's brain and cognition.

The Limerick Savant

"JOHN (KERRY) and I are good friends ... I told him if he's elected president, on your inaugural, we'll play." -- AEROSMITH lead singer STEVEN TYLER in the Boston Herald.

"A Northwest pilot, while trying to land at an airport in South Dakota, got confused and landed at an Air Force base instead. Didn't even know he was at the wrong airport. Well, good to see our homeland security thing is up and running, huh?" Jay Leno

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AP Lawyer: It's 'Curious' We've Had to Sue for Bush Records
Editor & Publisher (subscription) - 6-24-04
... The Air National Guard has control of the microfilm, which should be disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act, the lawsuit claims. AP says the records "are being unlawfully withheld from the public." The lawsuit adds that no one has looked at any of the Bush military records at the state archives since 1996...

"Heard about the controversial 'Fahrenheit 9/11'? I hope George Bush isn't too angry about this film. No one wants to see Michael Moore in a naked pyramid." Craig Kilborn


Subject: Back Door DRAFT

Hello Lisa:

Once again, The Shrub and company, in the name of national defense are
clamoring to strip people of their rights, and this time, possibly of
their lives. The Shrubies have announced plans to recall up to 6,500
Individual Ready Reservists (IRR) to fill "critical specialties" in the military.
What most don't understand is that those in the IRR are not traditional
Reservists...they are men and women who have finished their military
obligations of 4 - 6 years and then decided that they could have a
better life by hanging up the uniform. What they don't realize is that the
military ties are not severed when they get out of the military...they
are subject to recall for 2 - 4 years or longer if the military decides
they need them. Imagine getting out of the military after having served
what you thought was a 4-year hitch only to be called back a couple years later
because the person who was crowned president by the supreme court
decides he has a woodie for Iraq. These are people who have started other careers
and lives, only to be ordered back into harms way. It is not a volunteer
force...it's a back door draft.

This country needs to be outraged at all that is being forced on them
in the false name of freedom...this is just the latest example. Where are the
countries lining up to help us win our rights back?

Keep the faith that we will regain our country soon.



Thanks for writing Roger. What a great way to win the hearts and minds of Americans.

''The administration has shown a stunning disregard for the law, resorting time and again to saying 'we are at war.  We are not under martial law in this country. The laws and the Constitution are not suspended because we are at war.''  Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.)

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Peacekeeping without the US
Radio Netherlands, Netherlands - 6-24-04
by Reinout van Wagtendonk, 24 June 2004. The United States may decide not to take part in future peace-keeping missions. Washington's ...

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“The [9/11 commission] report said that Mohamed Atta did meet with an Iraqi Intelligence Agency, or agent, in Prague on April 9th of 2001.  We've known this for a long time."
--Rush Limbaugh still hallucinating after rehab

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Architect Manfred Voglreiter, whose creation is a hit in the town of Langwied, in Salzburg province. Locals and visitors often stop by to photograph the dwelling, built for a local family of four. (HO/Kerstin Joensson)