June 23,  2004  Wednesday

Bush: 'I Have Never Ordered Torture'
Voice of America, DC - 6-23-04
The White House has released hundreds of pages of documents containing detailed rules for the treatment of prisoners captured during the fight against terrorism ...

Rumsfeld OKd stripping
Chicago Sun Times, IL - 6-23-04
BY TERENCE HUNT. WASHINGTON -- President Bush claimed the right to waive anti-torture laws and treaties covering prisoners of war ...

Use of Dogs Against Prisoners Was Approved by U.S.

Molly Ivins | Rationalizing administration deficiencies
Centre Daily Times, PA -6-23-04
... Water torture (that's the one they politely refer to as "stressful conditions")... I'm so glad George W. Bush has restored honor and integrity

I never thought I would hear a US President say, "I have never ordered torture."

"How many folks in town early for the Republican convention? You know, New York City is getting ready for the Republican convention. By the way, I think this is the perfect city to kick off a crooked election, don't you, really?" David Letterman


AP Sues for Access to Bush Guard Records

AP - Wed Jun 23, 2:17 AM ET

The Associated Press sued the Pentagon and the Air Force on Tuesday, seeking access to all records of George W. Bush's military service during the Vietnam War...

Jay Leno: "I felt sorry for President Bush. You know, he missed Father's Day yesterday. See, according to the intelligence he received, Father's Day is next Sunday."

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"In the senate race in Illinois, the Republican candidate Jack Ryan just went through an ugly divorce and in court papers, his wife accused him of taking her to sex clubs where he tried to make her have sex with him in front of strangers. Aren't Republicans the family values people? That's the difference between Republicans and Democrats on family values. Democrat politicians cheat on their wives. Republicans cheat too -- but they bring the wife along. Make it a family event! They include the whole family!"  Jay Leno



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Subject: The Kerry Landslide Scenario

Hi Lisa,

Looking at key events in the months leading up to the election, here's
what's in store: The 9/11 Commission report, the Valerie Plame
investigation, more revelations about prisoner abuse, Michael Moore's
new film, and the body count in Iraq hits 1,000. All of these will
continue to erode Dubya's poll numbers. Then you have the Democratic
convention, which gives Kerry a bump. At the Republican convention, in
addition to images of the smirking chimp surrounded by paid minorities,
you have thousands of protesters in the streets, so Bush gets not
bounce. The nail(s) in the coffin will be the debates. When viewed
side-by-side, I think the undecided, middle-ground voters will conclude
that we've given the "C" student a chance, now let's try someone with a

There are several wild cards in this scenario, though. Of course, Rove
is planning an "October Surprise," but I think at least some people
will see through the ruse. The use of touch-screen voting to rig the
election is another possibility, but statistically rigorous exit
polling should identify precincts with problems. The real kicker will
be the media. Will they play it straight this time, or will they gang
up on John Kerry and give Dubya a pass once again? I'm guessing they
won't. After being bitch-slapped by the Bush regime for 4 years, it's
payback time.

To borrow a phrase from Dennis Miller (back when he was still funny),
of course that's just my opinion; I could be wrong.

Keep the faith,


Love your line of thinking.  One thing I believe we can count on, is that Bush will file a lawsuit for something. It was Bush who filed the first lawsuit in selection 2000, wasn't it?

"Experts say Bill Clinton's book could earn $100 million. Hillary wants to burn it, George Bush wants to color it, John Kerry wants to marry it."  Craig Kilborn

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A high wave lashes a fishing port in Aki, western Japan Monday, June 21, 2004. A large typhoon lashed western Japan with heavy rains and powerful winds. (HO/Kyodo News)