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Cheney defends 'final throes' remark
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - 6-20-06
WASHINGTON -- Vice President Dick Cheney on Monday defended his comment last year, often ridiculed by administration critics, that the Iraqi insurgency was ''in its final throes.


Pentagon lists homosexuality as disorder
USA Today - 6-20-06
A Pentagon document classifies homosexuality as a mental disorder, decades ...

US soldiers found tortured to death in Iraq
Independent Online - 6-20-06
By Salam Faraj. Baghdad - The bodies of two US soldiers who went missing south of Baghdad were found on Tuesday, as the military said it killed 15 insurgents but Iraqi police and a rights activist claimed they were ordinary poultry farm workers. ...


We have to speak out on stopping the torture of prisoners and the horrific handling of this war.  Our soldiers can't.



"Another Bush team member is stepping down. This time it's long time speechwriter, a guy named Michael Gerson. He was President Bush's speechwriter for seven years. Isn't that amazing? President Bush had a speechwriter?" --Jay Leno




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



Vice President Cheney


The 90-minute "Dark Side" documentary begins grippingly, with recordings of a 911 call from the World Trade Center. It then shifts quickly to detail Cheney's actions and orders on that day. For instance, Cheney ordered that hijacked commercial airliners be shot down before reaching the terrorists' targets.

The documentary traces Cheney's political history and background, a record that goes all the way back to the Nixon administration, where Cheney worked for Rumsfeld as a young intern. Simply by underlining in red the names of Cheney loyalists on the organizational flow chart of the George W. Bush administration,
"The Dark Side" shows how deep Cheney's influence stretches.


Gut-check time: will any of you still admit to voting for the bastard? -- Grant Gerver



I never believed that BUSH KNEW and still don't.  But I also would have never believed that NORAD would leave our country unprotected on 9-11 while conducting a military exercise and I was wrong about that. The link below is a free Google video called Loose Change.  I highly recommend it. It is thought provoking, at the very least.


Loose Change



Congress, the other day -- very quietly -- they voted themselves a $3,300 pay raise. Why not? Job well done. A lot of added expenses this year: legal fees, criminal defense lawyers." --Jay Leno



Disturbing News




Subject: Donation


Lisa, I love AHNC and view it each day. We were gone to our mountain home for a few days where I don't allow computers but do have TV but no newspapers either. I couldn't wait to get back and find out what AHNC was doing . A donation will be in the mail shortly !! Thank you for such a good site and the humor that goes with it.



I wish I could hug you, Lou! A thank you isn't enough.



Here's a bumper sticker you'll never see: "Homeless Families for Bush" -- Grant Gerver


I just love Grant!








Let Them Eat Mercury


New Jersey's attorney general filed a court petition Monday on behalf of 16 states challenging the federal Environmental Protection Agency's new mercury pollution rules.

The petition asks a federal judge to reactivate a lawsuit filed last year challenging a rule known as ``cap-and-trade.''

Cap-and-trade allows power plants to buy emissions reduction credits from plants whose emissions fall below target levels, rather than installing their own mercury emissions controls. It is to go into effect in 2010.






Subject: Standing up to a thug in a donkey suit


I'm sent you $100 via paypal because you aren't afraid of Bartcop. I used to grace his site until his stand on torture and insulting anyone who disagrees with him that and on Hillary. I'm ashamed his site is so popular w/Dems. He mixes tequila and testosterone. No wonder we're called ugly Americans. Thank you for a truly entertaining site and no insults!


Sweet Jesus.  I never expected the many responses I received on that subject.  99% I haven't posted. Maybe there is hope for Democrats after all.


Big hug for your incredible donation!


Republican Shenanigans


We're witnessing the end of our civilization: what part of "the Constitution frying in a pan" don't you understand?  -- Grant Gerver



Hi Lisa,

I've been a loyal fan for several years now. I've donated when I can, but you know, money is tight these days for middle class American families. I sent $25 by paypal today because I cannot imagine this world without AHNC. I wish I could do more to keep you online. I hope this helps.

I find it especially chilling that not only you are facing shut down due to finances. Another favorite site, consortiumnews.com, is also looking at shuttering their website due to finances.

Are all centrists and progressives poor? Are you and others like you going to be silenced because you can't afford to tell the truth? What kind of world will it be if only Fox News gets to spread their lies?

For today, I will remain optimistic that you and the Parry's will get enough donations to keep going this year. It is increasingly difficult to remain optimistic, but your presence on the web has helped fuel that optimism. I hate to think of the vacuum that would be left in your absence.

Thanks for your daily sanity boost!
Cleveland, OH


Big hug Angela.  That is why I suggested that everyone send a dollar (the Democrat in me) a month. I hope ConsortiumNews meets their goals.


I have been online since 2000 and it was all on my bill until I began asking for donations in 2003.


And my viewers have risen to my plea...hugs to every single one of you!





Screw Up - Get Promoted


The report singles out other individuals at FBI headquarters for sharper criticism than Rowley, including David Frasca, then head of the FBI's radical fundamentalist unit, and his subordinate, Michael Maltbie. The failure of Frasca and Maltbie to heed the Minneapolis bureau's concerns about Moussaoui were a major issue at Moussaoui's trial.

Frasca and Maltbie have since been promoted.

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The Bush administration: Weapons of Mass Corruption  -- Grant Gerver


Bush Inc.



"People have a right to make a living," Clark Kent Ervin, the former inspector general of the Homeland Security Department told the newspaper. "But working virtually immediately for a company that is bidding for work in an area where you were just setting the policy _that is too close. It is almost incestuous."






Subject: Hillary Clinton


What do you think about Hillary and her chances to win the presidency? I love Bill and surprised Hillary stayed with him after the Monica thing, sort of admired her for that.  But when Hillary bought the preemptive strike on Iraq and still defends the vote, she now makes me sick. And what's with her flag burning amendment????? Where have all the Democrats gone? :(


I hear ya.


I guess I would hold my nose and vote for Hillary if she wins the primary, but she is going to face those same issues IF she seeks the presidency from her fellow Democrats during the primary...and it won't be pretty.


I feel Al Gore would be a wonderful president, he has the resume -- he is an environmentalist and he WENT to Vietnam (unlike W) and served our country.



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Abort Bush Instead


The Supreme Court said Monday it will consider a second Bush administration appeal that seeks to reinstate a federal ban on what opponents call partial-birth abortion.



It's so obvious God wants Bush to invade North Korea. -- Grant Gerver



Bush-Prison-Torture News




Subject: Endorsing Torture


Any Democrat who endorses any torture for any reason is a Republican. End of subject.


Bill, ex-POW, Vietnam


Bless your heart, Bill. And thank you for your service. I can't possibly add anything.



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Big kisses! : Brazilian fans pose ahead of the opening round Group F World Cup football match between Brazil and Australia at Munich's World Cup Stadium. Brazil won 2-0. (Photo/Vanderlei Almeida)

And a big kiss from me!