June 2  2003  Monday

I, too, have worn a military flight suit 

 By Dave Barry -International Herald Tribune- 6-1-03

...President George Bush is a popular leader. He was visibly bulging with leadership recently when he put on that flight suit and landed in a military jet on an aircraft carrier...

Bush's credibility tainted
News24, South Africa - 6-2-03
Washington - President George W Bush's administration faces credibility problems ... to get out of it is to find WMD ...

Blair: I have weapons proof
Telegraph.co.uk, UK - 6-2-03
... of people think Mr Blair and George W Bush misled them before the war, saying that Iraq possessed illegal weapons although they did not believe it...

President Sock Puppet's staged show off event made me wonder how Senator John McCain would have acted if he were president. 

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Insults thrown


USA Today

LOS ANGELES Bill O'Reilly, the conservative talk show host, first decried political commentators who

"call people names." Then he called Al Franken, the liberal humorist, an "idiot."










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Didn't Bush declare victory in Iraq?




Sacked Iraqi Troops Threaten to Attack US Forces
Reuters, UK -6-2-03
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Thousands of sacked Iraqi soldiers marched on the US-led administration
on Monday and threatened to launch suicide attacks on American ...

       Sacked Iraqi Troops Threaten Attacks on US Forces - ABC News
       Sacked Iraqi Troops Protest for Pay - Washington Post
       Sacked Iraqi troops threaten to attack US forces - Reuters AlertNet







Catch Me if You Can Cheney

Halliburton settles accounting suits for $6 m
Ethical Corporation Magazine, UK - 6-2-03
Halliburton, the company formerly led by US Vice-President Dick Cheney, has agreed
to pay $6m to settle a series of class-action lawsuits over allegations of ...
 $9m Halliburton deal on lawsuits - Daily Telegraph
       Halliburton to pay $9m - Sydney Morning Herald
       Halliburton Deal to Settle Accounting Suits for $6M - Newsday

The corporate chickenhawk seems to have skated once again.


Joe Scarborough is the evil GOP bastard of the month.

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John Kerry Wants Better Health Care For Veterans
KCCI, IA - May 30, 2003
DES MOINES, Iowa -- Sen. John Kerry called Friday for boarder access
to health care and prescription drugs for military veterans. ...

       Health specifics could backfire on candidates - USA Today
       Gephardt, Kerry Miss the Most Hill Votes - Washington Post
       Democratic Race Still Waiting to Ignite - Reuters
       Lakeland Ledger - San Diego Union Tribune 

Howard Dean talks to 330000-strong California teachers union
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 6-2-03
Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean warmed up a crowd of California public school teachers Sunday by brandishing his own short-lived teaching credential ...
      Health reformer sees a familiar battlefield GoMemphis.com, TN - 

George Bush says he needs time to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He's giving himself the time he WOULDN'T give the UN inspectors to find the alleged weapons BEFORE he blew up as many as 7,000 innocent civilians.

When do we start the impeachment proceedings?

Make Them Accountable

Iraq Body Count

Lights, camera, rescue






An intense African dust storm sent a massive dust plume northwestward over the Atlantic Ocean on March 2, 2003. In this true-color scene, acquired by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aboard NASA"s Terra satellite, the thick dust plume (light brown) can be seen blowing westward and then routed northward by strong southerly winds. The plume extends more than 1,000 miles (1,600 km), covering a vast swath of ocean extending from the Cape Verde Islands (lower left), off the coast of Senegal, to the Canary Islands (top center) off the coast of Morocco. (NASA Photo)


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