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Troops' 1-month breaks blocked
USA Today - 6-19-07
U.S. commanders in Iraq are rejecting a recommendation by Army mental health experts that troops receive a one-month break for every three months in a combat zone, despite unprecedented levels of continuous fighting and worsening risks of mental stress.

US says 10000 troops in major Iraq offensive
Reuters - 6-19-07
By Dean Yates BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The US military deployed 10000 soldiers backed by attack helicopters in an offensive against al Qaeda north of Baghdad on ...

Iraqis Assure Bush Progress Being Made
Guardian Unlimited, UK -  6-19-07
``The Iraqis do not want and we do not want their territory to be used for terrorist acts against their neighbor.'' Bush and Rice's meetings came a day ...


Talk about bad luck: Bush transplanted American democracy into the Middle East and it's being rejected like a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed. - Grant Gerver, www.seriouskidding.com




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News

Understaffed Embassy?


Ryan C. Crocker, the new U.S. ambassador to Iraq, bluntly told Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a cable dated May 31 that the embassy in Baghdad -- the largest and most expensive U.S. embassy -- lacks enough well-qualified staff members and its security rules are too restrictive for Foreign Service officers to do their jobs. "Simply put, we cannot do the nation's most important work if we do not have the Department's best people," Crocker said in the memo. The unclassified cable underscores the State Department's struggle to find its role in the turmoil in Iraq.




Disturbing News


Rice Sentenced - No, Not THAT Rice


A federal judge closed a chapter in the Enron story Monday by ordering a 27-month prison term for the former head of the company's broadband division, the last to be punished of former executives who admitted to crimes.

Loose ends remain in the Enron criminal investigation after the sentencing of former broadband division CEO Kenneth Rice, who pleaded guilty in 2004 to securities fraud.







"Cheney is having an operation on his heart this week. Talk about microsurgery." --Jay Leno



By Don Davis


Republican Shenanigans


Better Late Than Never


The Pentagon is sending another deck of playing cards to troops in Iraq - this time showing some of the country's most precious archaeological sites instead of the most-wanted former regime officials.

Some 40,000 new decks of playing cards will be sent to troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan - as part of an awareness program so troops can help preserve the heritage of those countries, said Laurie Rush, archaeologist at Fort Drum in New York



 “The Iranian parliament has passed a law calling for the execution of all Iranian porn stars. It’s true. Yeah, of course, of course, in Iran, a porn movie is any movie where a woman exposes her chin.” - Conan O’Brien



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"Iran's parliament has voted in favor of a bill that would give the death penalty to people convicted of making pornography. Under Iran's penal code, that's one of the worst criminal offensives they have. To give you an idea of how strict it is, you get 20 years just for saying the phrase 'penal code.'" --Jay Leno





By Don Davis


Bush-Prison-Torture News

Radio Racist


On the June 18 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Neal Boortz advocated building a "double fence along the Mexican border, and stop the damn invasion." Boortz continued: "I don't care if Mexicans pile up against that fence like tumbleweeds in the Santa Ana winds in Southern California. Let 'em. You know, then just run a couple of taco trucks up and down the line, and somebody's gonna be a millionaire out of that."



"Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is heading an 'Impeach Dick Cheney' movement. First of all, how many heart attacks has Cheney had? Five? Six? Want to get rid of this guy? Buy him a cheeseburger." --Jay Leno


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A computer-generated image of a EADS Atrium aircraft which will enable space tourists to experience weightlessness that will carry passengers briefly outside the earth's atmosphere in 2012. The aircraft, about the size of an executive jet will be able to carry four passengers around 100 kilometers from the earth, where they will be able to experience about three minutes of weightlessness and see the curve of the earth at a price of between 150,000-200,000 euros ($199,500-$265,900), it was announced in Paris on Wednesday June 13, 2007. REUTERS/EADS Atrium/Marc Newson Ltd/NASA