June 17,  2004 Thursday

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Bush Disputes al Qaida-Saddam Conclusion
Guardian, UK - 6-17-04
By DEB RIECHMANN. WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush on Thursday disputed the Sept. 11 commission's finding that there was no ``collaborative relationship'' between Saddam Hussein and the al-Qaida terrorist network responsible for the attacks.

``There was a relationship between Iraq and al-Qaida,'' Bush insisted following a meeting with his Cabinet at the White House...

9/11 Panel: Confusion Hindered Response

AP 6-17-04

WASHINGTON - The terror strikes of Sept. 11, 2001 overwhelmed all immediate efforts to counter or even comprehend their scope, a bipartisan commission reported...

Conspiracy threat to anti-nuke treaty
New Scientist, UK 6-17-04

The US and UK governments will this week be accused of conspiring to break the international agreement to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons....

Hmmm. Who should I believe, Bush or the 9-11 commission?

"Former President George Bush marked his 80th birthday by jumping out of a plane. In a related story, O.J. Simpson marked the 10th anniversary of the murders by jumping out of the bushes." —Jay Leno



“You can’t distinguish between Al Qaeda and Saddam when you talk about the war on terror”.
-President George W. Bush, September, 2002

"Here's something scary. ... Yesterday, Attorney General John Ashcroft announced the FBI has arrested a Somalian man involved in an al Qaeda plot to blow up a shopping mall in Columbus, Ohio. Isn't that frightening? I'll tell you, I sleep better at night knowing that our mall security guards are among the best trained, best equipped killing machines in this country, ladies and gentlemen." Jay Leno

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Hi Lisa,

It comes as no surprise to you and I that the Bush regime spent
considerable time looking for a way to torture prisoners and get away
with it. Some of us have known for a long time about George Bush's
character, or lack thereof. But even though it is becoming clear that
the problem was systemic, that doesn't absolve the people who committed
these horrible actions. We keep hearing "this isn't what America
stands for," or "this isn't who we are." But who are we, really?

Consider the popularity of the NBC show "Fear Factor." Each week,
viewers tune in to see people covered with spiders and snakes, or to
watch them eat worms, bugs, or other disgusting things. This is what
passes as entertainment for some Americans, watching other people's
discomfort. With that in mind, is it so hard to believe that these
soldiers willingly followed orders? From the looks of some of the
photos, they seemed to enjoy themselves while doing it. Sure, the Bush
administration set the stage, but the actors seemed to have no trouble
learning their lines.

Keep the faith,



Thanks for writing Doug.

I imagine that explains the republicans still minimizing the prisoner abuse.  They can always say "Hey, we saw it on TV."

"Rush Limbaugh and his third wife has broken up. Apparently, she came home early and found him with their pharmacist." —Jay Leno


Lisa, I checked Barbara Bush's pedigree on ancestry.com and find no evidence that she's related to, my less descended from, Franklin Pierce.

Ben T.

Hi Ben,
I don't know why ancestory.com does not have her listed but Babs has stated she is related to the inept Franklin Pierce and her admission is good enough for me.  See below. Plus, a Bush would never lie!
The former Barbara Pierce noted that in addition to her well-known connections with the 41st and 43rd presidents, she was also the fourth cousin four times removed of Franklin Pierce, "whatever that means."


 Thanks for writing.

Biz/Tech News

Think Again: No Link? Who Knew?

by Eric Alterman

...Let us take a moment, however, and examine the Bush administration campaign to convince Americans of something that was not true and for which they never had any convincing evidence. After all, at the moment we went to war with Iraq, a full 70 percent of Americans questioned told pollsters that Iraq had been responsible...

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John Kerry News

White House silence CNN

It is difficult to say precisely what the Bush campaign is repaying the government per trip. The White House refuses to:

·  Provide lists of political aides who travel with Bush and whose travels are financed by the re-election campaign; or say how many political aides go on any given trip, or even offer a range.

·  Provide dollar figures on reimbursements for specific trips. Bush's re-election campaign periodically reports to the FEC lump reimbursement sums for unspecified travel.

·  Say how it decides which trips are official rather than political.

Odd News

"Rush and his wife are divorcing and  experts say this could get ugly. I'm confused, are they splitting up or having sex?" -Craig Kilborn

Skydiving without former President Bush.