June 15,  2004 Tuesday

Travesty of Justice
New York Times - By Paul Krugman 6-15-04
...First, there's the absence of any major successful prosecutions. The one set of convictions that seemed fairly significant — that of the "Detroit 3" — appears to be collapsing over accusations of prosecutorial misconduct. (The lead prosecutor has filed a whistle-blower suit against Mr. Ashcroft, accusing him of botching the case. The Justice Department, in turn, has opened investigations against the prosecutor. Payback? I report; you decide.)


US Lawyers Use Legalisms to Cover Lawlessness Bloomberg 

A rotten mess of bad apples
Indianapolis Star, IN - 6-15-04
DALLAS -- Remember when the administration tried to sell us the line that the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib represented the isolated misdeeds of a few ...

Woman Soldier Accused of Abuse May Call 100 Witnesses
The Scotsman, UK -  6-15-04

...She has insisted that she was acting on orders and her lawyers may call defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld and vice-president Dick Cheney to give evidence at her forthcoming court martial....

Fascism is so much fun!

"This week the Bush administration begins testing a new program called 'The Registered Travels Program' which allows people to avoid long security lines at airports by paying an extra fee and agreeing to a background check. Boy that's a great idea, a separate line for rich people! It's hard to believe the Republicans came up with that. I'm stunned." -Jay Leno

Did Limbaugh cheat on ANOTHER wife?

By Jackson Thoreau - DC Indymedia

Here’s a conservative who often harps on "family values," who once called himself "your epitome of morality of virtue, a man you could totally trust with your wife, your daughter, and even your son in a Motel 6 overnight." Then he goes through almost as many wives as the Gabor sisters did husbands, admits he watches pornography and doesn’t even father a child….

"This week in Baghdad, four people were arrested for pretending to be journalists. I'll tell you, this has got all the people over at Fox News nervous." —Jay Leno



I often think that with all the sanitized news coming out of Iraq
and with all the movies showing "the good guys" always winning
and with no real perception of what war is really like, Americans are
left to imagine what is going on in Iraq. Here's a Korean reporter's view
that may help you better understand what our troops have to put up with daily.

You can bomb the world to pieces;
You can not bomb the world to peace.

Alan Charles

"According to a new poll, 53 percent of Americans say the war in Iraq was not justified. The other 47 percent say, 'There's a war in Iraq?'" —Jay Leno


The Swiss parliament voted to end a 96-year ban on absinthe, the mythical herbal liqueur beloved of artists at the turn of the century and blamed for driving some of them mad.

Disturbing News

Republican Shenanigans

"The State Department released a memo saying that terrorism has gone down. And so it turns out the only reason they released that statement was because of a mathematical error. Apparently terrorism hasn't really gone down at all. It was only released because of a mathematical error. Mathematical error? Isn't that how Bush became president in the first place?" -David Letterman

Good News

Biz/Tech News

Forwarded by Joi


Your lead picture caption for today's (June 14) issue says.........."I need some uplifting news from home, Sarge. This war is hell."
The poignancy of the caption is lost unfortunately because the two "American" looking men in the picture are not soldiers. They are most likely private security contractors from KHAKI who are being paid HUGE salaries by Halliburton, General Electric, and other profiteering companies in Iraq.
I read your page as often as possible. Humor is hard to find these days.

Ron Graham
Houston, TX

Good catch Ron!

"My mother said to me, "If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope." Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso." -Pablo Picasso


Iraq Pipeline Explosions Cut Oil Exports
Tuesday June 15, 2004

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Two explosions on pipelines in southern Iraq cut oil exports from the south by half, the Iraqi South Oil Co. said Tuesday.

The statement did not say where and when the blasts took place…

John Kerry News


Hi, Lisa, as much as I hate to defend Barbara Bush, the suit she wore 
at the funeral service was a summer mourning color, so she did comport 
to Miss Manners and Emily Post-for once.  Keep up the good work!

Patricia M

I wonder why Babs was the only woman in attendance to do so? I would have worn black to a president's funeral.

Thanks for writing.

Odd News

"One thing that has never been said about either my husband or I -- nearly everything else has -- but one thing that hasn't is that we are patient people.  Those of you who know us, know that's not at all descriptive." Hillary Clinton

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"It was this week in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts, the first so-called witch was hanged. She was convicted under the original Patriot Act."  Jay Leno

Three bears photographed by Capt. Myron Balchin Sr. of the Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Honolulu, 280 miles from the North Pole.