Monday edition - June 12, 2006


'Killing themselves was unnecessary. But it certainly is a good PR move
 Guardian Unlimited, UK - 6-12-06
 The Bush administration stared down a new wave of international condemnation of Guantánamo yesterday, dismissing the suicides by three inmates of the prison camp as a "good PR move" on their part and an "act of asymmetrical warfare"...


Bush team at Camp David to discuss Iraq war
Baltimore Sun -
  With the Iraq war hanging oppressively over his presidency, George W. Bush is heading to Camp David today with his top advisers in hopes of gaining fresh perspective on his most pressing problem

Taliban On The Rise
CBS News - 6-12-06
 Security forces battling the biggest rise in Taliban violence in years will be bolstered by new recruits from local tribes, Afghanistan's president said...


I say keep Gitmo open so just Bush and his buddies can serve their time there.



"Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was the world's most unhinged lunatic. He's now dead, so that moves Ann Coulter up to first place" --David Letterman




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



NOTE TO VIEWERS: I rarely receive negative mail, maybe 1 out of 100-150 positive emails. Curiously, since Ann Coulter recently spewed her poisonous words, I have received over 50. The conservative base has been let loose.  It's going to be a long hot summer.



E-mail: "Scott and Libby"

Subject: [none]


Found your site on accident,its LAME! The bottom of your site says peace, what a joke.I vote,strickly morals,pro life at the top of the list,traditional family 2nd, no to embryonic stem cell recearch,no to mercy killing,the economy the war gas prices,not even a factor. Im your hated consevtive,extreme right wing holyness Christian,I live in Hobe Sound Florida & guess who I voted for both times & would again if he could run for another term! Thats right W. But dont lose heart hes not gone yet & maybe he can find a way to rewrite law & run for another 2 terms like Roosevelt tried to do ! Finally I hated what you did wiyh my Lord & Saviors picture, watch out W aint nuttin compared to Jesus If I were you I would repent & ask forgivness while you still can your not dead yet as far as I know. But after death its to late& judgement day isnt going to be a pretty site for the unrepentant & unforgivin!! Every knee will bow & every tounge will confess that Jesus Christ is lord!! & for the condemned there will be wailing & knashing of teeth in the eternal fire of damnation!!! REPENT! REPENT! The time draweth nigh!

I'm "not dead yet as far as [you] know" ?


You better hope and pray nothing happens to me because you will be the first person the police will contact.  This is why I am posting your disturbed e-mail.


I Googled your e-mail address and found your website .  You stated you work for the US Postal Service.


Roosevelt was legally elected four times. He didn't try to rewrite any laws as you stated. After his death the 22nd amendment to the US Constitution was passed limiting a president to two terms. Gee, I learned that in 6th grade.


Just where is the "Christ" in your Christianity? My church taught me that Jesus is the Prince of Peace, Love and Hope. 


I imagine this is the cartoon you are referring to -- in fact, it's one of the more popular cartoons on my site, among my Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist and Agnostic viewers. I am glad to rerun it.






"I must ask my colleagues on the other side of the aisle: Does Ann Coulter speak for you when she suggests poisoning Supreme Court Justices or slanders the 9/11 … widows? If not, speak now. Your silence allows her to be your spokesman." -- Rep. Rahm Emmanuel, D-Ill.,




Cher has teamed up with Dr. Bob Meaders, founder and president of to help shed light on current problems with the existing helmets being used by members of the U.S. Military, it was announced today. The Oscar winning actress and singer has committed to working with Operation Helmet to upgrade existing helmets to protect troops against blasts and impact concussions that they face in bomb blasts and motor vehicle accidents.



Bush Supporters - seen at








and the most disturbing of all is right below.







Disturbing News




Subject: KOS blog convention


Why weren't you there? Or Bartcop? I was so looking forward to watching you and hearing what you had to say. I assumed you would be there. You've been online blogging for what? 5-6 years? Do you know your google rating is higher than Jay Lenos website for Chrissakes? I wasn't very impressed with the convention panel talks. Most seemed very dry and boring compared to their online posts. You sure woulda brought some sparkle by just showing your toons!!!! I loved hearing Joe Wilson and Barbara Boxer speak there. Harry Reed too... And KOS was kool!




Hi Hank. I wasn't invited.  I'm just a little fish in the big blogpond.  But thank you so much for your kind words and caring.


I watched some of the convention on C-Span and wasn't familiar with most of the blog sites.


I liked Kos, too.


No, I didn't know my Google rating was higher than Jay Leno's. I checked the Alexa ranking of Leno and his site is ranked at 710, mine is at 175,847. I don't know why Google has me ranked higher. Gee, I wish I made 1% of the money Leno makes -- I'd be one happy puppy. I'm just a single woman making a living with my website. I am at the poverty level according to the IRS but each year my online support steadily increases. Thankfully my living expenses are quite low and I don't eat much.





"Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said al-Zarqawi was 'mean, vicious, and hateful.' So you know what that means? Ann Coulter could be next." --Jay Leno


Republican Shenanigans


Republicans Ruining the Internet


Prominent Democrats predicted the vote would come to represent a turning point in the history of the Internet. In a 269-152 vote that fell largely along party lines, the House Republican leadership mustered enough votes to reject a Democrat-backed amendment that would have enshrined stiff net neutrality regulations into federal law and prevented broadband providers from treating some Internet sites differently from others.



"The U.S. military dropped a bomb that killed Iraq's number one terrorist, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. ... Afterwards President Bush said, 'Oh great and I just learned how to pronounce his name.'" --Conan O'Brien




Rock-The-Voter News






"Did you know Al Gore was voted our second most popular guest ever? Actually he finished first, but the Supreme Court overturned it." --Jay Leno



Association of American Editorial Cartoonists Convention


"I don't know Judith Miller. I understand that she's easier to defend if you don't know her. But I'm still upset by the fact that a reporter was put in prison and left to languish there. I'd feel the same way about Robert Novak and Ann Coulter -- although I admit that the thought of Ann Coulter in chains is attractive!"


After U.S. autopsy, Zarqawi body parts will hit eBay. -- Grant Gerver - Shot Off the Press


Good News


Who Knows Bush's Mind Best?

No, it's not Karl Rove. It's a 26-year-old whiz with no college degree

The only words he ever says in public are, "This is the official two-minute warning for the press. Two minutes." He delivers them with effortless authority to vast crowds after placing President George W. Bush's note cards or speech text on the podium just so.

Biz-Tech News




This Happens When You Rush Into War Unprepared


An Ohio newspaper reports the thousands of pounds of armor added to military Humvees have made the vehicles more likely to roll over, killing and injuring soldiers in Iraq.

Scott Badenoch, a former Delphi Corporation vehicle dynamics expert, tells the Dayton Daily News he believes "the up-armoring has caused more deaths than it has saved."


Bush-Prison-Torture News


"Man, it was hot in parts of California today. ... It was so hot Dick Cheney went to see Al Gore's movie just for the air conditioning. ... It was so hot gay couples were standing next to President Bush just to get the cold shoulder." --Jay Leno


Go-F*ck-Yourself News


Cheney declares al-Zarqawi "the last throe," officially ending the insurgency.-- Grant Gerver - Shot Off the Press





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A mirror we all wish we could have. Sent in by AHNC viewer Susan S.