June 12 2003  Thursday

Franco-German agreement threatens CAP reform
Euractiv, Belgium - 6-12-03

... According to the Financial Times newspaper, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and French President Jacques Chirac agreed that France would back German ...
       Germany, France in deal that could threaten CAP, EU takeover ...  - EU Business
       Franco-German deal may hit EU plans - Financial Times (subscription)
       Paris and Berlin in EU reform deal - Financial Times (subscription)
       Scoop.co.nz (press release) 

Tony Blair, you are no Winston Churchill
Ghanaian Chronicle, Ghana - 11 Jun 2003
... as they have failed to find the WMD. ... the world leaders meeting there, especially between Jacque Chirac of France, Gerhard Schroeder of Germany and George Bush ...
Lying from start to finish
ABS CBN News, Philippines - 55 minutes ago
... States had seized in Iraq as proof of Iraq’s threatening WMD program. Yet, as emerged over the weekend in newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic, Bush’s ...
       Smoking guns and mushroom clouds - Asia Times Online


Today's toon was inspired by what a weenie Bush is.  Mr. Harvard MBA sure didn't learn anything and now we are paying for it along with the rest of the world.







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"I quit doing cocaine when I saw what happened to Presidiot Bush. All right, I admit it. All my friends went into recovery and quit buying it." - Anita Beer at the airport bar after seeing Lisa off.

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While I was building today's edition (I am in Costa Rica now looking for Ollie North who probably knows where the wmds are), I saw a doctor enter the internet cafe and he gave vaccinations to the children.  I inquired why the doctor came to the children and not visa versa.

I was told that every year a health care worker will come to everyone, young and old to make sure they are up to date on their shots.

Can you imagine that happening in the USA? 


We should be ashamed of ourselves for neglecting the health of our citizens.




Out of the mouths

of babes.  We should





Today's edition will be short as there is a heck of a storm brewing outside and I want to upload this page for you.

I will answer all of your fabulous emails as soon as possible.  I wish Zelda would help me with that instead of looking through my desk drawers while I am away.





Where're Osama, Saddam and the unused weapons of mass destruction? - Lisa



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