Monday-Thursday edition - June 11-14, 2007





Libby seeking to delay sentence
USA Today - 16-11-07
WASHINGTON — Lewis "Scooter" Libby, once the top aide to Vice President Cheney, now will fight to remain out of prison while


 Attorney General Facing No-Confidence Vote
WCBD-TV - 6-11-07
 Senate Democrats plan to hold a no-confidence vote today on embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. No one is predicting that the symbolic no-confidence resolution will survive even a test vote.

 Iraq-Iran trade in gasoline booms
Houston Chronicle, United States - 6-11-07
Iraq — The trucks line up at the border each morning, waiting their turn to cross the small Choman river ...


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"There seems to be tension between President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Again, President Bush thinks this is good. He thinks a new Cold War could help end global warming." --Jay Leno



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


"Undaunted by the protesters, the leaders focused on finding consensus over global warming. And by 'consensus,' we mean getting Bush to agree with the other seven." --Jon Stewart, on the G8 Summit

Democrat Wants to Attack Iran


Sen. Joseph Lieberman said Sunday that the United States should consider a military strike against Iran because of Tehran's involvement in Iraq.

"I think we've got to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians to stop them from killing Americans in Iraq," Lieberman said. "And to me, that would include a strike over the border into Iran, where we have good evidence that they have a base at which they are training these people coming back into Iraq to kill our soldiers."




By Don Davis




Disturbing News


"Our boss didn't let us go on Christmas vacation, but now he's giving us a day off because of Bush?" - An unnamed Bulgarian sales clerk






Republican Shenanigans

Putting the Chill Back Into the Cold War


President George W. Bush said on Monday said he hoped that a plan for U.S. and Russian experts to analyze each other's proposal for a missile defense shield would be beneficial...Bush reiterated that he had told Russian President Vladimir Putin in talks at the Group of Eight summit in Germany last week that: "I simply do not view Russia as an enemy."




The above photo is undoctored. Is that a beer Bush is drinking? Does Laura know?



"They say it's just a matter of time before former senator and 'Law & Order' actor Fred Thompson gets into the Republican race. Apparently, 10 rich white guys doesn't offer enough choices to the voters. They need 11 rich white guys." --Jay Leno


Rock-The-Voter News


"Vice President Dick Cheney said today the surge policy is working. In fact, gas prices have surged almost $4 a minute." --Jay Leno










Biz-Tech News



"A low-level researcher at Yale University has been arrested for a scam he was running out of the Yale Law library. The guy claimed to be a lawyer and was charging illegal immigrants $5,000 a piece to get a greencard. They say this is the biggest scam pulled off at Yale since, I guess, George Bush got his diploma" --Jay Leno


Bush-Prison-Torture News




"Scooter Libby has been sentenced to 30 months in prison ... even though he is a good friend of Vice President Dick Cheney. Hey, he got off easy. Cheney's other friends got shot in the face." --Jay Leno


Go-F***-Yourself News



"After serving only three days of her prison sentence, Paris Hilton has been let out of jail. When asked about it, Paris said, 'Usually I'm not a fan of premature release.'" --Conan O'Brien


Odd News






A fish, of the genus Guyanancistrus was discovered by the 2005 RAP team. This species of dwarf catfish, likely to be unique to the eastern plateaus of Suriname, is called "big mouth" by its discoverers due to the unusually large size of its mouth. It is one of 24 new species found in the South American highlands of Suriname, conservationists reported on June 4, 2007, warning that these creatures are threatened by illegal gold mining. Photo/Jan Mol