June 11,  2004 TGIF

Bush Sidesteps Question About Torture

AP - 6-11-04

The State Department warned the White House two years ago that rejecting international standards against torture when dealing with detainees could put U.S. troops at risk...


Perverts, Voyeurs & Peeping Toms: A short history of the Republican...
The Baltimore Chronicle, MD - May 21, 2004
by Jane Stillwater. "Remember back when the Massa got to sleep with the slaves?" In the modern Republican party, the roots of its ...

UK voters punish Blair for Iraq stance
Financial Times, UK - 6-11-04
... Mr Blair's unflinching alliance with the US over Iraq has lost him much support within his ... whose leader Jose Maria Aznar was an ally of Mr Blair and Mr Bush. ...

We never found those darn WMDs but we found plenty of prison porn.

"CIA Director George Tenet resigned last week. Here's the sad part, the FBI just found out today." —Jay Leno

More Florida fake felon follies predicted for 2004 elections
The NewStandard, NY - 6-1-04
by NewStandard Staff. Jun 11 - After the 2000 presidential election debacle in Florida, many county elections supervisors are anxious ...

“Reagan's optimistic oratory had a way of carrying even an audience ideologically opposed to him. Watching a Bush speech, on the other hand, is like watching a car crash in slow motion. You know something horrible is about to happen to the English language, but you cannot look away.” The Guardian


"This is in my view the narrow path that will perhaps allow us to get out of the drama we now find ourselves in. That means that there must be a genuine transfer of sovereignty and, if I dare say it, no cheating." — French President Jacques Chirac commenting on the chances for success after the transfer of power to the Iraqi interim government.

OO la la...Chirac sounds like he is anticipating, dare I say it, the same old shenanigans.


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I was watching CNN at about 9:30 last nite.  Aaron Brown was questioning Sheila Tate (Nancy Reagan’s press secretary) about Nancy Reagan wearing eyeglasses during the recent ceremonies.  Yes, the titillating discussion was focused on how Nancy Reagan would NEVER have appeared in public before wearing GLASSES!

 Heaven forbid.

Tate stated, with misty eyes, that Mrs Reagan wanted to see everything, so she put on her glasses. It was such a touching interview.

Reagan overkill coverage has occurred.

Red Alert Level.

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"What we've got now is a bunch of neo-isolationists like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry and Howard Dean and the other protesters of the '60s that are now raising so much hell, their music and their hairstyle and their clothes may have changed, but it's the same bunch."  Senator Zell Miller (GA) who is pretending to be a Democrat


Subject: Is Bush A Homo?

You gotta checkout this website...



Hahaha...Betty Bowers is America's best Christian!

The Reagan Legacy

"Russia will not participate in contributing to the fund until we know how the money will be spent.'' - Russia President Vladimir Putin expressing reservations about a Middle East initiative.

Hmmm, it seems Putin trusts Bush as much as Chirac does.

Did the world leaders say things like that about Bill Clinton?



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Subject: Lisa for president

dear lisa,

very brave, and with a sense of humor, hats off to ya, no other site presented the truth
about reagan, but there were a few good qualities, and they deserve mention:

-he produced three decent children, not one of whom agrees, or agreed, with his politics, though all were or are scared by his parenting, and perhaps maintained their
decency by being estranged.

-he did work to bring about the end of the cold war.

-when he realized lebanon was a bottomless pit, he pulled out.

-he did talk to his adversaries. tip o neal and he argued in the oval office. imagine
bush inviting nancy pelosi into the oval office to discuss legislation.

-he never fell off a horse the way bush falls of a bicycle.

other than that, domestically and internationally, an unmitigated disaster. When he came into office, a man with but a high school education could get a union job and earn enough to not have his wife work, buy a home, have two cars, and send his kids to college. try and do that today with a hundred grand, you can't.

what lays in store for america if bush continues scares the living daylight out of me. my
plight is perhaps symptomatic: with diabetes, heart disease, reduced circulation in the
legs and in need of bypass surgery for the arteries in the legs, and retinopathy, after an
eighteen month wait, i was turned down by social security disability, and even were i
not turned down, medicare cannot be granted for two years, the needed surgery remains undone as i wind my way through charity care, where physicians must donate their time (what physician wants to donate the time which would otherwise earn him
$30,000 or more), all in all, a death sentence, i am only one of millions of americans
who do not receive adequate medical care, it almost reminds me of old sparta, where children had to steal food or die, and this is the shining city on the hill, a beacon to all mankind, the promised people chosen by the lord, the doctrine of compassionate conservatism, bush's vision of america.

well, just venting, thanks for your site, lisa for president.


Even considering me for president is proof how desperate you have become with presidents like Reagan and the Bushes.

I don't consider using my freedom of speech brave.

It is so uncompassionate to be the most powerful country in the world and not provide access to affordable healthcare.

November is the time to clean house and elect politicians that perform compassionate acts instead of just talking about them.

I just wish we could vote out the right wing media.

Thanks for writing and try and take care.


Hi Lisa;
Even Republicans have some sensibilities that remain vulnerable.
Or else they have some sense... Can't figure out which. But I found
this item left me optimistic. Even though I cannot envision a St.
Ronnie - given the mess he made of our lives - I'm glad they can. I am
hopeful the thinking this article writes about will keep our idiot pResident
from riding the Reagan funeral casket into November.


Here's wishing we can slog through the remainder of the
nauseating Reagan commemorations this weekend and return to our
own private "hell w/Bush" by Monday.


Riding the Reagan casket has it's pluses and minuses.

I think Nancy Reagan would object to using St. Ronnie to promote W. This should be interesting!


Once upon a time, long, long ago Ronald Reagan was asked:

"When you arrive at the pearly gates, what would you like to St. Peter to say to you?"

Reagan replied without hesitation:

"Welcome to heaven, where ketchup is a vegetable."


In this artist's conception, NASA's $3.3 billion spacecraft, the Cassini Orbiter, nears the rings of Saturn. Cassini is nearing the end of it's seven-year voyage to Saturn, only to begin an intensive study of the second-largest planet, its rings and the stable of moons that orbit it. The spacecraft is on schedule to enter orbit around Saturn on June 30. (NASA, JPL, Space Science Institute)