June 10,  2004 Thursday and the 5th day of 24/7 coverage of St. Ronnie

Operation Rumor Control Underway at Summit Site
Washington Post - 6-10-04
The Bush administration, as host of the summit this year, had cards printed up for the thousands of security personnel keeping the summiteers safe from ...

Poll: Kerry leads Bush by 7 pct. points
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA - 6-10-04
LOS ANGELES -- Democratic candidate John Kerry leads President Bush 51 percent to 44 percent among American voters in a two-way race for president, according ...

Santa Cruz council opts to impeach Rumsfeld
Contra Costa Times, CA - 6-10-04
... going to war with Iraq, apparently scored another first Tuesday when it voted 5-1 to urge Congress to impeach Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for alleged ...

Rumor control?  Have I been transported to the Twilight Zone?

"Prosecutors are having a difficult time building a case against Saddam Hussein. I'll tell you something, the guy is smart. See, when he tortured people, he didn't take snapshots." —David Letterman

“The documents, read to The Times by two sources critical of how the government handled the Lindh case, show that after an Army intelligence officer began to question Lindh, a Navy admiral told the intelligence officer that "the secretary of Defense's counsel has authorized him to 'take the gloves off' and ask whatever he wanted."  Richard A. Serrano Times Staff Writer


"People are saying, `Look, we are spending a lot of money in incarceration. Maybe now we need to get more creative and bring humiliation into the punishment process," said Mark Osler, a criminal law professor at the Baylor Law School in Waco.


Kirk Anderson

Bob Witkowski is back from Yurop!

6/9/04 - Day 4 of the Media Slobberfest

And Reagan's still dead.

I feel sad for Nancy. Look, it's got to be wrenching to lose your mate of 52 years. She's old and frail...but when it comes to Stem-cell research, she's pretty feisty. That's good. There's nothing like a convert. She had to watch her husband wither and die from a dreaded disease where he kept retreating into some far away land. For him, that was probably an oasis of some sort. But for her and the kids, it had to be horrific and awful….

First lady doesn't back stem cell policy change
Houston Chronicle, TX - 6-10-04
By BENNETT ROTH. WASHINGTON -- Nancy Reagan and first lady Laura Bush share a bond in dealing with Alzheimer's disease, but they ...

“No one will remember that Afghan mujahideen - who later changed into al-Qaeda allies - were received in the White House and praised by Reagan in person. Nicaraguans don't have much to celebrate either: Reaganism led to more than 30,000 dead in Nicaragua, victims of the dreaded Contras. Nicaragua, according to Reagan, was about to invade Texas.” Pepe Escobar – St. Ronnie column

“A friend of mine, who is a Londoner but of Iraqi origin and who now works for an Arab television station, told me he had done an interview with Condoleezza Rice, President Bush's National Security Adviser.

Apparently oblivious to his almost cockney accent, Ms Rice told my friend that he was probably used to the hot and sticky weather in Savannah given where he was from.

He was too polite to say it never got quite that steamy in London's West End.” Rob Watson BBC

How astute of our National Security advisor. I feel so warm and fuzzy knowing she is in charge of our security.

Disturbing News

Reagan: The Great White Redeemer


 Republican Shenanigans

“But as the start of the G8 summit approached, local businessmen in this upmarket, usually sleepy tourist town seemed dismayed.

Despite the fact it is still tourist season, shops and businesses which would normally be alive with tourist trade were closed or almost deserted.”   By Jill McGivering
BBC correspondent in Savannah, Georgia

It’s quite interesting  that the city of Savannah doesn’t feel safe with Bush in town.


I thought that only in Communist countries Union workers got fired......Wasn’t
it legal to have labor unions in the USA back in the 1980's?
Charlie Phillips 
Primosten Croatia
All I have to say is--where was Lech Walensa when you needed him? 
Oh, he was busy building his solidarity movement and helping to bring 
down that Evil Empire.
Thanks for writing Charlie.

Good News

Biz/Tech News


Here is my latest photo work - a funny message to Bush-Cheney-Ashcroft.....


Hahahaha...thanks for the laugh!

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"The problem of the Saudi regime is an extremely important problem that we should have paid more attention to -- rather than, for example, to Iraq." Richard Clarke said in Madrid, where he was promoting the Spanish version of his top-selling book Against All Enemies.

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Odd News

"President Bush met with the Pope in Rome. Did you see the picture of the two of them? Man, that poor guy, he has a blank look on his face like he doesn't know where he is. Then, the Pope told him, just be quiet and relax." —David Letterman


A hot air balloon flys under a bridge during an international balloon cup in the Ukrainian city of Kamyanets-Podilsky, west of the capital Kiev, May 22, 2004. (HO)