TGIF/Long Weekend edition - June 1-5, 2007






Top Bush aide Dan Bartlett announces resignation
Reuters - 6-1-07
Dan Bartlett, a key member of President George W. Bush's inner circle and an aide for him going back more than 13 years, announced on ...


 Plame sues, accusing CIA of blocking her memoirs
Chicago Tribune - 6-1-07
WASHINGTON -- Valerie Plame, the former undercover CIA operative whose 2003 exposure touched off a leak investigation, is accusing the government of delaying publication of her new book.

 Bush Tells Talabani Us Will Help Iraq
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 6-1-07
President Bush on Thursday assured Iraqi President Jalal Talabani that he is ``fully committed'' to aiding the Iraqi government and dispatched a top aide to Baghdad to help leaders there make good on their promises.


I bet that if Bush took a lie detector test, he'd show up on the earthquake Richter scale!



Here's a puzzle you'll not soon solve: what can't you blame on Bush? - Grant Gerver,



The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


 “And President Bush said in his news conference yesterday, that the United States would leave Iraq if Iraq asked us to. Aren't they shooting at us? Isn't that kind of like a way of saying…?” - Jay Leno


Impeach? Hell, No, Baker Act Bush!


Friends of his from Texas were shocked recently to find him nearly wild-eyed, thumping himself on the chest three times while he repeated "I am the president!" He also made it clear he was setting Iraq up so his successor could not get out of "our country's destiny."








Disturbing News


Iraqi Cease-Fire?


The U.S. military is working more aggressively to forge cease-fires with Iraqi militants and quell the violence around Baghdad, judging that 80 percent of enemy combatants are "reconcilable," a top U.S. commander said Thursday.




 “Earlier this week, the Federal Government arrested 100 illegal immigrants who were working at a poultry plant in Butterfield, Missouri. For some reason, the story didn't mention how many executives had been arrested for hiring them.”  - Jay Leno



Republican Shenanigans



By Don Davis

Rock-The-Voter News

YAWN: Classified Stuff Appears On Internet


Detailed plans for the new U.S. Embassy under construction in Baghdad appeared online Thursday in a breach of the tight security surrounding the sensitive project.
Computer-generated projections of the soon-to-be completed, heavily fortified compound were posted on the Web site of the Kansas City, Mo.-based architectural firm that was contracted to design the massive facility in the Iraqi capital.


“The President of Iraq has come to America to check into a weight loss clinic. Doesn't this guy have more important things to do than worry about his waistline? See, we're spending billions trying to bring democracy to Iraq. He's sitting in the sauna, in Malibu, drinking a wheatgrass smoothie.” - Jay Leno




Subject: Photo of Giant Hogzilla


Is that real? I can't believe it!



The photo I published was provided by the family of the boy who said he shot the hog.


News excerpt:  According to Rhonda and Phil Blissitt  [who told the Anniston Star newspaper]  Fred [the dead pig] was one of many livestock on their farm.

Late Thursday evening, their claims were confirmed by Andy Howell, Game Warden for the Alabama Department of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries.


“I didn't want to stir up anything,” Rhonda Blissitt said. “I just wanted the truth to be told. That wasn't a wild pig.”

'Monster Pig's' origins revealed Anniston Star





Biz-Tech News




LOU DOBBS: And “The New York Times” criticizing me, accusing me of mistakes of fact of two years ago and four years ago. Tonight we’ll set the record straight. We’ll tell you who’s really telling the truth and who the commies are and who the fascists are, who have the temerity to attack me.



Sadists R Us


Many of the controversial interrogation tactics used against terror suspects in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo were modeled on techniques the U.S. feared that the Communists themselves might use against captured American troops during the Cold War, according to a little-noticed, highly classified Pentagon report released several days ago.


Bush-Prison-Torture News



Location Of White House Visitors Logs: Where the Sun Don't Shine


A newly disclosed effort to keep Vice President Dick Cheney's visitor records secret is the latest White House push to make sure the public doesn't learn who has been meeting with top officials in the Bush administration.




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Odd News




A professional scuba instructor is seen submerged during a practice dip in a pool beneath the city's most famous monument, the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, Friday, June 1, 2007. The Red Sea, Belize and the Cayman Islands are all scuba-diving hotspots, but what about Paris? As of Friday, would-be divers can take the plunge in the landlocked French capital, with a practice dip in a pool beneath the Eiffel Tower. A dozen professional scuba instructors are offering one-on-one lessons in the heated, above-ground pool at the foot of the tower as part of an initiative to promote the sport among Parisians and visitors. Photo/Michael Sawyer