TGIF/Weekend edition - May 9-11, 2008





Cindy McCain won't show tax returns if first lady
USA Today - 5-9-08
If Cindy McCain ends up in the White House, don't expect to get a peek under her financial skirt. In an interview on NBC's Today show, the chairwoman of her...


Obama accuses McCain of 'losing his bearings'
The Associated Press - 5-9-08
NEW YORK (AP) Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Thursday that Republican John McCain was "losing his bearings" for repeatedly suggesting

Oil Climbs Above $126 to Record as Dollar Weakens Against Euro
Bloomberg - 5-9-08
May 9 (Bloomberg) -- Crude oil rose above $126 a barrel in New York to a record as the dollar weakened against the euro and yen, prompting investors to buy commodities


Is Cindy McCain or Laura Bush the Botox Queen of Washington? I bet their monthly botox bill is more than an health insurance premium for a family of four.



"President Bush has offered to help Myanmar. I guess it used to be called Burma. That's where they had that terrible cyclone, where thousands of people were killed as the country was hit by a devastating cyclone. In fact, Bush offered to help the country under one condition, 'Don't tell New Orleans." --Jay Leno









Disturbing News


"I'm staying in this race until there's a nominee and obviously I am going to work as hard as I can to become that nominee" - Hillary Clinton




Subject: Hillary should quit?



Kathy in Atlanta and others like her don't seem to get it. Hillary isn't a quitter. She's not like John Kerry. She's a fighter. Not like Kerry and countless other democrats who fold when the odds look insurmountable. She will take a gun to a knife fight. Not like most democrats. She is a wonderful blend of head and heart. Not like most republicans and Mr. Kumbaya who is going to have his ass handed to him by the republican slime machine.

Until Obama actually is the nominee, she will give it her all for her supporters. If Obama actually becomes the nominee then all democrats should rally around him and hold their collective breath.

Greg in Foster City


Thanks for writing, Greg.


This is a close race, yet Obama supporters and the media are screaming 24/7 for Hillary to give up before the contest is over.


Personally, I am enjoying this Democratic Waltz before the relentless onslaught of the GOP body slammers.





"This thing just grinds on and on. Barack Obama won in North Carolina. Hillary Clinton barely won in my home state in Indiana, and again, we're hearing that the Clinton campaign is in financial trouble. They need money, desperately need money. And as a matter of fact, to raise money, earlier today. Hillary Clinton entered a wet pantsuit contest." --David Letterman




Republican Ethics Problem Solved


The Senate Ethics Committee declined Thursday to investigate Sen. David Vitter, who was linked to an escort service whose owner was convicted in federal court and subsequently committed suicide.

The committee said it declined to pursue the case because Vitter's conduct preceded his Senate service, did not result in charges against him and did not involve use of his public office or status for improper purposes.





"Hey, you know who is getting married this weekend? One of the Bush sisters. Jenna Bush is getting married this weekend at her father's place in Crawford, Texas. And this is no surprise: the $2 billion ice sculpture contract went to Halliburton." --David Letterman


Hillary Uses The White Word!


Does Hillary Clinton believe that white Americans are the hard working ones, and all of Barack Obama's supporters are lazy blacks and college kids? Of course not, but that's how it sounds to unfriendly ears.




Superdelegate For Sale


In this tight battle for the Democratic nomination we've heard a lot about the candidates courting superdelegates.

But, one superdelegate is courting the candidates. He says he'll sell his vote for a price. A very high price: $20 million.

Steven Ybarra of Sacramento says that eight-figure price is peanuts for the presidency.


"And you can tell Barack Obama is feeling confident. Did you see what he did this afternoon? Did you see what he did today? He went bowling with his former pastor, Reverend Wright. ... That's confidence." --Jay Leno





Maybe Hillary should have worn flag earrings. - Zing!




Today is Friday, May 9, the 130th day of 2008. There are 236 days left in the year.

Today's Highlights in History:

On May 9, 1754, a cartoon in Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette showed a snake cut into sections, each part representing an American colony; the caption read, "JOIN, or DIE."

One year ago: Vice President Dick Cheney pressed Iraq's leaders to do more to reduce violence and achieve political reconciliation in a visit to Baghdad that was punctuated by an explosion that shook windows at the U.S. Embassy where Cheney was visiting.





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Odd News



Biologist Laura Fournier examines a day old scarlet macaw chick that is part of a breeding program at the ZooAve Center for the Rescue of Endangered Species in La Garita, Costa Rica, Thursday, April 24, 2008. Endangered scarlet macaws born in captivity are reproducing in the wild for the first time in Costa Rica's southern Pacific coast.
Photo/Kent Gilbert