Tuesday edition - May 9, 2006


2nd Arab group buys military supplier
St. Petersburg Times, FL - 5-8-06
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - A Dubai-owned company on Sunday announced the $1.3-billion purchase of Doncasters Group Ltd., which operates factories that make ...


Abramoff Scandal Is Scaring Off Customers, DC Restaurants Say
Bloomberg - 5-9-06
Jeff Buben wonders how his two Washington, DC, restaurants changed from places where lawmakers enjoyed lunch to potential crime scenes.

FBI investigates No. 3 CIA official
Seattle Post Intelligencer - 5-8-06
WASHINGTON -- The FBI is investigating whether the No. 3 official at the CIA improperly intervened in the award of contracts to a businessman who has been ...


So, the United Arab Emirates is going to make our military parts -- I hope the instructions will be in English.



Bush & Cheney declaring we must break our addiction to oil is like Philip Morris saying we must break our addiction to cigarettes. -- Grant Gerver






The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Democratic Backbone


Senator Russ Feingold challenged fellow Democrats today to show more backbone in dealing with President Bush on Iraq and other security issues.

The Wisconsin Democrat told a National Press Club audience that Democrats need to get out of their "political foxholes" and call the war in Iraq a mistake.

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Disturbing News


Democrats Sue Secret Service

Democrats sued the Secret Service on Monday for copies of White House logs to determine how often allies and associates of convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff visited the Executive Mansion.

The Democratic National Committee filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Washington,
saying the Secret Service has failed to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request for the logs.




An Illegal Immigrant We Should Worry About



Republican Shenanigans




Tony Snow - 59 words


 Snow made his first solo appearance on the White House podium but only to introduce John Negroponte, the national intelligence director, for a televised briefing on Hayden's nomination. Snow's role amounted to speaking 59 words.



A conservative feels that a mistake that executes someone accidentally is the price we pay for justice. The liberal can imagine that he is that person. -  Zing!


Rock-The-Voter News



Mercenaries Private Militias in Iraq


A half-dozen armoured sport utility vehicles with guns pointing out the windows, careen onto Baghdad's busy airport highway, bringing traffic to a screeching halt.

Iraqis have learned to keep a wary distance from the convoys of foreign guns-for-hire in mirrored sunglasses and bulletproof vests,
who have a reputation for firing at any vehicle that gets too close




"There's no conventional military solution to terrorism. If there were Israel would be the safest country in the world." Bradley Whitford



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Good News





Don't-Hold-Your-Breath: Speaker of the House to Oppose CIA Nomination


Opposition within President Bush's own party to his new nominee to head the CIA, General Michael Hayden, may start at the top.

Time Magazine is reporting on its website that House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill) has indicated that he may oppose Hayden's appointment.

"The Speaker believes they should not have a military person leading the CIA, a civilian agency," Ron Bonjean, Hastert's communications director, told TIME.



General Hayden and Red from "That 70s Show"




Coincidence?  I think not!


Biz-Tech News


President Reagan Ate Here


Customers will get more than a burger and fries at the Northport McDonald's where President Reagan chomped down on a Big Mac during a 1984 stop.

They'll get to see a bronze bust of the former president, inside a case with a halogen light shining on it 24 hours a day.



Haiku - Fishing For Accomplishments

Dub's best time as Prez?
Catching a big fish, he says.
Perch. Not bin Laden.





Was it a perch or a bass that Bush caught?


Best moment as president was catching a largemouth bass, Bush says
Seattle Times, United States - May 8, 2006

Bush's best moment in office? Reeling in big perch
Washington Post, United States - May 7, 2006



Bush-Prison-Torture News



"This agency [FEMA] worked well under Bill Clinton. It didn't work under Bush's father. It didn't work under Bush. And, you know, Republicans always say government doesn't work; it's inefficient. Yeah, the way you do it." Bill Maher






Political comedy often is intended to stir controversy, but this doesn't usually involve broadcasting rights and the public affairs network C-SPAN.

The cable network asked two Internet video providers, YouTube and IFILM, to pull clips of Stephen Colbert's April 29 performance at the
White House Correspondents Association dinner from their Web sites.



Here's the entire C-Span video from Google http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4973617448770513925

Selected parts of the video provided in right hand columns



Go-F*ck-Yourself News



E-mail: mwluse@qwest.net

Subject: Your website (cattle crap)



Just a note to let you know, your website reminds me of a stale dog
turd. Get a life. Find something you have the talent for... greeting
customers at WalMart comes to mind.

Marv Luse
Livermore, Colorado

Marv, I do have a life, making a living producing my website.


Am I to assume I should do what you want me to do?


I don't think those are the kind of freedoms our troops are dying for every day.


Maybe you should go find yourself a funny Republican political comedy site, oh...there aren't any.




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Odd News



This image provided by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Thursday May 4, 2006 shows a second red spot, smaller, emerging on Jupiter. For the first time in history, astronomers have witnessed the birth of a new red spot on the giant planet, which is located half a billion miles away. The storm is roughly one-half the diameter of its bigger and legendary cousin, the Great Red Spot. Researchers suggest that the new spot may be related to a possible major climate change in Jupiter's atmosphere. This image was taken with Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys on April 25, 2006.