May 9  2003  TGIF

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Bush under fire for million dollar testosterone moment
The Namibian, Namibia - 5-9-03

WASHINGTON - President George W Bush on Wednesday rejected criticism by Democrats that his jet landing on an aircraft carrier last week was a costly political political stunt.

The administration disclosed on Tuesday that the president insisted on landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln in a S-3B Viking jet even though the carrier was within easy helicopter range because he wanted to "share the pilots' experience".



Hubris Unbound
The Nation - 5-9-03
...Bush "pulled into the well-protected grounds of United Defense Industries, which produces the Bradley fighting vehicle, tanks and other equipment...every other reporter covering the speech, neglected to mention a crucial fact about United Defense. It is majority-owned and controlled by the Carlyle Group, the Washington, DC, merchant bank in which Bush's father, George H.W. Bush, has a direct financial interest and serves as a trusted adviser. Yet the American public was kept in the dark about this relationship by the newspaper of record, along with the Washington Post, CNN and every other major media outlet.

Anger at Bush's jet landing 'advertising stunt'
Ananova, UK - 5-8-03
George's Bush's fighter-jet landing on an aircraft carrier cost American taxpayers more than a million dollars, it's claimed. The Bush administration is also accused of trying to cover up the Lincoln was close enough to shore for a helicopter landing.

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer initially said the ship would be "hundreds of miles" off the US west coast and out of helicopter range.
He later admitted the carrier was 39 miles out of San Diego, well within the range of the presidential helicopter.


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Bush and Them


"Serbian or Romanian? Do you want to see Presidiot Bush go down as Slobodan Milosevic, being hand cuffed and hauled away to The Hague? Or Romanian ... ?"

 - Anita Beer at the All Hat No Cattle Corporate-sponsored Bitches on the Beach - Nude Volleyball Tournament, hospitality tent


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5/8/03 - Oh Looooordddd

First of all, whilst sitting atop a local peak and blowing off several hundred rounds and smoking a good Habanos, I had an epiphany of sorts. There are so many Hummers up here in Red Neck Holler that I feel like I'm in a Lewinsky tape loop. I've got nothing against SUVs. I own 2.

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Next space shock: Chinese are coming!
By Al Neuharth- USA TODAY Founder

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. Once upon a time, we ruled the universe. Now, we're second raters in space. Comparisons:

  • In 1969 and the early '70s, we routinely made the 505,422-mile round trip from here to the moon.

  • Now, we can't travel the mere 260 miles from here to the International Space Station (ISS) when it is overhead.

But we since have forfeited the last frontier. This current Bush budget puts our priorities in perspective:

  • $15.3 billion to NASA to explore the huge universe. Less than $10 billion for the military in space.

  • $86 billion as a down payment to destroy and then rebuild little Iraq.

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In a land of oil, Iraqis can't buy gas
Cleveland Plain Dealer, OH - 5-9-03

...The scarcity of gas, the consequence of limited production at Iraq's oil fields, is among the top complaints of Baghdad's 4.5 million residents, who are also suffering through shortages of electricity, water, food and medicine.

On any gas line in the city, men cluster together while they wait, grumbling over what they call U.S. greed for Iraqi oil and the ineptitude of the U.S.-led team administering the country since the downfall of Saddam Hussein...

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Good morning....

a suggestion for you...on ABC yesterday the Good Morning America show had a great visual.

A married army couple stationed somewhere in USA ready to be deployed while their family was separated from them. The unique thing was that the couple had twin boys who were about two years old living with paternal grandparents and triplet girls living with maternal grandparents. The mother of the children had NOT seen her sons for over a year.

What a great visual....
Mom & Dad in their army uniforms in one picture
Grandparents #1 with boys
Grandparents #2 with girls

Large banner over top....GEORGE BUSH'S FAMILY VALUES!



Country, God and Family in that order = Dubya's Family Values for everyone but him!

Just read your page on the odious Scarborough. I must tell you that because of fascists like him and dozens of others who now pollute the airwaves from coast to coast, I left the Repugnican party. When Donahue, the bravest man on TV, was axed to make room for this disgusting creep, we wrote numerous letters to MSNBC complaining of their effort to out-Fox Fox, and now we watch only Buchanan & Press, if anything on their network, which has become another racist, Zionist, warmongering, jingoistic propaganda outlet, like Fox. It's pathetic, but so are the American people. This is what they want: the WWF as journalism.

M Johnson


MSNBC - The Suma wrestlers of TV Talk Shows


Dear Lisa,

Not to beat a dead horse but regarding Bush's Top Goon photo-op stunt I read in a newspaper account how , to prepare for that flight, he had to take emergency water training in the White House pool. Given that information, doesn't that refute the administration claim that the only reason he had to fly in the jet was that the aircraft carrier was too far out to sea for the helicopter. Sounds like to me that he was planning on flying in that jet regardless of whether it was a hundred miles out to sea or ten (actually I think it was only 39 miles out). I loved the "Bush courts the gay vote" pic. Here's hoping this stunt comes back to haunt him in the upcoming election. Keep up the good work.

Jim L.


W looks like the pretend pilot he is wearing that helmet. I wonder if he even holds a pilot's license? D



Dear Hat,

Attached is a diagram of the newly found Winnebago of Mass Destruction. This scan, taken from the back of the CD "Moon Safari" by Air, proves the involvement of the French in Iraq's procurement of the WMD. Defense Department officials suspect that there were plans to drive it up a giant, high tech inclined surface (the JRAMP) in the hopes that the WMD would generate enough lift to make it to Tel Aviv.



Thanks Scott.



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