Monday edition - May 8, 2006

Cheney Blames CIA for missing 9-11 and WMD

White House Press Release 5-7-06

...It's been a tough time for the agency...and missed 9/11 and obviously were criticized for that. The report about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before the Gulf War -- before the war in Iraq was another instance where there was a breakdown in the system...

 Big fish gave Bush biggest thrill
BBC News, UK - May 7, 2006
President George W Bush has revealed to a German newspaper his best moment since he took office in 2001.
"I would say the best moment of all was when I caught a 7.5lb (3.4kg) perch in my lake,"...

Prospect of General at CIA Fuels Misgivings, FL - 5-8-06
President Bush's apparent choice to run the CIA ran into surprising opposition Sunday as congressional leaders expressed concern about his military background, with one top Republican describing him as "the wrong person, [in] the wrong place, at the wrong time."


I'm not the brightest bulb in the knife drawer but why is Cheney committing political suicide by blaming the CIA?



Bush takes "Intelligence" out of CIA, renaming it the "Central Decider Agency"  -- Grant Gerver






White House Releases Pre-9/11 Intel Memo - April 10, 2004 from





The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News



Caught Bush In Another Lie or It's Hard, Hard Work Lying

The world record for Yellow Perch is four pounds, three ounces, Bush claimed his perch was 7.5 pounds.



"After just 18 months as CIA director, Porter Goss announced that he will be resigning his post to pursue a career as a scapegoat." --Tina Fey




Disturbing News



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The Gobbledygook Defense


A U.S. appeals panel sharply challenged the Bush administration Friday over new rules making it easier for police and the FBI to wiretap Internet phone calls. A judge said the government's courtroom arguments were "gobbledygook."



Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld



The cost of the first lady's Mississippi visit to commend a young girl's fundraising for Gulf Coast libraries probably cost taxpayers more than the little girl raised. Next time, mail a letter. - Zing!





Republican Shenanigans



My polls are really dropping.  If I really cared about my polls, I'd run for president of Poland. -- George W. Bush impersonator, Steve Bridges



General Kick-Ass Nominated to Head CIA


"Let me tell you what we've learned," Hayden said. "There is no way to get a self-aware, self-synchronizing intelligence system without a kick-ass center because no one plays nice with each other voluntarily."




Rock-The-Voter News


Poll question: What's next for Katherine Harris after she loses the FL Senate race ? - from



"Whatever he [Patrick Kennedy] was on, it's just nice to see a lawmaker under the influence of something besides a lobbyist." --Bill Maher


Israel's "CIA" Poisoned Hijacker in 1970s


Israel's Mossad secret service agency killed a Palestinian wanted for airplane hijackings by feeding him poisoned Belgian chocolate over six months in the late 1970s, according to a new book, the author said Saturday.


Goss Convinced He Was Poisoned in 1970s


In the early 1970s, an almost deadly staph infection forced Goss to retire from the CIA.

— The mysterious infection affected his heart and kidneys and was never medically explained.

Goss is convinced he was poisoned




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"Porter Goss the head of the CIA resigned suddenly amid rumors that it has something to do with a floating party that's been going on at the Watergate hotel for years, which involves congressman, lobbyists, defense contractors, and hookers. This is why you don't want your daughter to grow up to be a hooker -- she might fall in with a bad crowd." --Bill Maher



Biz-Tech News



The good news is oil has dropped to under $70 a barrel. And do you know what that will do to the price of gas at the pump? Absolutely nothing.-- Jay Leno




Seniors Protest


Several hundred activists from throughout the country demonstrated at the doorstep of Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt yesterday to protest the administration's prescription drug plan for senior citizens.


Bush-Prison-Torture News



Allowing career oil men to run our country and dictate its foreign policy is like asking an arsonist to become fire chief. -- Zing!



Amusing Bush Music Video



Go-F*ck-Yourself News



"CIA Director Porter Goss did not resign. This morning they said he resigned, he did not resign. They now say he was fired and apparently didn't know it was coming…which is pretty bad. When you're head of the CIA and you don't know what's coming." -- Jay Leno




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Four Little Penguins walk toward the ocean after being released at Sydney's North Curl Beach April 28, 2006. The penguins were treated successfully by the Sydney Taronga Zoo wildlife clinic after suffering injuries from a dog attack several months ago. Photo by David Gray