May 8  2003  Thursday

Analysis: Bush rewards allies, punishes critics

Knight Ridder News 5-8-03

WASHINGTON – It’s payback time at the White House, and countries around the world are reaping the benefits or paying the price for their stand on the war with Iraq...In the latest example of tit-for-tat foreign policy, Bush signed a free trade deal with war ally Singapore Tuesday, while a similar agreement with war opponent Chile has stalled.


Today's cartoon was inspired by wondering if Compassionate Conservative Bush ever read this in the Bible:  Rom. 12:19 Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord.  Apparently not.


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Bush and Them


"Serbian or Romanian? Do you want to see Presidiot Bush go down as Slobodan Milosevic, being hand cuffed and hauled away to The Hague? Or Romanian ... ?"

 - Anita Beer at the All Hat No Cattle Corporate-sponsored Bitches on the Beach - Nude Volleyball Tournament, hospitality tent


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 Fox News employee charged with Iraq looting of 12 paintings
by Curt Anderson - Associated Press

...Benjamin James Johnson, who worked as an engineer for Fox News Channel, is the only person charged or identified by the government.
A criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria charges Johnson tried to bring 12 paintings into the United States last Thursday. They were contained in a large cardboard box that was examined by Customs agents at Dulles International Airport outside Washington....

Media, military investigated for looting Iraq
WASHINGTON (AP) -- War trophies and souvenirs taken from Iraq by Americans are starting to show up at U.S. and European airports, leading to federal charges against one news media member and investigations into other civilians and soldiers.

Bush Asks Air Force Secretary to Switch to Army; Names Oilman As New Navy Secretary
The Associated Press
President Bush says he will nominate New Mexico oilman Colin R. McMillan to be the next secretary of the Navy and, in an unorthodox move, has decided to switch James Roche from his current post as secretary of the Air Force to the equivalent Army job.

Cheney's old firm now running Iraq's oil fields
Halliburton's no-bid federal contract boosted to $76.8M under new role
Chicago Tribune

WASHINGTON--A firm once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney has gone from fixing Iraq's oil wells to actually running them, parlaying a no-bid federal contract into an increasingly lucrative deal to supply Iraq's emergency energy needs.


Bush names an oilman to head the US Navy.  That may be a good decision, now we can call them

 Oil the President's Men.  We gotta get that oil!


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There is no statute of limitations for any offense such as treason and murder. AWOL is the same as treason if we are at war. Fortunately for Bushman, Vietnam was never a declared war. It was just a "police action". I know, I was there. we only policed the North Vietnamese (Vietcong's). We just were more active in a police manner than say a city cop. We did respond to criminal activity of the North by firing back at them with our weapons of military destruction.

Thanks Wayne for sharing and for your service.


One of the funniest satires of our "Presidential timber" in the marketplace.  Keep it up! 
A humble curtsey to you.



I thought George W. Bush said America wasn't a "nation builder" during is 2000 campaign? He sure seems to be acting differently towards Afghanistan and Iraq. Shad Waite
Shad -- do you think it's about the oil ?



   O MY GOD! Denim was invented by the French!!! Are we going to ban jeans now?


Your site is another of the much needed ones that must keep up the good fight against those who, in the name of patriotism, would keep limiting freedom in the former Land of the Free.
I wonder, with the frequent references to the US-French fallout, if besides boycotting "French's Mustard" and French wine & restaurants, and creating Freedom Fries etc. if people have thought about boycotting jeans. As American as they might seem, they are really the standard garb of French laborers for at least a century before Mr. Strauss riveted his first beltloop. Denim, as most know, was a cloth developed in Nīmes, France. It was called "toile de Nīmes"(canvas cloth from Nimes). DE NIMes. Should we be wearing such obviously nasty apparel?
Leo G.

Thanks Leo! you know who the ex military "dude" was on Fox News the other day day talking about a book he and some other guys have just written about Pres Clinton and the "Football"..not a peep from other stations..sounded like a real "hater"..I am just curious.  Am not having any luck locating any info in usual..Maybe it's to new..Probably Regnery (sp) press..just like them to publish something like that.
Nice Site  thanks,
Lynn Morgan

Thanks for writing Lynn, but I have no idea who he is...Readers, anyone know?


hit the bastards harder

Keep it coming, you folks are great!!

Poor Bill Bennett!  I guess being a Republican just wasn't enough of a moral gamble for him! 
Hehe! Eric Maietta

Damn good---and a thousand thanks for helping me keep my sanity

very good humor  and satire i enjoy this site
i also like bartcop  keep the people informed of
both sides of the news catch you good folks

Tomorrow we will post a few elephant emails!  Thanks for all your feedback--we have many more to post.


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