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Rush to Powell: Go be a Democrat
Politico - ‎5-7-09
 Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh Wednesday that if former Secretary of State Colin Powell is going to keep...


Joe the Plumber calls gays 'queer'
The Associated Press - 5-7-09
NEW YORK (AP) — Samuel Wurzelbacher, the Ohio man hailed as "Joe the Plumber" by Republican John McCain's presidential campaign last year, said he believes..

Straight talk from John McCain's mother

LA Times - 5-6-09

She saw a glimmer of clarity in late February, when Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele took a shot at Rush Limbaugh..."It was the first smart thing I had heard anybody say about that . . . and the Republicans made him back down,"


"And Obama, so far, nobody can lay a glove on this guy because he's working so hard and doing a great job. But recently, he accidentally referred to Cinco de Mayo as Cinco de Cuatro. He apologized and said he only knows about 15 words of Spanish. Big deal. George W. Bush only knew about 15 words of English." --David Letterman


The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Blackwater Cover Up


A defense contractor charged with trying to smuggle firearms out of Iraq claimed Blackwater guards asked him to help get rid of weapons after a deadly 2007 shooting in Baghdad, two government informants say in court documents.

The contractor told one of the informants that Blackwater guards wanted to dispose of the weapons before an investigation into the September 2007 shooting that left several civilians dead


"Well, this flu epidemic thing has become international. Mexico has filed a formal complaint against the country of China for seizing 70 of its citizens and quarantining them. China seized 70 people from Mexico, and Mexico said it was shocked. And, of course, the U.S. was stunned. Seventy? That's more than we've seized all year. Come on!" --Jay Leno




Subject: Con-servatives


I know the con-servatives love the religious right and are scared stiff of them and Rush...but let's face it. Rush isn't Jesus and Palin isn't Mary. They are not the saviors of the GOP...but hey, bring em on...the humiliation they bring to themselves is fun.




I could not agree more! Otherwise this political humor site would be so boring.



Disturbing News


Palin Failin In Polls


A new poll from Hays Research in Anchorage says Gov. Sarah Palin now has 54 percent positive and 41. 6 percent negative rating in Alaska.

That's a dramatic change from the 86 percent positive and just 9 percent negative Hays reported in a poll on Palin almost exactly a year ago.



"And health officials have confirmed the first case of the virus being transmitted from a person to a pig. A farmer has transmitted the virus back to a pig. Scientists say they have not been able to come up with a good explanation on how this happened and neither has the farmer." --Jay Leno


Okie Dokies


Although Gov. Brad Henry vetoed similar legislation 10 days earlier, House members Monday again approved a resolution claiming Oklahoma’s sovereignty.



Republican-Shenanigans News

Just Who Is Bristol Palin Working For?


Just because you’re wearing high-heeled sexy shoes doesn’t mean you should have a baby,” said Neil Cole.

I believe we can all rally around this sentiment.

Cole is the head of Iconix, a company that makes the Candie’s line of teen fashions. A couple of years ago, under fire from critics who accused him of dressing high schoolers like tarts, he established the Candie’s Foundation, which fights teen pregnancy. And there he was on Wednesday introducing the foundation’s new teen ambassador, Bristol Palin.


"Here's an unusual story. Only in Louisiana! I love Louisiana politics. This is my favorite. A porn star named Stormy Daniels is now embarking on a listening tour of the state of Louisiana. She's considering running for the Senate. A porn star running for the Senate. Porn to politics. That's kind of a lateral move, isn't it?" --Jay Leno



Subject: You might be a right wing Republican if...


… you think the right to life ends at birth.

… you think that corporations have more compassion than humans.

… you think trickle down economics actually trickles down.

… you understand that getting people to vote on abortion issues will keep you in office and let you pass tax cuts for the upper class.




Rock-The-Voter News

Preaching Morality and Posing Semi-Nude


News that even more racy photos of Miss California Carrie Prejean might exist has stunned California's state pageant officials.
TMZ reported that Prejean sent an e-mail to Keith Lewis, co-director for the Miss California USA pageant, saying, "This was when I was 17 years old. I was a minor. It was when I was first getting into the modeling world, being naive, and young. I shouldnt (sic) have taken the photo of me in my underwear. There are no other photos of me. This was the only one I took."

But on Wednesday, pageant officials learned that at least three other racy pics exist.


"The White House announced today that Vice President Joe Biden has laryngitis. Yeah. They said that he has a rare strain they hope lasts until 2012." --Jay Leno


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Biz-Tech News

Dishing the Dirt on Madoff


Bernard Madoff's longtime secretary said Wednesday that she believes the disgraced financier is not cooperating with authorities in order to protect others, and that he was a flirtatious boss who frequented massage parlors.



Bush-Prison-Torture News

Sobering Thought: Bankers Did More Harm To World Than Osama


Many of the banks receiving billions of dollars in federal aid owned or bankrolled subprime lenders that directly contributed to the unraveling of the global economy, according to a new report.




President Obama may choose a Supreme Court nominee by the end of the week. That’s fast. Nothing against the President, but doesn’t it worry you that it took him 10 times longer to decide on a dog?- Craig Ferguson


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Charity worker Ben Southall telephones his parents on Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday Islands, after being awarded the job of caretaker of an Australian tropical island. The charity worker won "the best job in the world" as caretaker of a tropical island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef after an unprecedented global search.
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