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Superdelegates left to second-guess November
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA -5-7-08
Washington - -- Voters in Indiana and North Carolina may be the last to have a voice in choosing whether Sen. Barack Obama or Sen....


McCain castigates Obama on judges
The Associated Press - 5-6-08
WINSTON-SALEM, NC (AP) — Republican John McCain criticized Democratic rival Barack Obama for voting against John Roberts as US chief justice, reaching out

Veterans' office covering up soldier suicides: US lawmakers
AFP - 5-7-08
WASHINGTON (AFP) — US lawmakers have accused the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) of being out of control and of covering up the high suicide rate among


"President Bush said that Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity to recognize the strong ties of family, economy and culture that bind the United States and Mexico. That was nice. Yeah. Then the president said, 'Now, let's get back to building that fence.'" --Conan O'Brien






 “Well, you know what’s interesting? A lot of venture capitalists are now looking at investing in Baghdad. That shows you how bad our economy is. ‘Ah, forget it here, let’s go to Baghdad.’” - Jay Leno



WMDs Found In India


India successfully test-fired Wednesday a nuclear-capable missile that can hit targets from Beijing to Baghdad, the Defense Ministry said.







Disturbing News


"The federal government announced that the economy lost jobs for the fourth straight month in a row. But President Bush tried to turn it around by saying, 'The good news is, we anticipated this.' See, that's the good news. So what is he saying? 'See, I knew I was going to screw up the economy. And guess what. I was right.' All of a sudden, that response to Hurricane Katrina is starting to make sense now." --Jay Leno




Is Anyone In This Administration Honest?


Federal agents raided the office and home of U.S. Special Counsel Scott Bloch on Tuesday while investigating whether the nation's top protector of whistle-blowers destroyed evidence potentially showing he retaliated against his own staff.






"I guess it's neck and neck with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They've got a big primary tomorrow, and they're everywhere right now. Yesterday's entire 'Meet the Press' was devoted to Barack Obama, while the entire 'This Week with George Stephanopoulos' was devoted to Hillary Clinton. ... Meanwhile, John McCain spent the day watching a 'Golden Girls' marathon." --Conan O'Brien






Subject: Rev. Wright, Sen. Obama's Former Minister


Bill Moyers interview with Rev. Wright, Sen. Obama's former minister, was time well spent. Rev. Wright is a calm straightforward person who speaks of mans' inhumanity toward man and how corrupt governments have been over the course of history. Nothing new. I agree with him. His delivery at his own church might be a little edgy to some but few whites have had the experience of being in a black church. I'm impressed with him.

The history of his church, The United Church of Christ, dates back to the Mayflower Pilgrims as the Congregational Church. The Congregational Church began discussing merger with a smaller already merged faith, the Evangelical & Reformed (E&R) and some other Christian parishes in the 1930's. Merger talks completed in 1959 with a new name: The United Church of Christ (UCC).

Over the years many U.S. Presidents have been members or attended the UCC, so many that the phrase 'Church of the Presidents' has been used at times by non-members. Note that former President George Bush's family attends the Kennebunkport, Maine UCC when on vacation. Barack Obama's membership in the UCC puts him in good company with past presidents.

The governance of the UCC is the radical opposite of the Church of Rome - Roman Catholic. Each parish makes its own decisions about everything from updated English in prayers to outside signs which often reflect the historical origin of the parish.

This basic history, absent in the unfairly-balanced news, should help readers shape a more rounded opinion on Rev. Wright.

By the way Lisa: George Bush has used Rev. Moon (i.e. moonies) to chair the White House prayer breakfast for the past seven years. Who might B. Obama or H. Clinton choose for that?
Gary from Oshkosh


I bet Obama won't use Rev. Wright to lead the White House prayer! Hillary will probably take a poll to determine her choice.


The Rev. Wright made an ass of himself, not Obama.


This is the most fascinating election ever -- and what a cast of characters.


If we had just listened to our forefathers about separation of "Church and State", this would have all been avoided!


Operation Chaos Had A Limbaughtomy


Radio's Rush Limbaugh, self-styled "commander-in-chief'' of "U.S. Operation Chaos,'' may be taking some credit for the outcome of the Democratic primary election in Indiana - credit for helping narrowly hand it to Sen. Hillary Clinton.

But the numbers may not support his case.














"Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for." Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)







"I want to apologize to the administration. I forgot last Thursday was the fifth anniversary of President Bush's 'Mission Accomplished' declaration. I'm sorry! Usually on that day, I let the president dress up in a flight suit and land on me." - Jon Stewart







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Odd News




Antiquities of "incalculable" worth that were plundered from archaeological sites in South America and smuggled to Europe, according to Spanish police, are displayed in Madrid May 6, 2008. The antiquities, predating the Spanish conquest, included dozens of valuable golden objects, masks, vessels, pendants, maces and textiles stolen from Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Photo/Spanish police