May 6,  2004 Thursday

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Who's Sorry Now?
Washington Post, DC - 5-6-04

Will President Bush ever say he's sorry -- about anything?

Yesterday, all sorts of people who work for Bush apologized for the horrific abuse of Iraqi prisoners at a U.S.-run prison. Press secretary Scott McClellan even apologized on Bush's behalf.

But the president himself? No way...

What the papers say
Guardian, UK - 5-6-04
We look at international media reaction to President Bush's recent appearance on Arab TV...
Editorials on prisoner abuse in Iraq
Fort Wayne News Sentinel, IN - 5-6-04
... to make up for it by using ``sorry'' six times in response to questions, but it should have come straight from the boss.

I'm sorry that Bush is the president.

"It's May sweeps, which is a big dilemma for the White House, I mean should they bring out Osama bin Laden now, or wait till November?  Jay Leno

Graphic by Bradley


An Interview With Joseph Wilson
Muslim American Society, VA - 5-6-04
... As for the leakers, Wilson writes that after talking to reporters and others he believes it was "quite possibly" Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Dick Cheney's chief of ...

"Supreme Court Justice David Souter was mugged over the weekend while jogging in Washington, D.C. ... Police said the assault on the judge appeared to be random, though President Bush said it was clearly an attempt by the Democrats to sabotage the election because they know how much Bush needs those judges." —Jay Leno

Michael Moore's Sept. 11 documentary looking for distributor
San Diego Union Tribune, CA - 5-6-04
... billion in investments and contracts going from the House of Saud to companies in which the Bushes and their allies – I'm including Dick Cheney, for example ...


VA buys drugs cheaply, many veterans benefit

Medicare? Since the VA gets the best prices on medicines, the Bush administration is being urged to adopt a VA-style program for Medicare.

Baltimore Sun

Hi, Lisa...
Now, why can't Medicare do the same thing for seniors and disabled people? The VA system is great, if you're in the system. But, that's the rub. Many vets are not and the VA doesn't fill 'scripts from civilian doctors. Overall, though, it's a very good system that has treated me well and I have many medications that I absolutely need that I probably couldn't afford, otherwise. I am very grateful...

Robert P. Adams
Battle Creek, MI


Thanks for writing Robert. I will go a step further than the article you sent--America should have listened to Hillary instead of the republicans that are continuing to put the screws to our healthcare.

Bush should start by firing Rumsfeld
Houston Chronicle, TX - 5-6-04
By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN. We are in danger of losing something much more important than just the war in Iraq. We are in danger of losing ...


Subject: England will do it

Just like Stupid White Men. If you yanks won't release Michael Moore's
film, England will.

Whatever happened to free speech in "the land of the free"?

Alan Goswell

Alan, if you ever find our free speech please instant message me.

Methinks Moore won't have a problem finding a new company to distribute his film but I am sure Michael appreciates your offer.

Prayer call grates on Michigan town
International Herald Tribune, France - 5-6-04
... Michigan To hear people in this blue-collar town tell it, things were fine until the al-Islah Islamic Center petitioned to broadcast its call to prayer, or azan ...

I think this is why our forefathers believed in separation of church and state.

Disturbing News


Subject: Re: Ted Rall's Cartoon

As always, I love your site, but I wish you had stood by Ted Rall's cartoon. While most U.S. soldiers may be courageous and decent, the word "heroes" sticks in my craw, too. They are, in Donovan's old phrase, giving their bodies as weapons in an unjust war, and I cannot applaud that. Their courage, yes -- but their wisdom, no.
Remember the old line, "What if they gave a war and nobody came?" Or Lennon's "War Is Over (If You Want It)? Well, stopping this war requires informed citizens who have the courage not to participate. The fact that Tillman made the ultimate sacrifice does not change that.
Peace Now,


The cartoon ought to be seen within the context of the media frenzy taking place extolling Ray Tillman as a "hero."

Since the cartoon presents newspaper writers pondering the right description for Ray Tillman, the barb is aimed at them as well as at Tillman.

Rall suggests that rather than being a "hero" Tillman was (at least) a fool to have allowed himself to be used in a US war of aggression in which he may well have contributed directly to needless civilian deaths. If Tillman is known to have made comments about going to "kill Arabs" that makes his decision not foolish, but reprehensible.

Bob Schwartz

Thank you both for writing. 

I could not find any info where Tillman said he wanted to kill Arabs.

I still find the cartoon tasteless but I am not for banning or censoring Rall anymore than I am for banning Michael Moore's documentary.

I love freedom of speech and I am going to continue using it until Bush takes it away.

Unforgivable (Sing to Unforgettable)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

"I apologize." Bush just won't say,
"I apologize." George Bush? No way!
There's a trail of failures caused by Dub.
He won't say, "I'm sorry." There's the rub.
Never before has someone been more

Unforgivable, in every way.
And forever more, that's how he'll stay.

The rest of the song parody is here:


Subject: Canadian bus

Lisa, My Dodge 1/2 ton cargo van was made in Canada. Same for the Chevy van before it. We were looking to buy one of those neat PT Cruisers a while back. They are made in Mexico.
At least my Nissan Altima was made in Kentucky....or was it Tennessee and my son's Toyota was made in the USA.

God Bless Japa---er America!

My 1977 Chrysler Cordoba with the Corinthian leather was made in Canada.  I loved that car.

I wonder where my current car (Mitsubishi) was built?--I'll be right back...

It was made in Japan.

John Kerry News

I love

Republican Shenanigans

Nursery Crimes (4)

What's little Bushie made of?
Saudi oil, others' blood and toil;
that's what little Bushie's made of.

What's little Dickie made of?
Halliburton, we know for certain;
that's what little Dickie's made of.

Peter Grant


Bush To Toughen Cuba Policies
CBS News - 5-6-04
President Bush, declaring "we are working for the day of freedom in Cuba," took steps Thursday to end jamming of U.S. broadcasts to the island as part of a tough new strategy to hasten the demise of communist rule.

Mr. Bush decided to order deployment of military aircraft to transmit signals of the Miami-based Radio Marti and TV, an effort to end Cuba's jamming of U.S. government broadcasts...

I wonder if Bush plans on invading Cuba next?

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Fireworks explode over St. Vitus cathedral at Prague Castle to mark the European Union's enlargement at midnight, Saturday, May 1, 2004, when the Czech Republic together with nine other countries, joined the EU. (CTK/HO)