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Is Florida In Play For Dems?
CBS News - 5-5-08
The Florida secretary of state is expected to release the month's voter registration figures to the state Democratic and Republican parties. The last set of figures, released in April, showed a bare majority of 212 Republicans over Democrats among the


Pat Tillman's Mom: Army Still Lying
AOL SPORTS, NY - 5-5-08
Mary Tillman, the mother of Pat Tillman, appeared on 60 Minutes Sunday night and says she still can't get the truth about her son's death from the US Army.

Democrats fear divided party after nominee chosen
Reuters - 5-5-08
While party leaders insist Democrats will mend fences once a nominee is chosen -- which could happen as late as the party's convention in August -- the..


"The president donned his money-colored tie Tuesday to deliver a message to Congress [on screen: video of Bush suggesting the tax cuts be made permanent]. Are you suggesting we take the policies that got us into this mess in the first place and render them irrevocable? Stewart, imitating Bush: 'Here's what I'm saying. We dug a big hole for ourselves, people. What I think we need to do is just keep digging. Because eventually we'll get to China. Apparently, they have all our money'" --Jon Stewart





Shocking Our Soldiers


In October 2004, the United States Army issued an urgent bulletin to commanders across Iraq, warning them of a deadly new threat to American soldiers. Because of flawed electrical work by contractors, the bulletin stated, soldiers at American bases in Iraq had received severe electrical shocks, and some had even been electrocuted.


"I guess it's good news. Government figures released by President Bush today shows we are not in a recession. Yeah. Unless, of course, you have to buy gas or food or some other luxury item. Then you're screwed." --Jay Leno






Disturbing News


"When the history is written, it will be said this is a safer country and more hopeful world because George Bush was president" -Vice President Dick Cheney »




Subject: Bush-McCain Challenge


I just took The Bush-McCain Challenge -- an online quiz to see if you can tell the difference between George W. Bush and John McCain. Check it out, and see if you can do any better than I did!



Thanks Cindy!


I got three right.


I  bet Bush and McCain wouldn't get any right!





"Today also happens to be the fifth anniversary of the day that President Bush stood in front of an aircraft carrier with the huge 'Mission Accomplished' banner behind him. Turned out, unless the mission was to blow two trillion dollars and wind up with four dollar a gallon gas, it wasn't accomplished. ... I'm going to miss President Bush, as a comedian. Not as an American." --Jimmy Kimmel




 The GOP's Jeremiah Wright


BORED by those endless replays of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright? If so, go directly to YouTube, search for “John Hagee Roman Church Hitler,” and be recharged by a fresh jolt of clerical jive...Mr. Hagee is not a fringe kook but the pastor of a Texas megachurch. On Feb. 27, he stood with John McCain and endorsed him over the religious conservatives’ favorite, Mike Huckabee, who was then still in the race.



Subject: Please show your support


There are less than eight months until the election, an election that
will decide the next President of the United States. The person
elected will be the President of all Americans, not just the Democrats
or the Republicans.

To show our solidarity as Americans, let's all get together and show
each other our support for the candidate of our choice.
It's time that we all came together, Democrats and Republicans alike.

If you support Obama or Hillary, please drive with your headlights
on during the day.

If you support the policies and character of John McCain, please drive
with your headlights off at night.



Thanks, Paul, I needed that laugh!







Barack Obama slammed the idea of a holiday on gas taxes as a political gimmick Friday. His disdain for the idea didn’t help his image as an elitist. Every now and then Barack Obama makes Marie Antoinette look like Ma Joad in The Grapes of Wrath. - Argus Hamilton

Bill Clinton Hasn't Lost His Sense of Humor


After one person fainted during an event, Bill Clinton joked: "Somebody faints at nearly every one of these things now. At my age, I didn't think I could make anybody faint anymore."












"Honest to God, David Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes. Now that's entertainment. Are you with me on that? Underwater for 17 minutes without breathing. Or as Dick Cheney calls it, interrogation." --David Letterman




Subject: Undecided voter here


I live in Chapel Hill, NC.


I am a black woman and love Hillary and Obama.


I'm flipping a coin when I enter the voting booth tomorrow.


Just a suggestion for all the undecided voters out there.


Thank you so much for your website. I sent a donation.


Love, Tasha


Big hug, Tasha. You go girl! It was refreshing to get an email NOT bashing Hillary or Obama.






President Bush addressed a crowd in St. Louis on Wednesday to talk about the U.S. economy. He assured them their tax rebate checks are on the way. The average American has three hungry mouths to feed, the Land Rover, the Escalade and the Prius. - Argus Hamilton


Changing Your Name For God?


ZION, Ill. - Steve Kreuscher wants a judge to allow him to legally change his name. He wants to be known as "In God We Trust."






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A street vendor in Tianjin, China selling fried seahorses and scorpions.

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