May 31-June 1  2003  Weekend Edition 






US terror alert level dips to yellow
Chicago Sun Times, IL - 5-31-03

WASHINGTON--After 11 days at orange, the national terrorism alert level was dropped one notch to yellow Friday after officials determined that the threat of ...
US terror alert level lowered - The Age
The palette of warning - Boston Globe, MA
Government lowers terror alert level - Minneapolis Star Tribune




Tensions linger as Bush begins foreign tour
Austin American Statesman, TX - 5-30-03
KRACOW, Poland — Vowing to "remember who our friends are," President Bush signaled Friday that Poland might receive new NATO bases as a reward for backing ...

Bush: 'We Found' Banned Weapons
Washington Post, DC - 5-31-03
... Bush arrived today in Poland, a US ally in the Iraq war and the first stop on his trip. Later he will meet with fellow heads of government in St. ...
Powell defends war rationale - Orange County Register


Zelda and I could not agree on who should be the Terror Alert Girl for the month of June.  So I choose Zelda and myself.  I did not want to bestow such a great honor upon a republican.  Thank you, fabulous viewers and your fabulous choices!















There is a big question out there: "Where are all the Weapons of Mass Destruction?" It is a good question. It should expose Bush and Them as the liars they really are. Maybe the mainstream media will investigate and cover this story. Maybe this story will get legs, as they say. Maybe the dialogue will persist, and perhaps there will be an investigation in Washington, DC. Anything is possible.

Friday, when I turned on MSNBC, there was breaking news. Startled, I wondered, 'Perhaps they have found Saddam Hussein, maybe it's Osama Bin Laden.'



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"Ari Fleischer announced last week he was resigning as the Bush administration press secretary in July. Fleischer has earned a reputation as an evasive mouthpiece for the president, who stays on message using ambiguous half- truths — or as they are known at the Bush White House — 'freedom lies.'" —Jon Stewart



Get ready, Darth Vader


This is a 2003 handout photo showing the 'Scorpion ensemble' future battle dress for U.S. soldiers, being developed at the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center in Natick, Mass., which is expected to be ready for action in 2011. Today's soldier when completely outfitted carries as much as 90 to 120 pounds, but the future combat uniform will weigh only 40 to 50 pounds and will include communications, night vision gear, body sensors and the latest technology in protective armor. (U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center, Sarah Underhill, handout)





Absinthe mix stirs up controversy

Yahoo News - May 30, 2003
LONDON (Reuters) - Absinthe, the fiery tipple with purported hallucinogenic properties,
has stirred up fresh controversy before it goes on sale in nightclubs ...




"Governments need armies to protect them from their enslaved and oppressed subjects." Tolstoy


Only now, almost two years later, are the most insidious ramifications of September 11, 2001 becoming clear.


Where're Osama, Saddam and the unused weapons of mass destruction? - Lisa