May 30, 2004  Sunday Edition

The Rise and Fall of Chalabi: Bush's Mr. Wrong
Newsweek, NY - May 31 issue
... On the one side are the neoconservatives inside the Pentagon and the Bush administration who backed Chalabi as a freedom fighter; on the other are the spooks ...

Police surround Chalabi's office  ABC Online, Australia

Alliance between Chalabi, US leaders in ruins
Lexington Herald Leader, KY - 
WASHINGTON - In June 2001, at an annual retreat in fashionable Beaver Creek, Colo., for current and former world leaders, Pentagon adviser Richard Perle ...

Chalabi? Bush message about choosing friends hits the mark
Pasadena Star-News, CA - 
By Maureen Dowd, Columnist. ... The party line that Paul Bremer was notified about the raid on Ahmad Chalabi's house after the fact is absurd. ...

I wouldn't want to be in a fox hole or a spider hole with Bush. He'd probably taunt the enemy by shouting, "Bring it on!".

"[Bush] also said Iraq will have two, two vice presidents. See, that's when you know they don't expect the new president to last long."  Jay Leno:

"Former President Clinton did it again. He inspired me to believe in changing the world, one relationship at a time. His advocacy of diplomacy was fantastic… I hope my memory of today will never fade." Ester Tang- senior class president of Cornell University

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on Bush's head in the photo below?

WWII Vets Gather for Memorial Dedication
Guardian, UK - 5-30-04
... Former Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, sitting next to ... The elder Bush...said the World War II generation ...

New York Post, NY - May 26, 2004
... Phil Gramm. Bubba could also keep a closer eye on daughter Chelsea, who lives in the Chelsea area with her Rhodes Scholar boyfriend, Ian Klaus. ...

Chelsea Clinton and her boyfriend Ian Klaus

Stars Storm Manhattan For 'The Day After Tomorrow'
Extra TV - May 25, 2004
... Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton arrived with her beau, Ian Klaus, and revealed only to "Extra," "I'm here to support my friend, Jake Gyllenhaal actually ...

Chelsea looks beautiful and in love.

"Newly released transcripts reveal that President Nixon was drunk during the Arab-Israeli crisis of 1973. After hearing this, President Bush said, 'Hey, so was I!'" —Conan O'Brien


Disturbing News

The US National Debt Clock: - 

How much does your family owe?

A sand sculpture on Omaha Beach to commemorate D-Day.(HO)

Republican Shenanigans

A photo essay of Bush Bruises and Spills – Courtesy of



        The current top ten list of international terrorists consists of the following names.


1.   Osama Bin Laden

2.   Ayman Al-Zawahiri

3.   Abdelkarim Hussein Mohamed Al-Nasse

4.   Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah

5.    Muhsin Musa Matwalli Atwah

6.   Ali Atwa

7.   Anas Al-Liby

8.   Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani

9.   Hasan Izz-Al-Din

10. Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Ali


        One name is conspicuously absent.  That of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the One legged buddy of Osama and supposed murderer of Nicholas Berg.  You'd think he would rate a place on this list. Of course the fact that numerous sources have said Al-Zarqawi was killed by a US helicopter attack months ago when he was unable to move quickly enough to escape the targeted house is probably only a coincidence.


        I believe it was Alice who said, "Things keep getting curiousier and curiousier." as she descended further into Wonderland.



I feel so much safer knowing that.  Maybe the FBI thought we wouldn’t remember any of them A-rab names.

Here is the link for the FBI LIST (FBI Most Wanted Terrorists Website). The list shows the top 22 most wanted and al-Zarqawi is not on list, as you stated. And here is a link to a MSNBC article written last March 4, 2004 Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead

Watching Tom Ridge and John Ashcroft duke out about what level the terror alert should be at made me think---“what if there is an internal coup d’etat going on in the Connecticut Cowboy’s Corral?” It would explain the verbal fisticuffs between Tom Ridge and Ashcroft’s Justice Dept. recently, and the plethora of books from ex-administration officials.

One thing seems evident; the left hand surely does not know what the right hand is doing in this administration from the prison abuse finger pointing to arguing about terror alert levels in public.

Kerry is our only hope to stop this madness. 

Thank you for writing.

Past may haunt Iyad Allawi's future PROFILE:
Pioneer Press, MN - 5-30-04

Biz/Tech News


Good News

John Kerry News

Nursery Crimes

Old King Bush was a merry old lush
and a merry old lush was he.
He called for his hype and he called for his war
and he called for his pet Iraqi.

John Grant - Japan


Subject: 244 Reasons to knock Bush Out

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Squabbling agencies hurt our national security
Rockford Register Star, IL - 5-29-04
The Office of Homeland Security was created after 9-11 to provide the common focus and communication on intelligence-gathering that was so tragically lacking. ...

Odd News

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.


Engineers brought the two central ends of the Millau road viaduct in southwest France together, completing the span of the highest bridge in the world.(HO)


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