May 30  2003  Friday


Bon Voyage Bush


While the Presidiot travels the planet, I am reminded of his last trots about the globe. He tires easily. He does not enjoy travel -- never did. When he gets tired, he comes up with his best material -- the original stuff. Watch as he loses his happy step ... the comedy is about to begin.

Forget how he devalued the yen when he misspoke in Japan. Don't pay attention to his insults to Heads of State with his total lack of geography and knowledge of local customs. Just ignore the
potential damage he can do to us or the world with the mispronunciation of just one word.

Pop some popcorn, order up a pizza. Dubya is going on tour. Let's just sit back and enjoy the floor show.- ZeldaM




Bush cuts planned stay at summit
Toronto Star, Canada - 5-30-03

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia—Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's government, which has been struggling to patch up relations with Washington, expressed disappointment that U.S. President George W. Bush is cutting short his participation in the Group of Eight summit that begins Sunday in France.

The U.S. president's last-minute change of plans looms as a personal setback for Chrétien and European leaders...




Chrétien, White House trade barbs 

Toronto Star-

ATHENS — Prime Minister Jean Chrétien said today his comments that the U.S. economy has become weaker under President George W. Bush while Canada has enjoyed strong job creation and economic growth were not personal, although the White House press secretary seemed to take a dim view.

Tour of Europe, Mideast will test Bush and policy
Boston Globe, MA - 5-30-03

WASHINGTON -- As he sets off today on his most ambitious overseas journey to date, President Bush faces a triple challenge in the days ahead: rebuilding relations with his European counterparts, soothing concern in the Arab world about postwar Iraq, and prodding the Israelis and Palestinians to pursue the ''road map'' to peace.




Dear Zelda,
I have noticed that you frequently end your site with a picture of staggering beauty. Thank-you for doing that. I have the "eye" of the two galaxies combining that you posted a month ago in my work papers so I can take it out for inspiration/reflection/calming from time to time as needed. It helps. It helps that you include pictures like that, and the one today, (Bahamian underwater dunes), so that we do not lose perspective of what we are, where we live, and the "Big Picture". (Please excuse the "Big Picture" reference, but it is late at night, I have had a cocktail or two this evening, and I need to use some shorthand/lazy writing right now). I still think that you are very brave to post this site and to run the political commentary that you do. We are indeed living in very perilous times. You are a patriot and an inspiration for all Americans. I wish I lived in Texas so that I could invite you to a drink someday. (You have no idea how hard it was to type that last sentence. Not the part about buying you a drink, I'd gladly drink with you any day. The part about living in Texas. I'm Southern Californian, through and through, and have lived my whole life looking upon Texans with a combination of distrust, puzzlement, and pity. You have disabused me of my prejudice in this area to some degree. For that I also thank you.) Please continue to include the beautiful pictures at the end of all the God-awful stuff that precedes it (not that your writing or other commentary is God-awful, but the subject matter. I mean, this family is really evil!). You continue to be a beautiful flower among the detritus of the BFEE. (Please don't puke at the trite metaphor. I really mean it, and I have been drinking).
Your co-conspirator and believer,
Philip Schultz


Dear Philip,
Thank you for your kind thoughts. I would come to California to have a drink with you, but I am way too weird for that state. Since I am too weird for Texas too, I live in Mississippi.

I wish I could take credit for the fine work Lisa does. She brings those calming pictures to us and I enjoy them myself. She produces the website and hauls all of the bricks while I am just the prima donna writer dancing around in my pink tutu.

That is Lisa's picture at the top of the web page on the left (she won the coin toss.) That's me on the right.

Thanx again, and I hope we can live up to your expectations.
Create Peace!


Dear Zelda,

You were probably too busy to notice the Women's College World Series over the weekend - - what w/your trips into Jesusland and the wilderness et al....The University Of Texas Women's team was eliminated in Sunday night in a thriller by UCLA by a 2-1 score. The umpires weren't advised the fix was on....

If UT had gone on the win the whole shebang, I had visions -- nightmares actually, of w preening his-self in a white castle photo op w/the Longhornettes(?) -- Question: Is that the correct terminology for a female longhorn. Bye the way their team colors are burnt orange and lilly white.

Now w has to settle for the Bruins....Awww too bad!

I can't seem to break the code. It appears to be some sort of man speak. Is this what they call sports?

Create Peace!

Scary thought for the day: We're just one photo-op accident away from having Tricky Dick Cheney as President!

Eric M


Here is a revised version of the old Nixon bumper sticker of the day... DICK CHENEY BEFORE HE DICKS YOU

Create Peace!













"Of course I need another drink. I can't get drunk without it. I never smoke when I eat. It ruins the taste of the cigarette." - Anita Beer going on and on in The Subway, a private drinking club in Branson, Missouri


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Here's a link to the official Evian G-8 Summit Website  click here




Halliburton contract swells
Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA - 5-30-03
... more than $425 million in troop support work, much of it related to the Iraq war,
over the past 14 months under a contract that Vice President Dick Cheney's ...

       Halliburton's contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan at $600 million and ...  - Boston Globe
       Waxman castigates Army for $425 million services contract - Houston Chronicle
       New Furor Over Halliburton - CBS News
       Boston Globe - Forbes -

Oiling the wheels of government
Al-Jazeera, Qatar - 5-30-03
... Dick Cheney was the largest individual Halliburton ... his company stock upon becoming
Vice President, Cheney ... the lead in formulating the Bush energy policy ...




Off the cuff quotes that are intelligent and grammatically correct by George W. Bush.

No scripted quotes allowed.

Know of any? Send us the quote and link below

Sampling of Submissions:

  • "                                      ."

  • "Hi, I'm George, and I'm an Alcoholic..."  no link, since AA meetings are not recorded

  • "Hey Goose! Get over here and kiss my behind!"
    Doonesbury, May 30, 2003

  • "Hi I'm George and I'm an alcoholic" is actually scripted.

  • "Hey how much for an eight-ball?"

  • "That guy's a major league asshole!" -- comment on the 2000 campaign trail (sounded REALLY presidential...and Cheney had to answer with "Big Time!")



Dubya the Geographer

Actual quotes from George W. Bush who has degrees from Yale and Harvard.


Iranian asylum-seeker Abas Amini sits with his eyes, mouth and ears sewn up,

at his home in Nottingham in northern England, May 27, 2003.

Abas Amini says is ready to die
KurdishMedia, UK - May 28, 2003
London ( 28 May 2003: The Kurdish refugee, Abas Amini, from eastern
Kurdistan who has sewn up his eyes, ears and mouth in protest at British ...

       Iranian Refugee Ends Deportation Protest - Kansas City Star
       Iranian refugee gets asylum but continues hunger strike - Chicago Sun Times
       Refugee vows to continue hunger strike - Guardian


The television will not be revolutionized!

Great collection of FoxNews cartoons.


Turner: Block FCC rule changes
CNN - 5-30-03
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Ted Turner, the largest individual shareholder of the
nation's largest media conglomerate, opposes proposed changes in Federal ...

I wonder how many Americans know that Colin Powell's son is head of the FCC?



"How do you know when Bush is lying? Read his lips." - Paul Begala on CNN's Crossfire 5-30-03



Where're Osama, Saddam and the unused weapons of mass destruction? - Lisa


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