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Palin rips into Obama, Democrats
Detroit Free Press - Dawson Bell - ‎May 2, 2010‎
CLARKSTON -- Sarah Palin resumed her role as the anti-Obama on Saturday at a gathering of conservative activists, telling the crowd of about ...


Obama thanks man who foiled Times Square bombing
AP – 5-3-10
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama has telephoned Times Square vendor Duane Jackson to commend him for alerting authorities to the SUV used in the failed car bombing in New York City

Obama takes direct aim at anti-government rhetoric

Sat May 1, 9:24 pm ET
ANN ARBOR, Mich. – In a blunt caution to political friend and foe, President Barack Obama said Saturday that partisan rants and name-calling under the guise of legitimate discourse pose a serious danger to America's democracy, and may incite "extreme elements" to violence.


"Publishers announced that former President George Bush's book will be released Nov. 9. The book is called 'Decision Points.' The title is based on the fact whenever a decision needed to be made, Bush would point to Cheney." –Jay Leno


The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Supreme Court Closes Front Door. How Apropos.


The Supreme Court is closing its iconic front entrance beneath the words "Equal Justice Under Law."

Beginning Tuesday, visitors no longer will ascend the wide marble steps to enter the 75-year-old building....Two justices, Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, called the change unfortunate and unjustified.

Breyer said no other high court in the world, not even Israel's, has closed its front entrance over security concerns.


"And we have Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger here tonight. In fact, in a week from now, he'll issue his annual Cinco de Mayo message. Well, see, that shows you how different California is. An Austrian governor who speaks English with a German accent congratulating Spanish-speaking people before they drive their Japanese cars to work in a factory owned by the Chinese." –Jay Leno




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David Letterman's "Top Ten Other Revelations in the Laura Bush Book"

10. Keeps slim by wrasslin' gators.
9. As a little girl, dreamed of one day marrying America's worst President.
8. Required extra staffers to cut up President's pretzels.
7. Thought she was marrying Jeb.
6. That poisoning incident? Turns out George ate a Duraflame log.
5. George still works on his cheerleading routines.
4. At their house, it's always happy hour!
3. George loves M&Ms because he thinks they have Dubyas on ‘em.
2. George W. Bush is so dumb, he once got tangled in a cordless phone.
1. Keeps the ‘Mission Accomplished' banner above the bed.



Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida is leaving the Republican Party. Apparently he can’t support the state’s tough new immigration law empowering the police to stop and question anyone not wearing a white belt and white shoes. - Laugh Lines





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"Rielle Hunter appeared on 'Oprah' to discuss her love affair with John Edwards. Not to be outdone, next week, John Edwards is appearing to discuss his love affair with John Edwards." –Jimmy Fallon




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"There's a show on CBS called 'The Mentalist.' It's about a detective with heightened powers of observation. Let me give you an example of how good this guy is. This guy is so good, he can tell the difference between a Goldman Sachs executive that is a lying crook and a Goldman Sachs executive that's a lying weasel. He's that good." –David Letterman





Subject: Oil Leak


Lisa, I live near Pensacola Beach in Gulf Breeze, FL. An oil smell has been around for a few days. I went to the beach for one last look at the white sugar sand dunes and beach. We're doomed here. My friend who works at the Hilton said 250+ guests checked out/cancelled. Gulf coasters depend upon tourism. I told her not to worry as the rooms will soon be filled with OIL MEN!

Thanks for the toon "Instant Tan", I needed the laugh.

Keep up the great work.

Oh, my son and I danced to the Black eyed peas video link! Congrats on ending the chemo. You are a true survivor.

Love, Pat



Good to hear from you Pat. Thanks.


You can smell oil? OMG


I feel fortunate to have lived in that area for 15 years and enjoyed those magnificent beaches. My son grew up playing out on the island. At least I have video. Sigh.


I was just checking out the real estate prices the other day in your area and noticed homes that were for sale around 2005 to the tune of $225,000 are now for sale around $130-175,000. And the market is flooded with homes for sale. The same in Navarre where I lived. I can only imagine the home prices dropping even more with oil on the shores.


Don't you love how FoxNews is trying to turn this into "Obama's Katrina"? This disaster hasn't occurred yet onshore while the immediate aftermath of Katrina was ignored by Bush, just ask Brownie. It seems they are desperate for Obama bashing points. But why compare it to Katrina?


I just heard Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi on FoxNews, say the media is making too much out of this oil spill because not a drop of oil has hit the coastline. Doh! I wonder if he'll have to eat his words or at least drink a cup of crude.


Good luck, Pat. You're going to need it.




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Right-Wing Drilling Fanatics: Gulf Wildlife Not ‘Black Enough’

By Don Davis


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I won't quit on this fundraiser until the very end.


Thank you Ellie.


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This image provided Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by NASA shows an eruptive prominence blasting away from the sun, upper left, March 30, 2010 observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite. NASA on Wednesday unveiled the first images from the new satellite designed to predict disruptive solar storms, and scientists say they're already learning new things.




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