May 29  2003  Thursday




Bush 'buried' critical budget report

The Bush administration reportedly buried a report commissioned by the US Treasury which predicted a budget deficit of over $44,000bn and called for tax rises.

BBC-UK - 5-29-03

In a front-page story Britain's Financial Times said the report, which advocated tax rises, was left out of February's budget report as the White House lobbied for $350bn in tax cuts.




Bush tax cut fails to thrill US public
Chicago Daily Herald, IL - 5-29-03
... Trenton Junior, a landscaper, sees Bush's tax cut as a pre-election ploy. "Think about who this tax cut really benefits - the rich," said Junior. ...

Congress now must face cost of tax cuts
The Olympian, WA - 5-29-03
... Bush's tax cut also would have been impossible if the House Republican majority that arrived in 1995 had passed the first piece of legislation proposed in its ...

Dean calls for a repeal of Bush's tax cut bill
Concord Monitor, NH -- 5-29-03

MANCHESTER - Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean called for a repeal of the $350 billion tax cut that President Bush signed into law yesterday, describing it as "part of a radical agenda to dismantle Social Security, Medicare and our public schools through financial starvation."

Tax Law Omits Child Credit in Low-Income Brackets

Due to a last-minute revision in the tax bill that the president signed, millions of low-income families will not get the increased child credit that is in the measure.


Today's cartoon really sums up the Bush tax cut.  The wealthy will get Hummers while most Americans get the screws. -Lisa


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"Of course I need another drink. I can't get drunk without it. I never smoke when I eat. It ruins the taste of the cigarette." - Anita Beer going on and on in The Subway, a private drinking club in Branson, Missouri


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Clinton calls for third term
BBC, UK - 5-29-03
Former US President Bill Clinton has called for a change to the constitution's 22nd
Amendment which prevents a person from being elected president more than

Clinton Wants Change in Presidential Term Limits - Reuters
Clinton says US presidents should be allowed three terms - New Zealand Herald


After consulting Bill Bennett and his "Book of Odds', Bill says the chances of the 22nd Amendment

being repealed are equal to finding Osama bin Laden in my backyard.







"I don't bring God into my life to — to, you know, kind of be a political person."

 —George W. Bush, interview with Tom Brokaw aboard Air Force One, April 24, 2003




Jesus remembers that Bush called

him his "favorite political philosopher".







Great site! My daily dose of sanity!

Lets see now....We presented trumped up evidence to the UN, Rumsfeld says all W.M.D. may have been destroyed before we invaded, we bombed a "bunker" that didn't exist, we planned and executed a seal team "photo-op" rescue, sacrificed the lives of dozens of brave soldiers, watched as crews worked in shifts to loot the Iraqi museum of antiquities, all to secure the delivery of millions of gallons of sweet crude oil. One other bonus, we have been able to increase deficit spending by billions of dollars.

Surely this is the best of all possible administrations!



Thanks for writing Stef.

We knew that Bush and his boys were telling lies.  Bush lied about Iraq and he lied about this last tax cut.  Do Bush's pants have to be on fire before the public votes him out of office?


When we gonna see a picture of Mr Bush hugging Mr Potter of 'Its a Wonderful Life" movie fame? Thats who Bush worships ain't it.


So true.



I HATE Bush and I HATE Republicans! There I said I feel better.

I feel better now too.












Bush looks older while Laura looks younger.

Go figure.  Maybe the first sofa got reupholstered?




 Just what did DeLay know about the Dems’ Texas plane?

The Hill - 5-28-03

...On NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Tim Russert asked his panel about the growing list of revelations about the Texas Republican’s efforts to enlist federal law enforcement — and other federal agencies — in helping him settle a political fight back home in Texas.

In response, Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) said, “I don’t know enough to comment on that. I mean I just don’t know what happened there. I’m just not qualified to comment.” Sens. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) and Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) cracked a couple of jokes and left it at that.

Either Biden is shamelessly indifferent to a possible abuse of office by the second-ranking Republican in the House or he was just terribly briefed. So, on the assumption that it was the latter and not the former, let me try to bring Biden up to speed...

Why aren't the Democrat leaders investigating this?  Why didn't Joe Biden know enough?  What are we paying them for?

We need Democratic Leaders with cajones
-- like Dean and Kerry.


The case for war is blown apart
By Ben Russell and Andy McSmith in Kuwait City
29 May 2003

Tony Blair stood accused last night of misleading Parliament and the British people over Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, and his claims that the threat posed by Iraq justified war.

Robin Cook, the former foreign secretary, seized on a "breathtaking" statement by the US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, that Iraq's weapons may have been destroyed before the war, and anger boiled over among MPs who said the admission undermined the legal and political justification for war.


Off the cuff quotes that are intelligent and grammatically correct by George W. Bush.

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"Hi, I'm George, and I'm an Alcoholic..."  no link, since AA meetings are not recorded




Where're Osama, Saddam and the unused weapons of mass destruction? - Lisa







In this image the features that look like folded material are

carbonate sand dunes in the shallow waters of Tarpum Bay, southwest

of Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas. The sand making up the dunes

comes from the erosion of limestone coral reefs, and has been

shaped into dunes by ocean currents.

( Photo/NASA)