May 26  2003  Monday



Benefit cutback angers veterans
South Florida Sun-Sentinel, FL - May 25, 2003

Veterans consider their federal benefits their just-deserved payback for risking their lives for their country. Now some think the government is reneging on the deal.

Beginning Jan. 17, veterans with incomes above certain levels were told they could enroll in the system -- but that their medical benefits had been temporarily suspended, meaning they won't be getting any health care in the near future.


Bush to Slash Veterans Benefits
WTVG, OH - May 20, 2003

... about 4,000 of the estimated 173,000 veterans nationwide who would be excluded from care live in Ohio.
The additional costs would squeeze about 41,000 Ohio veterans out of the system, including about 14,000 who currently are receiving medical care, according to the study by the House Committee on Government Reform.


Absent docs make vets wait for care
Springfield News Leader, MO - May 24, 2003

The American Legion's national commander visited a veterans clinic last month only to find 47 patients waiting for treatment with no doctors to see them...
"The doctors didn't show that day," Conley said of the VA's investigation. And even when doctors do show up, the wait time for an appointment can be months.
About 168,000 veterans wait at least six months to see a VA doctor, according to the department. The VA operates the nation's largest medical care system with 163 hospitals 102 affiliated with medical schools and 850 clinics.

Today's cartoon was inspired by Bush stabbing veterans in the back while he parades himself as a costumed warrior.  How could we as Americans take away any promised benefits from even ONE of our veterans?  Where's the outrage?

Zelda Morgan


 Dirty Laundry Done Dirt Cheap

Princess of the Project




"The Bush family has a longer rap sheet than my in-laws." Anita Beer at the Republican Fundraiser, GOPigs at the Trough, Washington, DC.



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We can have a lot of fun with this.


SOME VIEWER SUGGESTIONS for Terror Alert Girl of the Month:


  • How about the late Anita Bryant? A day without a terror alert is like a day
    without sunshine!

  • ann coulter, of course, i vote for her!

  • ken starr - i'd like to see him in drag!

  • The Dixie Chicks!

  • Double your pleasure, double your fun! Pick Barbara and Jenna Bush, the Terror
    Alert Twins, and don't forget your gun! Eric M

  • Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash, a.k.a. Mrs. Anthrax


Laura Bush used your tax dollars

to purchase this $4000+ purse



The Reliable Source
Washington Post, DC - May 19, 2003
... The Post's Robin Givhan reports Laura Bush has ordered a crystal-encrusted, Faberge
egg-inspired Judith Leiber evening bag (retail price: $4175) as a gift for Russian first lady Ludmila Putin ...



Gee, 95% of Americans haven't even seen a purse that costs $4000.  I wonder what our troops in Iraq would think about this story?  Or how about the veterans that recently lost their health care?






Presenting the Daughter of the President of the United States -

Jenna Bush






Isn't it lovely how Bush brought honor and dignity back to the White House?




Death Sentence Overturned Because Jury Used Bible
Reuters, UK - May 25, 2003

... A judge overturned a convicted murderer's death sentence ... has no place in a constitutional death ... not clear about whether a bible was brought into the jury ...
Death sentence rooted in biblical passage tossed out - Chicago Sun Times
       Death sentence tossed over bible reading - Kansas City Star
       Colorado Judge Throws Out Death Sentence - Guardian




"The French stood up to the Bush administration which is more than I can say for the Democrats." - Bill Maher










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Hitler's Enabling Act and Nuremberg Laws = Bush's Patriot Act

R.P. -Canada



With your talent you should do a cartoon that says "The REAL axels of evil" with Dubya and all his henchmen riding in a Hummer H2 with a huge cow skull on the hood. It would also be funny if he was leaving flaming tire marks on the Bill of Rights.

R.P -Canada

Thanks for writing.  That is an excellent cartoon idea!



you people suck 


Aww, tell us how you really feel.


Like the site. You might want to note, though, that the date on the Ivins column is off by a couple months. I think it should be 5-24-03, not 3-24-03.



Good catch Phil -- thanks.  But the typo was Bill Clintons fault don't you know.


Love your site....I think I came across it while I was reading Buzzflash. Where are you in Florida...I moved back here again in July....I am a native who left 30 years I am back and hate this state.....what did Jeb do????
Anyway you have been added to my favorites list....and I will let my friends know about your site.
Thanks for the laughs
Maria Andrews


Thanks for writing Maria.  I live in the Florida Panhandle--a.k.a. Republican Redneck Riviera





How many Christians does it take to change a light bulb?

Charismatics: Only one.
Hands already in the air.

Pentecostals: Ten.
One to change the bulb, and nine to pray against the spirit of darkness.

Presbyterians: None.
Lights will go on and off at predestined times.

Roman Catholic and Orthodox: None.
Candles only.

Baptists: At least 15.
One to change the light bulb, and three committees to approve the change and decide who brings the potato salad.

Episcopalians: Eight.
One to call the electrician, and seven to say how much they liked the old one better.

Mormons: Five.
One man to change the bulb, and four wives to tell him how to do it.

Unitarians: We choose not to make a statement either in favor of or against the need for a light bulb. However, if in your own journey you have found light bulbs work for you, that is fine. You are invited to write a poem or compose a modern dance about your personal relationship with your light bulb, and present it next month at our annual light bulb Sunday service, in which we will explore a number of light bulb traditions, including incandescent, fluorescent, three-way, long-life and tinted, all of which are equally valid paths to luminescence.

Methodists: Undetermined.
Whether your light is bright, dull, or completely out, you are loved -- you can be a light bulb, turnip bulb, or tulip bulb. Church wide lighting service is planned for Sunday, August 19. Bring bulb of your choice and a covered dish.

Nazarene: Six.
One woman to replace the bulb while five men review church lighting policy.

Lutheran: None.
Lutherans don't believe in change.

Amish: What's a light bulb?



Bill Bennett releases new book



Beware Bush mandate in '04

Chicago Sun Times, IL - May 25, 2003
... 'Remember 9/11!'' will be enough to win an election. What odds would Bill Bennett
give that the terror alert will be on ''high'' on Election Day 2004? ...



"Men are more easily governed through their vices than through their virtues." Napoleon Bonaparte



You fight while I play.







Zelda's Email

Post This..I think GW is 1 of the finest
Presidents America has EVER had!!! Mike Webb, Tenn


Sure, Mike. We will post this. We are all about laughter. I am sure many of our readers will get a great kick out of this.

Thanx for the comedic fodder!


Prinzess Zelda:

I have no clue how I found your website, but I love it.

Do you have day jobs? I hope you make money...

Well, I want and need answers to Life's Important Questions. and having read your story at
I think YOU may have them!

So,tell me:
Who are these people who think George Bush is doing a good job? His approval ratings are five times what they should be (in my humble opinion).

How are we going to survive for another two years?

I need answers.or,you could e-mail me some HappyPills.

I am thinking of defecting to Canada...

so,write back soon.
Bruce St.John


Dear Bruce,

ThanQ for your kind thoughts. Funny, you should mention day jobs ... more to come on that later.

Don't go to Canada. We need you here.

I have looked into Belize -- the only English speaking country in South America. It's a beautiful place and their official motto is "No shirt, no shoes, no problem." These are my kind of people.

But I don't want to leave. And I don't want you or anyone else to go either. It is like leaving a spouse who has been cheating. We Irish girls can exact better revenge by sticking around.

Let's just drive the vermin out of DC and take our country back.



There is an old saying that the person who defines the terms will almost always win the debate. By allowing the Dubya crew to define chemical and biological weapons as WMDs, the Democrats have virtually handed the Republicans the victory. Any student of military history knows that neither chemical nor biological weapons are WMDs, nor are they particularly useful weapons of any kind. They are messy, difficult to deliver, and uncertain in their effects. For example many kinds of chemical weapons were used, both by passive release from canisters and artillery shells in World War I. However, their effects on the outcome of any of the battles in which they were used were marginal at best. But that was long ago, one might say. Ok, then lets look at the sarin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo underground a few years ago. The attack took place in what should have arguably been the ideal site for a gas attack. An enclosed area with a high density of people with marginal air circulation at best. Even so, only 7 people were killed and 400 people made sick. More people die in the U.S. by hand-guns each day. Should we then label hand-guns as WMD? No, the only true WMDs are nuclear weapons. Yet, the one member of the 'Axis of Evil' that does have nukes and has threatened to use them, North Korea, does not seem to bother the Dubya administration at all. The time has come
for the leadership of the Democratic party to stop allowing the Republicans to set the terms of the debate on national security, and call it as it truly is, rather than trying to use the euphemisms of the right to appear 'patriotic'.

Just my two cents.


We have some fantastic readers and you are a shining star.

I appreciate your insights and thank you for articulating this difficult issue for us. You make it sound so simple -- a trait of true genius.




Where're Osama, Saddam and the unused weapons of mass destruction? - Lisa








Never forget.