Memorial Day edition - May 25, 2009




Rove sides with Limbaugh
CNN -5-25-09

(CNN) – In the ongoing war of words between Rush Limbaugh and Colin Powell, top Bush strategist Karl Rove is siding with the popular talk radio host.

Powell Takes on Cheney, Limbaugh in Republican Battle
Bloomberg - ‎5-25-09
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said the Republican Party needs to break free from the grip of conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh and forge a more inclusive identity.

Keith Olbermann pledges $10000 donation because Mancow was waterboarded
Chicago Tribune - ‎May 22, 2009‎
Because WLS-AM 890's Erich "Mancow" Muller allowed himself to be waterboarded on Friday, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann said on his "Countdown" program that he will donate $10,000 to charity.
Muller lasted less than 10 seconds.


"President Obama and former Vice President Dick Cheney gave speeches on torture. Now, is it me or have we seen more of Dick Cheney in the last week than we did in the past eight years? Anyway, the President spoke out against torture, while Cheney's speech was more of a how-to discussion." --Jay Leno


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The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam


It is worth remembering today that guys like Colin Powell, Morris High '54, put their own lives on the line. Cheney always did it with somebody else's. - Mike Lupica, sportswriter


Bush Update


“And there I was, former President of the United States of America, with a plastic bag on my hand,” he recalled. “Life is returning back to normal.”

It's a shame they don't have a Great Dane.





Disturbing News

I Wonder What The Pope Thinks Of This?


ROME – Premier Silvio Berlusconi has promised to further explain his relationship with an 18-year-old woman at the heart of a political and personal scandal.





Republican-Shenanigans News



566,000 Have Died In Combat


 From the Civil War through Vietnam, some 566,000 U.S. service personnel died in combat, more than half of them in World War II. Across the U.S., there are 23.5 million veterans of the armed forces. You can find these and more facts about America from the U.S. Census Bureau online at .



Cheney favors invading North Korea. - Grant "Bud" Gerver


Rock-The-Voter News

Pelosi In China


U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, long a fierce critic of Beijing, toured China's financial capital on Monday but stayed clear of human rights issues, though her presence emboldened protesters.

Pelosi's silence — at least in public — is especially notable since her visit comes a week ahead of the 20th anniversary of the 1989 crackdown on the Tiananmen Square democracy protests. During a 1991 visit to Beijing, she unfurled a banner that read "To those who died for democracy in China" in the square.



"Well, a bankruptcy judge has denied a chapter 11 proposal submitted by former NFL star, Michael Vick, after he filed a bankruptcy plan that allowed him to keep three cars and two houses. The judge argued you can't keep three cars and two houses if you're really bankrupt. And several AIG executives said, 'Oh, yeah?'" --Jay Leno

Lest we forget …

the moronic behavior of the past President who so seriously harmed our nation, All Hat No Cattle now offers a different notable quotation from George W. Bush each week.

“And so, I hope investors, you know – secondly, I hope investors hold investments for periods of time – that I’ve always found the best investments are those that you salt away based on economics.” – Jan. 4, 2001




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Biz-Tech News


"Economy's so bad, I saw an illegal immigrant deport himself. That's how bad it's gotten." --Jay Leno

Right Wing University Update


Tim Kaine, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, issued the following statement in response to Liberty University's recent decision to revoke recognition of the school's Democratic club.


"Liberty University's decision to revoke its recognition of the Liberty University College Democrats is unfortunate for all parties involved. I urge the leadership of Liberty University to reverse this attack on the liberty of its students and allow the College Democrats to have the same rights on campus as their counterparts, the College Republicans."




Bush-Prison-Torture News


"In competing speeches today, President Obama said the U.S. went off course with practices like waterboarding. Cheney retaliated by saying he doesn't regret any of the decisions he made, and if he had to do it all over again, he would order President Bush to do exactly the same thing. And then he ate a baby." --Jimmy Kimmel

Go-F**k-Yourself News



In case you missed it …

In its tireless effort to provide news and giggles for its readers, All Hat No Cattle offers this Monday glimpse back at the previous week with an emphasis on the weekend dump. (We mean the time preferred by government officials, politicians and titans of industry to release unsavory news in the hope it receives less media coverage – not the bathroom activity.)

Sun., 5-24-09
They must not have liked the sermon
VIENNA (AP) – Groups of rival worshippers at a Sikh temple in the Austrian capital pulled knives and at least one handgun in a mass fight Sunday, police and ambulance staff said. At least 11 people were wounded.

Witnesses said the fight erupted after a dispute over the sermon, given by a man identified by the Austria Press Agency as Shri Guru Ravidas Sabha. Police said at least six men, one wielding a gun and the others knives, attacked the preacher. Others rushed to his aid, resulting in the melee.

Sat., 5-23-09
Lending a helping hand
BEIJING – Chen Fuchao, a man heavily in debt, had been contemplating suicide on a bridge in southern China for hours when a passer-by came up, shook his hand — and pushed him off the ledge.

Chen fell 26 feet (8 meters) onto a partially inflated emergency air cushion laid out by authorities and survived, suffering spine and elbow injuries, the official Xinhua News Agency said Saturday.

The passer-by, 66-year-old Lai Jiansheng, had been fed up with what he called Chen's "selfish activity," Xinhua said. Traffic around the Haizhu bridge in the city of Guangzhou had been backed up for five hours and police had cordoned off the area.

Fri., 5-22-09
Welcome to Greater Israel!
LONDON (AP) – An Israeli tourism poster is being pulled from the London subway after the Syrian Embassy complained that the map on it appeared to show the Golan Heights and Palestinian territories within Israel's boundaries, officials said Friday.

Britain's Advertising Standards Authority received more than 300 complaints about the ad, a promotion for the Israeli Red Sea resort town of Eilat, according to the agency's spokesman Matt Wilson.

The Syrian Embassy and pro-Palestinian groups complained about it because the featured map appeared to show the territories Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast war — the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights — within the borders of the Jewish state, according to the Israeli Tourism Ministry and the British standards authority.

Thurs., 5-21-09
News flash: Cheney lied
WASHINGTON (McClatchy Newspapers) — Former Vice President Dick Cheney's defense Thursday of the Bush administration's policies for interrogating suspected terrorists contained omissions, exaggerations and misstatements.

In his address to the American Enterprise Institute , a conservative policy organization in Washington , Cheney said that the techniques the Bush administration approved, including waterboarding — simulated drowning that's considered a form of torture — forced nakedness and sleep deprivation, were "legal" and produced information that "prevented the violent death of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of innocent people."

Wed., 5-20-09
These Fighting Irish probably didn’t want Obama to speak at Notre Dame either
DUBLIN (AP) – After a nine-year investigation, a commission published a damning report Wednesday on decades of rapes, humiliation and beatings at Catholic Church-run reform schools for Ireland's castaway children.

The 2,600-page report painted the most detailed and damning portrait yet of church-administered abuse in a country grown weary of revelations about child molestation by priests.

The investigation of the tax-supported schools uncovered previously secret Vatican records that demonstrated church knowledge of pedophiles in their ranks all the way back to the 1930s.

Tues., 5-19-09
Court keeps Bush White House e-mails in black hole
WASHINGTON (AP) – A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the office that has records about millions of possibly missing e-mails from the Bush White House does not have to make them public.

The appeals court in Washington ruled that the White House Office of Administration is not an agency subject to the Freedom of Information Act, allowing the White House to keep secret documents about an e-mail system that has been plagued with problems.

During its first term, the Bush White House failed to install electronic record-keeping for e-mail when it switched to a new system, resulting in millions of messages that could not be found. The Bush White House discovered the problem in 2005 and rejected a proposed solution.

Mon., 5-18-09
Maybe these states need some federal stimulus money for education
(AP) – These states scored in the bottom tier of middle school and high school bioscience performance, as measured by a report released Monday by Battelle, the Biotechnology Industry Organization and the Biotechnology Institute: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia.





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Apa Sherpa displays a Nepali flag at the summit of Mount Everest May 21, 2009. The 49-year-old Nepali sherpa carrying a banner reading "Stop Climate Change" climbed Mount Everest for a record 19th time last Thursday, improving his own record set last year, officials said.  Photo/Asian Trekking


I wish you all a peaceful Memorial Day.


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