May 24-25  2003  Weekend Edition



Just why did we invade Iraq?

By Molly Ivins 5-24-03

   MUCH as I hate to interrupt what is apparently a deeply felt triumphalism on the American right, now that it's over, does anyone see any reason for our having invaded Iraq?
   I realize that's what we all kept trying to figure out before the invasion, but don't you think it should at least be visible in hindsight? Good thing we won the war, because the peace sure looks like a quagmire.


On the streets of Baghdad, there are no heroes or villains. Only ...
Independent, UK By Phil Reeves in Baghdad 5-24-03

Haider Tahab was so quiveringly angry that the blood vessels at his temples seemed ready to burst. He kept returning to deliver another blast of point-blank invective, as if driven by a compulsion that would only fully be relieved once he had hit someone.

Tax plan relief to some, not much to others
Florida Today, FL By Brian Moore 5-24-03

Brevard residents reacted differently to President Bush's efforts to stimulate the economy with billions of dollars in tax cuts -- with some families saying they applaud the move, others that it's simply not enough and is aimed more at the rich.

Today's cartoon was inspired by the unrighteous right's obsession with sex.  It's fun to be able to return the favor.

Zelda Morgan


 Dirty Laundry Done Dirt Cheap


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"The Bush family has a longer rap sheet than my in-laws." Anita Beer at the Republican Fundraiser, GOPigs at the Trough, Washington, DC.



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We can have a lot of fun with this.


SOME VIEWER SUGGESTIONS for Terror Alert Girl of the Month:


  • Michelle Malkin. Parents came from Phillipines but she does nothing but write
    about the evils of immigration and whining that the borders should be shut down.
    Was gung-ho about people being pulled over in airports, but didn't like it when
    it was done to her recently. After all, she had an American flag t-shirt on her
    young daughter.......

  • Zazu Pitts, Spring Byington, Shirley Temple, Patty Hearst, Cher,
    Jane Fonda, Lucile Ball, Ethel Mertz, Anna Nicole Smith

  • anita beer

  • bill gates, steve ballmer, chris sontag and darl mcbride.

  • Lisa, you are the poster girl for EVERY month. Veritas


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Nearly 3 in 4 Americans think Saddam is alive, poll says

By THOMAS HARGROVE and GUIDO H. STEMPEL III, Scripps Howard News Service

(May 23, 8:30 p.m. PDT) - Americans are fairly certain the use of military force in Iraq was the right thing to do, but they are considerably less confident that Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction before the war began.

A survey of 1,010 people by Scripps Howard New Service and Ohio University also found overwhelming confidence that Saddam is still alive somewhere. The nation has a widespread expectation that U.S. troops must remain in Iraq for at least a year.




Police, Dressed As Homeless, Give Tickets

Thu May 22, 7:25 AM ET
(Kissimmee, FL) Homeless advocates are outraged by an operation where undercover police officers dressed as vagrants, observed drivers running red lights or committing other traffic violations, then radioed ahead to other officers who stopped those cars and wrote tickets.





"Today, the United Nations approved a resolution to lift the sanctions against Iraq. ... Yeah, the move will allow Iraqis to buy things they don't have, such as medicine and weapons of mass destruction." Conan O'Brien




Sent in By Erich Mengl









You said: "It has become a crazy world since Bush went to the US Supreme Court to stop the counting of votes in Florida. It has been a downhill slide since that single event."

I would say that it went downhill when the DNC cut Ralph Nader out of the debates the previous fall. By removing other candidates, Gore set himself up for a simplistic GOPig polarity game, and didn't have Nader to scream bloody murder in Florida when no one else would (other than the Black Caucus and a few of us crazy protesters).

By turning against democracy, the Dems got their arses handed to them by real evil. It is a lesson not learned if the Supremes are given the credit for destroying our democracy.

The Democratic Party leadership did it----the Supremes just peed on their cowardly heads afterward.



When did the downhill slide begin?

The single event I noted began a highly visible downhill slide -- no breaks in time.


I blame Gore for not having Bill Clinton campaign for him. Selection 2000 could have been avoided.

Nader has become too shrill for my taste -- although I agree with him on many issues.



Thanks for writing.



Viewer Email:

Subject: Senator Byrd


No homer, not hardly. The Senator served up an infield blooper of fuzzy rhetoric and hot air.

Senator Byrd is a work of art. Of course that is a kind of neo-ante bellum art, cloaked once in sheet and
hood, dripping with sugary rhetoric, and snuggled securely in the certainty that the the barrel of pork in his native W. Virginia will go on for as long as the white maned fossil remains the darling of under educated voters.

The Senator's carping criticism about the war, it's purpose and its outcome, seems silly to most, sour grapes at best, hollow, short sighted, illogical, and uttered in haste.

We feel sorry for Senator Byrd. He is on his way to becoming a bit of an anachronism, charming, perhaps, but utterly out of touch with the realities of his time. Sort of like Ramsey Clark.

Luke Angelo
Macon, GA


I was in W. Virginia many decades ago.  Poverty was rampant.  Roads were few and in horrible condition.

Today, W. Virginia has roads, federal and private jobs and other such pork brought in by Senator Byrd.


Do you consider Georgia federal funding of MARTA in Atlanta pork?  Or all the Georgia military bases pork?


The people of W. Virginia should be grateful to Senator Byrd.


One man's pork is another's treasure.



"A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights." Napoleon Bonaparte



I protected Texas from Oklahoma

during the Vietnam war while

John McCain was a POW.

Ain't I cool?







Viewer Commentary anonymously sent to Zelda

Bush lied
G.I.s Died
That's a CRIME




Tax cuts for the wealthy cannot return to the economy while continued off shore movement of tax refunds and corporate profits are permitted.
Someone show me where and how the tax cuts for the wealthy are being reinvested in the United States.
Termites international - " We Bore from within "




republicans are boring. loud and repetitive.
shallow debate.
democrats have the freedom to think. your website is proof of that.
thank you.

I have one question today. Why did Hillary Clinton have to give up her law practice during her husband's Presidency, yet no one raised a fuss about Barbara Bush having her picture on all those oatmeal boxes during George H.W. Bush's Presidency?
Eric M



It's nice to hear the name Annika in the news instead of Monica.



Sorenstam Misses Cut in PGA Experiment

Stamford Advocate, CT 5-23-03
FORT WORTH, Texas -- Annika Sorenstam ended her experiment on the PGA Tour the
same way it started: making a pressure-packed shot in front of an enormous ...



Faced with a heavily armed population and a severe crime wave, U.S. forces in Iraq on Friday outlined a new weapons policy that bans automatic and heavy weapons.





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IndyMedia De-Googled because of Right-Wing Pressure 5/23




Where're Osama, Saddam and the unused weapons of mass destruction? - Lisa