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Rand Paul: WH criticism of BP sounds 'un-American'

AP - 5-21-10

Taking another unconventional stand, Kentucky's Republican Senate nominee Rand Paul criticized President Barack Obama's handling of the Gulf oil spill Friday as anti-business and sounding "really un-American."


Corporate PACs shift giving from incumbents to GOP
Washington Post - T.W. Farnam, Carol D. Leonnig - 5-20-10
As part of an effort dubbed "Sell the Fight," House Republican leaders have met privately with corporate executives and lobbyists to argue that their giving...

BP swamped by criticism, spilled oil keeps coming

Louisiana (Reuters) – Anger, skepticism and accusations of lying washed over energy giant BP Plc on Friday as it desperately pursued efforts to contain a month-old seabed well leak billowing crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.


The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

Catering Terrorists?


 The U.S. Embassy warned Friday that terrorist groups may have "established links" to a high-class catering company in Pakistan that a security official said is owned by a suspect arrested over the failed car bombing in Times Square.



The U.S. Navy announced this week they are now using sea lions to fight terrorism. They did a drill this week where they hid a bomb underwater. A trained sea lion found the bomb in less than a minute. The bad news? He then balanced the bomb on his nose, threw it back at the trainer.- Jay Leno





Subject: Arizona Law


I don't really understand your stance on the Arizona law? I think that they are just trying to force the Federal government to start enforcing laws on the books since Reagan. I am not a democrat, I am a liberal American veteran who is, first an foremost, a Patriot. The United States has one of the most liberal immigration policies in the world, yet 12 to 20 million people have decided that they are more qualified to set our immigration policy. By doing so, they have broken the law. I don't see that returning to ones country of origin to live is such a horrible thing. Our economy is in turmoil and many Americans are being undercut in their employment by employers that can pay 30 to 60% less to an illegal by just going by the Home Depot in the morning. The parking lot is full of prospective undocumented workers (worst kept secret in America). If the government enforced the use of e-verify and began prosecuting employers who hire cheap illegal immigrant labor, at a huge cost to our citizen work force, the problem would go away soon. Polls show that 70% of Americans approve of the spirit of the law in Arizona. Americans want their job opportunities back. As long as employers are permitted to freely use "cheap illegal labor" we will continue to have problems. I am not anti immigration, simply anti illegal immigration. I want to have a strong American workforce who can make a living wage, not "lowest bidder" mentality. A strong America is a benefit to us all.



Since Reagan? Hmm, Reagan gave amnesty to what, 4 million illegal immigrants.


I believe that we need to secure our borders. During the Bush administration I suggested on AHNC that two National Guardsmen be stationed every 1/4 mile on our land borders, Canada included. I am worried about the terrorists that have always known our borders are unsecured.


Once the land borders prevent entrance by illegal immigrants they will turn to the water. And our water borders are a lot longer and easier to penetrate than our land borders.


Personally, I feel Mexicans and Canadians should be able to freely travel and work in the US. Especially the Mexicans. The more neighborly taxpayers the better.


After Hurricane Ivan in 2004 there were not enough Americans qualified to repair the damage. I know, I hired a local roofer who had shipped in some "migrant workers" from Central America via Texas because he could not find enough local workers..


The US employers attract desperate illegal immigrants with slave wages. Imagine all the taxes that could have been collected for generations...probably in the billions of dollars. And the US has turned it's back on this ILLEGAL practice and has allowed businesses to abuse these illegal immigrants.


The Arizona law seems to be out of frustration because the Feds have not been doing their job. But it is the job of the Feds, not Arizona, according to that little pesky piece of paper, the US Constitution. The horrible violence on the border is mainly due to the huge drug appetite in the US.


But Arizona showed their racist stripes by wanting to eliminate ethnic studies in their schools at the same time. Perfect timing, eh?  What, no knowledge of how Arizona was Mexico at one time?


Sadly, America is a racist country.  Just read the comments by Yahoo! readers Calderon visit marred by poor translation


Of course, the oil spill will create many jobs to clean up the mess from Texas to Florida. Hopefully, BP will be doing the hiring and not the US.


By the way, I have no problem showing my passport or driver's license when asked here in Costa Rica. Here you can show a photocopy of your passport. Odd, I've always very easy to forge.


FYI: More US Passports are stolen in Costa Rica than in any other country in the world.





Disturbing News

After 8 Years, Now They Tell Us


The U.S. military's workhorse rifle — used in battle for the last 40 years — is proving less effective in Afghanistan against the Taliban's more primitive but longer range weapons.

As a result, the U.S. is reevaluating the performance of its standard M-4 rifle and considering a switch to weapons that fire a larger round largely discarded in the 1960s.





Republican-Shenanigans News

The Environmental Protection Agency To Finally Protect the Environment?


The Environmental Protection Agency is moving to control the emissions blamed for global warming from power plants, factories and oil refineries.

The EPA said Thursday it is completing a rule requiring large polluters to reduce six greenhouse gases by installing better technology and improving energy efficiency. The step should be taken whenever a facility is built or significantly modified. The rule will take effect in July 2011 and applies to any industrial plant that emits at least 75,000 tons of greenhouse gases a year.



Funny Bumper Stickers from


Rock-The-Voter News

Who's Discriminated Most Against in America?


 More people say Hispanics than blacks or women — and it's far from just Hispanics who feel that way.



And in Connecticut, Attorney General Dick Blumenthal’s campaign is now saying there are only four times that Blumenthal said he served in Vietnam when he really didn’t. That’s what politics has come down to now, when your campaign slogan is, “I only lied four times.”- Jay Leno




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Biz-Tech News

Senate Approves Regulating Wall Street?


The Senate Thursday night passed the most sweeping changes in government regulation of the nation's financial institutions since the Great Depression, including strong new consumer and investor protections and provisions that seek to shine a bright light on the dark corners of Wall Street





A study examining cell phone use and brain tumors was generally inconclusive. The only certain conclusion: Obnoxious businessmen who screamed into their phones the second their flights landed were more likely to experience sudden head-slap injuries. - Laugh Lines


Bush-Prison-Torture News

Bernie Madoff Shows Up In White House Bushes


 In the midst of his battle with the titans of Wall Street, President Barack Obama was nearly upstaged by a rodent. Obama had just begun a Rose Garden statement lauding the end of a Senate filibuster on his financial overhaul when some kind of rodent dashed out of the bushes to his right, just outside the Oval Office.






A study says that men taking Viagra are at risk of hearing loss. This mysterious ailment is called “becoming old.”- Laugh Lines


Go-F**k-Yourself News


Scientists in Maryland and California were able to turn inanimate chemicals into a living organism. These were the same geeks in high school who were told “get a life.” - Laugh Lines




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