May 21,  2004  TGIF

Chalabi keeps network, could thwart US goals despite fall from grace
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 5-21-04
The raid by Iraqi police and US agents of the home and political headquarters of controversial politician Ahmed Chalabi seems to mark the dramatic downfall of ...
How charismatic Chalabi lost favor with US
Seattle Times, WA 

Analysis: Rise and fall of Chalabi
BBC News, UK - 5-21-04
By Roger Hardy. The man once promoted by Washington as a possible leader of Iraq, Ahmed Chalabi, has suffered a stunning reversal of fortune. ...

Chalabi quits after US raid
The Age, Australia - 5-21-04
A leading Iraqi Governing Council member, Ahmad Chalabi, has severed ties with the US-led coalition after a police and military raid on his house..

FYI: Chalabi is wanted in Jordan for bank fraud.

"There is talk now that President Bush may tap into our emergency oil reserves. But I'm asking didn't we already do this? Wasn't that called invading Iraq?" —Craig Kilborn

Bush leads 'pep rally' for GOP lawmakers
Seattle Times, WA - 5-21-04
By Dana Milbank and Charles Babington. WASHINGTON — President Bush ascended Capitol Hill yesterday for what Republican lawmakers ...

"I've seen how well things can work out for a C student." - George "Legacy Abuser" Bush delivering LSU's commencement address instead of attending his own daughter's graduation

Terror Alert

FBI Issues Homeland Suicide Bomber Warning TIME

...The FBI bulletin also notes that suicide bombers may disguise themselves in stolen military, police or firefighter's garb, or even as pregnant women...

FBI warns of bombers in America
Boston Herald, MA

FBI warns of possible suicide attacks

Breaking News

Martha Stewart stock jumps on report of charges against government official San Francisco Chronicle, CA 

Forensic Expert Charged With Lying in Martha Stewart Case, NY


More birds of a feather...

Arrows pointing to Ahmed Chalabi and Laura Bush

Mrs. Bush applauds her special guest, Dr. Adnan Pachachi, President

of the Iraqi Governing Council, during President Bush's State of the

Union Address at the U.S. Capitol Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2004. "Sir, America

stands with you and the Iraqi people as you build a free and peaceful

nation," said the President in his acknowledgement of Dr. Pachachi.

White House photo by Paul Morse.

Disturbing News

As the President is getting off the helicopter in front of the
White House, he has a baby pig under each arm.
The Marine guard snaps to attention, salutes, and says: "Nice pigs, sir."
The President replies:
"These are not pigs, these are authentic Texan Razorback Hogs.
I got one for VP Cheney, and I got one for Defense Secretary Rumsfeld"
The Marine again snaps to attention, salutes, and replies,
"Nice trade, sir."


I am OUTRAGED that a P.O.S. like Dennis Hastert has the nerve to criticize John McCain about sacrifice. McCain is a true Patriot, even if he his a Republican.

Keep up the good work, I'm a big AHNC fan.


I agree. The GOP mantra should be When in doubt, denigrate their patriotism

Hi Lisa!
Imagine my chagrin when I read about Dennis Hastert
lecturing John McCain about sacrifice. I have repeatedly said
the Republican right trashes even their own if they go against the
party, and today we have ugly proof of that. I wrote Mr. Hastert and
told him he owed Mr. McCain an apology. Do you think he'll give one?


Commandment XII: Republicans never have to say they're sorry.

Listening to Chickenhawk Hastert (fyi: he got a deferment for bad knees during Vietnam and went on to coach high school wrestling) dress down McCain is akin to Bush & Co. bashing McCain's POW years during the 2000 South Carolina primary or Saxby Chambliss denigrating the patriotism of Max Cleland, Vietnam triple amputee or Bush & Co denigrating John Kerry’s medals.

Methinks the rightwingers are afraid of McCain.

And they should be because he tells the truth.

Sent in by Mel

Nursery Crimes

Talk, talk, Chickenhawks squawk!
Bush's bus is coming to town;
words of fear, a simpering leer,
and lies spread all around.

John Grant - Japan

Will We Get To Vote in 2004 News?

What Giuliani Missed
Washington Post, DC - 5-21-04
By EJ Dionne Jr. For perhaps 72 hours after 8:45 am Sept. 11, 2001, Rudy Giuliani played the role of acting president of the United States. ...


Giuliani's 9/11 account clashes with evidence
International Herald Tribune, France - 5-21-04
NEW YORK In the epic accounts of Sept. 11 provided this week by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and his aides, the police and fire ...


We were too easy on Rudy
Newsday, NY - 5-21-04
BY THOMAS FRANK. WASHINGTON - A member of the Sept. 11 commission expressed regret yesterday over the questioning of former New York ...




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Republican Shenanigans

Kuchma, Bush Sr. discuss Ukrainian-US relations
Interfax, Ukraine - 5-21-04
Kyiv, May 21 (Interfax-Ukraine) - Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma and the 41st President of the US George Bush Sr. discussed current ...

Oil reserve quandary
Monterey County Herald, CA - 5-21-04
... In 1991 as oil prices soared in advance of a war with Iraq, former President Bush authorized the release and sale of 33 million barrels. ...

"There are now videos from Iraq showing American soldiers having group sex. Well, who said men and women couldn't serve in the Armed Forces together, huh? It's working out great, yeah!" Jay Leno

The Wastrel Son

By Paul Krugman New York Times

It seems increasingly likely that the nation will end up disowning President Bush and his debts...

Biz/Tech News

"An article came out in New Yorker Magazine that said in order to gather intelligence Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld authorized a secret program that encouraged the sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners. Rumsfeld said the article is outlandish, conspiratorial and full of conjecture. He didn't say it was wrong. He just said all those things." —Jay Leno

Good News

Michael Moore gets burned by public face - Akron Beacon Journal (subscription)

Odd News

"President Bush said today he wants U.S. troops to pull out — of each other." —Jay Leno


422 billion dollars divided by 292.078.602 us-citizens ... an incredible amount
of money ...
do you know maybe how much money your government plans to spend for education ?

Erich- Austria

Great question. Here is a link to the budget

President Bush Requests $57.3 billion in discretionary appropriations for the Department of Education for FY 2005.

"You know all about the cicadas, they come to New York City every 17 years to have sex. No wait a minute, that's the Republican Convention."
  David Letterman

In this NASA image obtained 04 May, 2004, shows a port on the International Space Station (ISS). A well known Japanese personality, whose name is being kept secret, is to go on a mission to the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting the Earth, a US company announced. (NASA/HO)