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Paul takes heat for Civil Rights comments

CNN - 5-20-10

Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Jack Conway is putting the heat on GOP rival Rand Paul over Paul's recent comments regarding the 1964 Civil Rights Act... In response to questions, Paul said he supports the 46-year old measure except for the provisions that outlaw private businesses from discriminating on the basis of race.


Islamic leaders decry Tea Party reference to Muslim 'monkey-god'


 A national leader of the conservative Tea Party movement has been strongly criticized by Islamic civil rights leaders for referring to the proposed site of a New York City mosque as a place for Muslims to worship "the terrorists' monkey-god."

Paul in 2002: 'A free society' must allow private discrimination

CNN - 5-20-10

 Long before he was a Republican candidate for Senate in Kentucky, Bowling Green ophthalmologist Rand Paul penned a letter to his local newspaper defending the rights of private businesses to discriminate based on race.


Rand Paul believes all men are created equal...unless the store owner disagrees.


Goldman Sachs' approval rating is down to 4%, which makes a person think that 4% of Americans have family members working for GS. - Will Durst




The-World-Will-Be-A-Safer-Place-Without Saddam

North versus South


Tensions deepened Thursday on the Korean peninsula as South Korea accused North Korea of firing a torpedo that sank a naval warship, killing 46 sailors in the country's worst military disaster since the Korean War.

President Lee Myung-bak vowed "stern action" for the provocation



The Miss USA beauty pageant is under fire again for judging contestants based on their answers to politically charged questions. The Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has been too busy to address this issue, as she is vigorously training for the swimsuit portion of her Senate confirmation hearing. - Laugh Lines



Disturbing News


Why is it that when there's the tiniest threat of a hurricane near the Gulf, the price of a barrel of oil skyrockets, but when there's an actual spill of epic proportions it drops? - Zing!


Catholic Craziness Continues



Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley on Wednesday defended a priest who denied admission to a parish school to a gay couple's child, calling it a pastoral decision and saying the priest had his "full confidence and support."...The archdiocese's head of education later called the parent, apologized and offered to help the 8-year-old enroll in another Catholic school.





Republican-Shenanigans News

Governor Good Hair Offered Home By Labor Union


 A labor union has a new home for the Texas governor, whose spacious accommodations cost the state nearly $10,000 a month.

This home has no pool or fancy ice machine. But it's a delightful shade of green — and it's mobile.


Well, that’s the big story in Connecticut. Their attorney general, Richard Blumenthal, who was considered a shoo-in for his race for the U.S. Senate, is now under fire for claiming that he served in Vietnam when he really didn’t. Turns out he has no war record at all. In fact, only combat experience? Shooting himself in the foot.
Well, the truth is he got five deferments, like Dick Cheney. Then he used connections to get into a special reserve unit, like George Bush. And he would have been fine, if he hadn’t lied like John Edwards.-
Jay Leno

Rock-The-Voter News

Norway Has Got It Right


The world's best record on offshore oil is enjoyed by Norway, a free and democratic country where North Sea oil provides not only a major source of employment, but the funding for universal health care, education and a panoply of other important benefits. In Norway, oil drillers are expected to implement the most advanced systems of environmental protection. That's because the Norwegian people own the oil-and the oilmen answer to them.



There is so much oil now in the Gulf of Mexico, and you can thank the folks of British Petroleum for this, so much oil in the Gulf, you can now park on it.- David Letterman



Subject: Oil leak is getting bad in Gulf Breeze


Right now there are big problems. My community is in big trouble.
The air smells of turpentine , I cannot go out side my throat is closing
up NOT GOOD !! The winds shifted yesterday and brought in the smell .
My friend's son begged us to go the sound and see all the crabs . The sight was
unbelievable ! They were still alive but they did not move ! The stingrays
were in the grassland in sound and they are trying to get out !!!
We went to beach and there are hundreds of stingrays still in water .
Jellyfish and birds are now starting to wash up . Julie's brother was fishing
in bay and was run out of water by sharks !! Fish are trying to get out of
the stinking water !!! WE ARE DOOMED !! Tell your readers NOT to come
to coast the air is not fit to breath !!


Peg in Gulf Breeze


I think the only visitors to the Gulf this year will be hurricanes.




Ads by Google



Biz-Tech News

Bank Closings Update


The government says the number of troubled banks kept growing last quarter even as the industry as a whole had its best quarter in two years.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said Thursday that the number of banks on its confidential "problem" list leaped to 775 from 702 in the January-March period.


“We have been able to contain the spill in the vicinity of the leak and now the focus is on how we get the people of the Gulf Coast back to normal operations.” - BP CEO Hayward told reporters, flanked by Florida governor Charlie Crist



"Shouldn't L.A. have expected the threat of a brownout from a state that wants browns out?" - Laugh Lines


Go-F**k-Yourself News


A study says that eating processed meats like hot dogs, bacon and sausage is unhealthy. The study was called the “Watching people coming out of Denny’s Restaurant" project.- Laugh Lines



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