May 20,  2004 Thursday


Washington's 'friend' Chalabi raided
The Age, Australia - 5-20-04

US troops raided a house used by Governing Council member Ahmad Chalabi and searched his party offices in Baghdad yesterday, piling pressure on the former ...

...Mr Chalabi, an exile who lived abroad for more than four decades, was convicted in absentia of bank fraud in 1992 by a military court in Jordan

US Favorite Takes A Tumble
CBS News - 5-20-04
(CBS/AP) In the latest setback for a man once seen as the possible leader of a free and Democratic Iraq, US soldiers and Iraqi police raided the Baghdad home ...

US raids ally's Baghdad offices
Al-Jazeera, Qatar - 5-20-04
Iraqi police and US troops have raided the head office of the party of Governing Council member Ahmad Chalabi, a key US ally. The ...

Is Chalabi George W. Bush's Noriega?

Dubya and his Dad sure have a lousy judgment of "characters".

"Apparently we're handing over power to the Iraqis on June 30th. Actually, we're just handing them the leash." —Jay Leno


"How 'bout that George Bush. You know that George Bush. Oh man, I'm telling you, I wouldn't give his troubles to a monkey on a rock. And the White House is now saying that they still do not have a timetable for when the U.S. will be out of Iraq although they hinted that it might be early in the Kerry administration." David Letterman

Recruiting Down  since 9 11

Where have all the patriots gone?

Disturbing News


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I found out about it from you.)

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Thank you for sending the link.  I love Costa Rica.

Nursery Crimes

Dick and George
went down the gorge
to seek Iraqi glory.
Dick fell in
and started to spin
and George flip-flopped his story.

John Grant – Japan


If you missed Larry King Live on Tuesday, the tribute to Tony Randell was great! His wife was quoted as saying that Mr. Randell would like to extend an invitation to Bush and Cheney to attend his funeral so that they could both be turned away and also he would have liked to receive the Kennedy Center award so that he could turn it down because Bush was presenting it! Get a copy of the show and listen to her quotes!

James Majors

Thanks James.  Here is the entire quote with a link to the full transcript.

“Well, I have to tell you a funny story about that. He was having another surgery a few weeks ago and he had decided he didn't want to do it. The pep talk I gave him was, honey, you got to hang in there so you can get the Kennedy Center honor this year so you can turn it down in the presence of George W. Bush. He was an ardent left-winger”. Heather Randall, wife of recently deceased Tony Randall click here for transcript from Larry King Live

"Congress now says they are reviewing the sex videos, so at least we have the comfort of knowing they’re being reviewed by experts in this area." —Jay Leno

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Republican  Shenanigans

New York, NY

Sent in by Bob Hanson


'Make Nice'? Not Likely
Newsweek, NY - May 17, 2004
... mayor Ed Koch—a Democrat, no less!—to drive the welcome wagon. "The Republicans are coming to town," reads one of the ads featuring Koch. "Make nice."


Biz/Tech News

 "The Bush Administration now has renewed its call for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Well, it is an election year. I guess they feel the only time naked guys should be on top of each other is in an Iraqi prison."  Jay Leno


Dear Lisa:
You will be assimilated. There is no hope for you. Resistance is futile. The republican machine is coming for you. You can run but, you can't hide for very long. It doesn't hurt...much. You will be assigned a new number and it will be on a missing chad. You will wear your new number and you will like it. You will become friends with Anne Coulter...and you will like it. She is coming to your house and she will teach you about submission...and tupperware. It is the future...and you will like it. John Ashcroft has a new assignment for you...and you will like it.
We can't tolerate anymore of your disrespect. We can't tolerate anymore of your nasty photos. Never mind about our nasty can't see them, therefore they don't exist. Resistance doesn't exist. Resistance is...are you ready?...FUTILE! You will be assimilated into the collective...and you will like it.
much love and kissy, kissy...
Karl Rove

I hope that you are well,
Don Nash

Good to hear from you Don.

If they are coming to get me, can I have Chalabi's old job?

The son of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, of Tennessee, was busted for alleged drunk driving in Princeton Borough yesterday.

I saw this at

Giuliani urges 'compassion' in defending 9/11 rescuers
San Francisco Chronicle, CA 

I watched Giuliani testify yesterday .  He stated that when the first plane hit the World Trade Center he immediately knew it was a terrorist attack.  Dubya called the incident "done by one bad pilot" and went into a classroom for a photo-op.

What a difference in leadership.

"There is some very disturbing video that's being passed around that shows U.S. soldiers in the Abu Gharib prison involved in group sex or having orgies. ...You want to know how wild it is over there? I guess already six soldiers got purple hearts for Chlamydia."  —Jay Leno

Why would all of our petroleum reserves be located in two neighboring states?  Doesn't sound too safe or smart to me.

"President Bush planning for a quick exit from Iraq. He's doing that to avoid a quick exit from the White House." —Jay Leno

Good News

LIMA, OH (IWR News Parody) - President Bush this afternoon broke his nose by running head first into his limo door.  According to White House sources, Mr. Bush was suffering from a 'psychological relapse' brought on when Mr. Bush came in contact with powdered sugar at the Nickles Bakery while on the campaign trail in Lima.

Odd News

Australian soldier Andrew Nichols sits below a relief artwork in Baghdad in this May 4, 2004 handout photograph. Nichols is part of Operation Catalyst, Australia's defence contribution to coalition military operations in Iraq and includes training the new Iraqi Army and helping facilitate the transition of Iraq to self-government. Picture taken May 4, 2004. (Australian Defence Force/Lance Corporal Neil Ruskin

Giuliani gets rude greeting from families of 9/11 victims
Ithaca Journal, NY - 5-20-04a 10-page staff report saying that basic flaws in the city's emergency 911 phone system denied ...

Giuliani made another interesting comment in his testimony yesterday--he mentioned that it was the vice president who called him about an hour after the attacks on 911.

911 Commission Website

Giuliani's testimony is the only one without a transcript, as of noon on 5-20-04.  I wonder why. 

Click here for the 911 Commission's website


Did anyone see Janeane Garofalo on "The Daily Show" Wednesday night?

She called DUMBya "a fundamentalist" and Jon Stewart questioned
that. "I knew he was a born-again Christian but..."

Without missing a beat, Janeane said "No, he IS a fundamentalist. He
believes in all this 'Rapture' stuff. THAT's why he's trashing the

Even if this stuff he believes in was true (ha ha), what gives
DUMBya the impression that the folks in heaven would take HIM? (The
guy's as delusional as he is arrogant, greedy and stupid!)

Terry C

What gives Dumbya  the right to think he would go to heaven is the same right that gives Dennis Hastert the "kahonees" to lecture John McCain on sacrifice in wartime.  Compassionate Conservative Arrogance.

You might be a right wing republican never understood what was so funny about Alex Keaton.


A window washer is seen from below as he cleans a glass roof in Shanghai.