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Bush seeks more food aid for poor countries
International Herald Tribune - 5-2-08

WASHINGTON: President George W. Bush has proposed spending an additional $770 million in emergency food assistance for poor countries, responding to rising food prices that have caused social unrest in several nations

Panel threatens to subpoena Rove
CNN - 5-2-08
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House Judiciary Committee threatened Thursday to subpoena former White House adviser Karl Rove if he does not agree by May 12 to..


All salmon fishing banned on West Coast
San Francisco Chronicle - 5-2-08
Salmon fishing was banned along the West Coast for the first time in 160 years Thursday, a decision that is expected to have a devastating economic impact on fishermen, dozens of businesses, tourism and boating


How about Bush putting some food on our poor country?



New breed of burglars steal gas, food - Grant Gerver,



"President Bush is taking a lot of heat right now, with the economy. President Bush has just been accused of trying to avoid questions about the economy. Because during yesterday's press conference, he told a reporter that she looked good in yellow and then asked about her baby. Even more embarrassing for Bush, the reporter was Wolf Blitzer." --Conan O'Brien





I Y Longshoremen


About 10,000 longshore workers that handle cargo along the West Coast of the United States stayed away from work on Thursday in a one-day protest against the war in Iraq, union officials said on Thursday.



On Fifth ‘Anniversary,’ Bush Declares ‘Missionary Position Accomplished’

By Don Davis




Disturbing News

Just Say NO!


President Bush sent lawmakers a $70 billion request Friday to fund U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan into next spring, which would give the next president breathing room to make his or her own war policy.



George Walker Bush is the most unpopular president in modern history.
Don't worry, he can still turn it around before January.
- Grant Gerver,





What’s Really Behind Hillary’s ‘Testicular Fortitude’

By Don Davis








Subject: Have you seen this?





WARNING: Offensive word! Before any of you link to the above you may want to read this, in case you already haven't Book: McCain temper boiled over in '92 tirade, called wife a ....






"Surprising Facts About Barack Obama"

10. My first act as President will be to stop the fighting between Lauren and Heidi on “The Hills.”

9. In the Illinois primary, I accidentally voted for Kucinich.

8. When I tell my kids to clean their room, I finish with, “I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message.”

7. Throughout high school, I was consistently voted “Barackiest.”

6. Earlier today I bowled a 39.

5. I have cancelled all my appearances the day the “Sex and the City” movie opens.

4. It’s the birthplace of Fred Astaire. (Sorry, that’s a surprising fact about Omaha)

3. We are tirelessly working to get the endorsement of Kentucky Derby favorite Colonel John.

2. This has nothing to do with the Top Ten, but what the heck is up with Paula Abdul?

1. I have not slept since October.


[As presented by Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Barack Obama on the Thursday, May 1 broadcast of the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN, seen weeknights (11:35 PM‑12:37 AM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.]



"Barack Obama spoke today about the need to send a man into space. The man he wants to send? The Reverend Jeremiah Wright." --Jay Leno







"Hey, did you know this? It was 219 years ago today [when] George Washington took office as our first president. And John McCain said, 'Has it been 219 years already? " --Jay Leno









Subject: Economic note


Hi Lisa,

Yesterday you quoted Hillary Clinton as saying, "People are net losers under the Bush economy. They were net winners under the Clinton economy. We're going to bring back a good, positive economy for the vast majority of Americans."

That made me wonder just how good the Bill Clinton years were economically. So I imagined investing $100 in an S&P 500 Index Fund at the start of each president's term since March 1957, when the present S&P 500 was introduced.

Here's what happened to the value of my $100 under each president (before inflation).

Clinton       $ 308.28

Reagan      $ 218.20

Bush-41     $ 153.23

Johnson      $ 140.49

Eisenhower $ 136.09

Ford           $ 129.12

Carter         $ 127.42

Kennedy     $ 115.46

Bush-43      $ 104.95

Nixon          $ 79.56

The results change slightly when you adjust for inflation, but the order remains almost the same. And Hillary Clinton is right: after adjusting for inflation, my $100 increased in real terms to $285.86 under President Clinton. On the other hand, George W. Bush, with his feces touch, turned his $100 into $85.63.

If we want to return to a Clinton economy, that would be quite alright with me.

Hang in there,



I am so glad my readers are smarter than me or otherwise this would be a really boring site!


Thank you so much for the fascinating figures, Rick <----who does not have the feces touch!



"David Blaine today broke the world record for holding his breath, on 'Oprah' - 17 minutes, four seconds. Blaine has now frozen himself, he's starved himself, he's gone without sleep for weeks, and deprived himself of oxygen. Today, Dick Cheney said, 'See, it's not torture. It's magic.'" --Jimmy Kimmel






Has Jose Had Too Many Steroids?


Jose Canseco, the former AL MVP who made millions during his baseball career, has had his home foreclosed.




Subject: So how was the graduation?




viewing your site for close to six years i feel i know you. may i be so bold to ask how your son's graduation went? it is so nice that you do not hide behind some clever madeup name and you let us know your ups and downs. i love you and your site because you are a real person, not one that just tells us what we want to hear and see.




Hi Lennie,

Sure you can, I'd thought no one would ever ask! (actually many of you wonderful people have.) After I returned from the hospital stitched up after bursting with pride, the graduation was fabulous. The theme of the speakers was that "we are a tribe" and FSU will always be there for us (I'm a Florida State grad, too!) My son received a dual degree in Chinese Language and Culture and Criminology. He leaves midsummer to study in China for a year. That said, I will be totally broke and need Bush's rebate check fast!



One of FSU's best standing in front of the cathedral to college

football and our favorite FSU Statue "Unconquered"  The statue

was named to honor the Seminole Tribe for being the only

Indian Nation not to sign a treaty with the United States.

Photo-Lisa Casey







"And this week, the government started mailing out those rebate checks. You get $600, plus $300 for every child you have. That means so far, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have taken in over $44,000. Pretty nice." --Jay Leno


Go-F**k-Yourself News




A 21-year-old North Texas man was arrested last week for trying to cash a $360 billion check, saying he wanted to start a record business, authorities said. Tellers at the Fort Worth bank were immediately suspicious — perhaps the 10 zeros on a personal check tipped them off, according to investigators.



"Boy, it is hard to keep up with all these crises we have in America. Remember last week, when everybody in America was obese? Remember that? This week there's a food shortage. What happened over the weekend? Did we pig out and eat all the food?" --Jay Leno






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A general view shows the Hangzhou Bay Bridge in Ningbo, Zhejiang province May 1, 2008. China opened the world's longest cross-sea bridge on Thursday, linking the financial and commercial hub of Shanghai with the booming port and industrial city of Ningbo, the official Xinhua news agency said. While China is building new bridges, the bridges in the United States are falling down.