May 2 2003  Friday Issue

You can call me Joe

Scarborough tries to carve out niche on talk TV

By George Gurley - The New York Observer

Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman from Florida and ubiquitous spokesman for George W. Bush during the 2000 campaign, was sitting recently in his small office inside the space-station-like headquarters of MSNBC in Secaucus, N.J.



Robert Flanigan

So, is it unhealthy to live in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties? According to a study that the Pensacola News Journal conducted it is.

The newspaper spent 90 days analyzing data in regards to the level of toxic chemicals released into the local environment in relation to the large number of health problems here.

Geraldo Rivera Site Attacks News Rivals
Reuters, UK - 5-2-03

Without naming names but implying that it is MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Keith Olbermann whom he's particularly angry with, Rivera writes, "Using a neo-Nazi ex-Congressman and a psycho ex-sportscaster as their hatchet men, they lobbed accusations and innuendo aimed at using my sand drawing to destroy a 33-year career far more distinguished than anything to which either of that hapless pair can aspire."

The cartoon today was inspired by the enormous ego of Joe Scarborough (R-No military service).    No wonder Joe moved to work in New Jersey -- it has cleaner air than Pensacola.


It's Michael Dukakis,, it's Dubya!



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50 Ways to Leave Your Lover



"Inside this cute, girl exterior -- just dying to get out -- is a toothless, uncle-sucking, tractor hag with massive, cottage cheese thighs spilling over the sides of my chair and cigar ashes falling on my keyboard." - Anita Beer pandering to the Hollywood, stereotype perceptions of Mrs. Hippie girls.

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Hong Kong researchers warn SARS virus mutating, hard to fight
Channel News Asia - 5-2-03

Researchers in Hong Kong have warned that the SARS virus is mutating fast and this could complicate efforts to develop a solid diagnosis and a vaccine


Billy Bush - W's Cousin is employed in the highly intellectual field the Bush family is accustomed to--  LET'S MAKE A DEAL

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Sent in by my pal from Spain - Jose Luis

"I would sooner drive a shuttle bus at a Bejing hospital complex than sit through another speech by George W. Bush." - Barry Crimmins


EMAIL: Bonnie

SUBJECT: All Hat No Cattle

I love All Hat No Cattle and look forward to checking it out every morning.

While watching Bush being welcomed aboard the Lincoln this afternoon we couldn't help but notice that the honor guard of colored shirts that welcomed him aboard looked like an honor guard of Teletubbies. My sister-in-law and I both said it at the same time and got absolutely hysterical. Thought you could maybe use this on your site.

Daytona, FL

Haha. And Bush looked like Dukakis in that helmet (see foto above)

Kyra Philips, Bush gushing CNN reporter, made this comment as Bush exited the jet,..."Tom Cruise, move over."  My husband turned to me and said, "She should have said Alfred E. Newman move over because that's who he looks like."


In case you missed the Daily Show with Jon Stewart interviewing President G.W. Bush and Governor G.W. Bush at the same time.  Excellent.  You need Real Player.

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They are selling unofficial Bush '04 buttons and bumper stickers in Crawford, Texas that say "Keep America rolling." Apparently they ran out of space or they would have included "downhill."  - Barry Crimmins


"The GOP and their right-wing press spend so much time talking about Somalia, where we lost 18,
so nobody remembers the 240 Marines who died in Lebanon because the GOP thought it would be
wise to occupy a country full of suicide bombers." - Bartcop