TGIF/Weekend edition - May 19-21, 2006


US Calls for New Ban on Production of Atomic Bomb Material
Bloomberg -
The US called for a new international treaty banning the production of atomic materials for weapons while not affecting current stocks of ...


Venezuela stages mock foreign invasion
Reuters - 5-19-06
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has for years predicted that a foreign army would attack the South American nation to snatch its vast oil reserves.

N Korea preparing missile launch
Bangkok Post - 5-19-06
Tokyo (dpa) - North Korea appears to be preparing to fire a long-range ballistic missile, Japanese media reports said Friday. Satellite photographs showed activity near a missile test site in north-eastern ...


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David Letterman: “Top Ten Signs The Government Is Spying On You:


10. Post Office wall has several photos of you sleeping.

9. Your houseplant occasionally sneezes.

8. Domino’s keeps delivering to unmarked van parked across the street.

7. Birthday card from your mom has several words blacked out.

6. You get nominated for outstanding lead performance in an NSA surveillance video.

5. Your dishwasher functions are ‘wash,’ ‘rinse,’ and ‘record.’

4. Local news only reporting things that happen in your living room.

3. Every time you say goodbye on the phone, you hear a strange voice say, ‘Roger that, Chico.’

2. You googled a recipe for humus and the FBI raided your house.

1. Suddenly discovered an antenna bolted to your ass.”




Radical Toons




The-World-Is-A-Safer-Place-Without-Saddam News


Dang, just when the war in Iraq is going so well, Afghanistan has to rear its ugly head. So much for God being on our side. -- Grant Gerver


Disturbing News





Besides telling us how to live, think, marry, pray, vote, invest, educate our children and, die the GOP has done a fine job of getting government out of our lives. -- Zing!



Bush Pisses Off GOP Senator

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, who has pushed a tough border security bill through the House, accused President Bush on Wednesday of abandoning the legislation after asking for many of its provisions.

"He basically turned his back on provisions of the House-passed bill, a lot of which we were requested to put in the bill by the White House," Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., angrily told reporters in a conference call.


Republican Shenanigans



When Karl Rove is indicted, I propose a National Holiday just for "Smartypants Liberals." (His term, not mine.) -- Grant Gerver





Ted Kennedy Is Too Dangerous to Work With.  Who knew?


House members said that Mr. Rove had made little headway and that most Republicans remained adamantly opposed to any plan that leads to citizenship for those unlawfully in the United States.

One House Republican also warned Mr. Rove
that it was dangerous to work too closely with Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, one of the authors of the Senate legislation.




"Every two weeks we will rotate out the National Guard? That's like starting a heart surgery and having the whole team of doctors and nurses leap up after every five minutes and switch. How are you going to be successful with that? I have a lot of concerns with it." - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Bush's border proposal

Rock-The-Voter News



Senate Passes English Only. Bush Exempted.


The Senate first voted 63-34 to make English the national language after lawmakers who led the effort said it would promote national unity.

But critics argued the move would prevent limited English speakers from getting language assistance required by an executive order enacted under President Clinton. So the Senate also voted 58-39 to make English the nation's "common and unifying language."


Political signs in the Tampa Florida Area  



Biz-Tech News


Welcome to "The United Livid States of America" -- Grant Gerver





The Military Industrialized Complex aka USAF


The U.S. Air Force's highest-ranking officer and his predecessor are the subjects of an FBI investigation into the handling of a $49.9 million dollar contract for the Thunderbirds, an air demonstration squadron, ABC News reported on Thursday.


Bush-Prison-Torture News


Catholics Condemn Condoleezza


Plans by a prominent Boston Jesuit school to award U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice an honorary degree are stirring protests by some students and faculty who say her support for the Iraq war contradicts Catholic teaching.


Go-F*ck-Yourself News



Name That Toon Runners-up





New Orleans Flooding Problem Solved






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Odd News









Maybe China could build levees for New Orleans? This photo taken on Sunday May 14, 2006 and released by China's official Xinhua news agency, shows a distant view of the giant dam of the Three Gorges hydropower project under construction on the Yangtze River. There are less than 3,000 cubic meters of concrete left to be placed before the dam is finally completed on May 20, nine months ahead of the schedule, Xinhua said. The dam is situated near the Xiling Gorge, the eastern most gorge of the Three Gorges on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River.  (Photo/Xinhua, Du Huaju)