May  19,  2004  Wednesday

Ovation for Moore's 'Fahrenheit' lasts longer than Bush dawdled
Chicago Sun Times, IL - 5-19-04
BY ROGER EBERT FILM CRITIC. CANNES, France --CANNES, France -- Two questions involving the duration of events: (1) So how long, exactly, was the standing ovation for Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11"? And (2) Did President Bush actually remain in a Florida classroom, reading from My Pet Goat, for seven minutes after he was informed of the second attack on the World Trade Center?

White House Trumpets Programs It Tried to Cut
New York Times - 5-19-04
... to neatly categorize travel as either purely business or purely political." Ron Bonjean, a spokesman for Mr. Evans, said the Republican National Committee paid ...

Photos that will haunt us more than words ever could
San Francisco Chronicle, CA -5-19-04
... And then there was the catharsis line of reasoning from talk radio pundit Rush Limbaugh...

I want to thank the liberal press for the in depth coverage of Dubya while he sat reading a book about goats after finding out about planes being used as missiles.

 Thank you Michael Moore.

"You ever heard of emotional release? You heard of the need to blow some steam off?" OxyContin Connoisseur Rush Limbaugh explaining why US soldiers tortured Iraqi prisoners

Boy, if any one knows about blowing steam, it's Rush.


Sent in by Sid

"Well I guess you know there's now some very disturbing video being passed around that shows U.S. soldiers in Abu Ghraib prison in group sex and having orgies…Well, you know when you're in such a romantic setting like an Iraqi prison ... the Arabian Nights, you know what I mean. It's going to happen." Jay Leno

Disturbing News

Bush must be pouting over Putin Statue

Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli poses with a bronze statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin dressed in a kimono, at his workshop in Moscow. The statue will complete Tsereteli's collection of famous individuals like the Princess of Wales and Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. (HO)

Nursery Crimes

Little Miss Miller
sits at her tiller,
steering Colin away.
She surprises Tim Russert,
who acts like he is hurt,
so she runs back to Tom Delay.


John Grant - Japan

European Leaders Attacked

May 18, 2004 – The Daily Mislead

Factory Bush Touted Closes; 1,300 Ohioans Jobless

Last April, President Bush visited a Timken Company manufacturing plant in Ohio to press for passage of new tax cuts that he said would spur the economy. During the speech Bush said that "the future of this company is bright and therefore, the future of employment is bright for the families that work here"1. Less than a year after the tax cuts for the wealthy passed, that same factory is shutting down -- putting about 1,300 people out of work2 and inflicting a "devastating" blow to the Canton community3. With the White House pushing even more tax cuts for the wealthy4 and supporting outsourcing of American jobs5, Ohio has lost more than 200,000 manufacturing jobs since President Bush took office6.

Of course, one person who will not be feeling the pain of the President's economic policies is W.R. "Tim" Timken - a top Bush fundraiser and the man who decided to shut down the factory. Having earned more than $2.6 million last year, Timken stands to receive $59,000 in new tax breaks from President Bush this year7 - Timken also happens to have raised $600,000 for the President in one night8. By contrast, 89% of Ohio residents will receive less than $100 by 2006 from the latest Bush tax cuts9.


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Republican Shenanigans

"I guess you know, the reports now (that) President Bush is planning a quick exit from Iraq... He's doing it do avoid a quick exit from the White House." 
Jay Leno


Pentagon Stops Payments to Iraq's Chalabi

Reuters - Tue May 18, 7:36 PM ET

The Pentagon has stopped funding Ahmad Chalabi, the Iraqi exile it once hoped might help lead Iraq but whose intelligence reports and motives were doubted elsewhere in Washington, U.S. officials said on Tuesday...

Reuters Says 3 Workers Abused in Iraq

AP - Tue May 18, 3:50 PM ET

Reuters said Tuesday three Iraqis working for the news agency were beaten, taunted and forced to put shoes in their mouths during their detention at a military camp near Fallujah in January

A Daily Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths

AP - Tue May 18,10:01 PM ET

As of Tuesday, May 18, 787 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq last year, according to the Department of Defense. Of those, 574 died as a result of hostile action and 213 died of non-hostile causes.


The Donald would fire Rumstud.



Since people are asking "Do you want a president who's daughter dresses like this?", perhaps you might find a mug shot of the Bush offspring at their arrest for using false ID to get drunk.

Wayne from South Carolina

I prefer the photo shown below of Jenna Bush, the daughter of the man who brought honor and dignity to the White House.

Jenna and her sister Barbara landed a job after graduating from college.  Guess where?  They are working for their father's campaign.  I wonder if they are going to be paid a salary?


Israeli Forces Fire on Crowd in Gaza, Killing 10
Reuters - 5-19-04
By Cynthia Johnston. RAFAH, Gaza Strip (Reuters) - Israeli tanks and helicopters fired on protesters in a refugee camp on Wednesday ...

Bush Declines to Condemn Israeli Attack, PA - 5-19-04
By BARRY SCHWEID. WASHINGTON - President Bush on Wednesday declined to condemn the deadly attack on Palestinian demonstrators by ...


Good News


Biz/Tech News


Protestors covered the heads of the sculpture 'Waiting For The Interurban' with black hoods to signify the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq Sunday, May 16, 2004, in Seattle.(HO)

"As I'm sure you know, on Thursday, Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise visit to Baghdad. The bad news for President Bush... He came back.

He told the troops over there, 'I'm a survivor. Unfortunately for Rumsfeld, it looks like he's a survivor who's about to be voted off."
Jay Leno

Sent in by Sid

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Hi Lisa,

On CNN's "Crossfire" today, Robert Novak (the miserable little
traitorous garden troll) actually said: "I'm a realist, not a partisan
hack." When I heard that, I almost fell off the stairmaster at the
gym. You know how you can tell when Novak is doing a right-wing
hatchet job? You can see his lips (and his wooden teeth) moving!

Keep the faith,


It is a disgrace that Novak is still on CNN.  And it is a bigger disgrace that he won't buy false teeth that fit.

Odd News

You might be a right wing republican if you own more guns than books.

This NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory image shows a portion of a compact group of galaxies known as Stephan's Quintet. The Chandra image (blue) is superimposed on a Digitized Sky Survey optical image (yellow). The universe is expanding at an ever increasing pace, British researchers announced, confirming, with the use of a NASA telescope, findings that offer an important potential insight into the future of the cosmos.(NASA-HO)